Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Harley Did It

Harley's Ponytail
There It Is

I canned 14 quarts of white and pinto beans today. One jar broke in the canner so I was one short for my shelves. More to go to fill up my bean shelf. We use so many of these. I use the white ones for baked bean, the pinto for Taco Soup. Of course the black ones are for burritos. So yummy. So that's why I keep my shelf full.
Harley has been growing her hair out since November and she finally can get it into a ponytail. She was so excited. 
I also made mashed potatoes, chicken fried steak and corn for dinner. My kitchen looked like a bomb went off. Canners everywhere, bottles of beans cooling on the counter, dirty dishes filled the sink to overflowing. But the dinner was delicious and everyone enjoyed it.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Harley. She is so helpful with Gracie. I am so blessed to have the help I need for little Gracie. Blessed!!

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