Monday, December 14, 2015


Papa and Gracie

When Gracie got home from Lolo's we popped some popcorn for her, She took her bowl into Papa's room and shared with him. These two are buddies.
Gracie came home in the same pants she left in so she didn't have any accidents at Lolo's. I do believe she is officially potty trained. Keeping her home for two weeks was worth it not to have to change diapers. 
I went Visiting Teaching today to Lyn and Cecelia. I love these sisters. It's amazing how that always happens to me. Everyone I visit teach I just get so close to. 
It snowed off and on all day so I stayed in the house. AJ picked up Gracie for me because the roads were so slick. I made pizza's for dinner. I have it down pat. 4 pizza feeds this family and with 3 pieces left over for someone's lunch tomorrow.
Now it's my bed time.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Visiting Teaching. It is so good to really get to know the sister I visit teach. What a blessing it has always been in my life.

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