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Drive Page

Tommy and I got up early and went to the house. We finished moving John's stuff all out and I dusted a couple of things. Tommy ran the Shark over the tile floors and I vacuumed downstairs and we were done. They came for their walk through and then they were going to sign paper with their lender. We have to go to Utah First Title tomorrow at 9am to sign our side. Then we just wait for it to fund and record and give them their keys and we are done. John didn't find anywhere to rent yet so he will stay in a motel over the weekend and see what he can find next week. I wish him luck. He is waiting to hear on a place in Payson. Then Tommy and I went to Walmart and got kitty food and 2 comfy chairs for ball games. We will also use them in our house for a place to rest. Everything we own is in storage and we can't get at anything. They were perfect for the ball games we went to this afternoon. Hannah played on one field and Hailey played on the field next door. I watched Hannah'…

Temple Day

Today I went to the Provo Temple. They have bulbs all over just coming up. So very pretty. I did 5 initiatories and had a 45 minutes wait. They were so busy. Makes me happy to wait when so much work is being done. I am so glad I went to the Temple today. I have been feeling out of sorts for a couple of days. Don't know if it's my sinus thing or what but as I doing the initiatories the worker just looked at me and said "I know you are a special lady." Just out of the blue and then she gave me a wonderful back rub. She has no idea how much that changed my attitude today. I came from the Temple just feeling so at peace.
On the way home I stopped at Taco Bell and had a taco and refried beans for lunch. It was yummy. I have always loved there hard taco shells.
I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening indexing and playing on my computer. Amie made Mexican Chowder Soup the other night and I had a bowl for dinner. Yum Yum Good!! That girl can cook.
Grateful Statement: To…

Doing a lot of Nothing Day

Tommy went to find electrical boxes and I stayed home and did nothing all day. This afternoon I went to watch Hailey play Softball. It was fun but very cold. I didn't think I would ever get warmed up again. Those cold bleaches just make it even worse. But it was fun to watch her play.Tommy and I went to Burger King for dinner and brought home a sandwich to John. Now I'm going to do a little indexing, play a little Frontierville and Cityville and go to bed. How about that for an exciting day. I did see Heather when I gave her my check for women's conference. That will be fun to go with her and Gerri. I made a resevation with Amie for my room in the basement.  It's good to have family in Utah. I can go to all the fun stuff and have somewhere to stay.
I've had a head ache all day so I do believe I'm going to bed and rest my head. Tomorrow it will be all better, I just know it.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for the two sweet little boys that live in this h…

Heading to Utah

Tommy and I got up this morning and straightened up the house and off we went to Utah. The trip was uneventful. I worked on my recipes and indexed all the way. It was snowing when we left so my computer screen was easy to read. It stayed cloudy almost all the way so I was able to get lots done. Of course, I had to have a little nap in there somewhere. Driving always makes me sleepy.
We went by the house and John and Malachi were there so we chatted a bit and made plans to go to dinner at the Mexican Resaurant at 5:30. Then we came home and visited with Dean and the family and then I curled up on my favorite chair in Dean's basement and indexed some more. At 9pm I was too tired to do anything else so I just went to bed. That has been my day.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Dean and Amie and their willingness to let us just come down and stay with them. I love my kids and grandkids. They just make me happy!!
Acts 10 - Acts 11  I love the description of Cornelius in verse 2, &qu…

Church was Good

Janna, Austin and Bailee went to church with me today. They read my records into the ward so now it's official. I'm a member of the Rigby 16th ward. I am finally getting to know people. Tommy wouldn't go again. I'm just not going to worry about it. I can't give anyone my Testimony. I wish I could but I can't. The End!!
We came home and took a nap and Scott cooked the trout he caught yesterday for Janna and I. Very good. I am also doing laundry because Janna did hers all day yesterday and so I had to do mine today so I will have clothes to take to Utah tomorrow. We watched the new Yogi Bear movie on Direct TV. We laughed so hard. It was funny!!
I have arbitrated all day today off and on. So I have did something to save souls.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for my daughter and grandkids that are willing to go to church with me each Sunday. It's good to have family with you. I miss those Ingram grandkids that always saved me a spot.
Acts 9 - Acts 10 Th…

Babysitting Jersie

This is the face Jersie made when we told her to say cheese...  What a pretty little thing.... Bailee babysat Jersie with Janna. We really had so much fun watching her. She is so cute and finally decided that I was okay and let me hold her. And then I had to lay down with her so she could fall asleep.
Janna, Bailey and I also went to Abbots to get Austin's Scout patches. I showed Janna their quilt section and we decided we wanted to make a quilt. Maybe it will happen.
I was so tired because I had gotten up a 2 am and couldn't go back to sleep. So I curled up in my bed and slept about 2 hours. It felt so good to be rested. I took Bailee over to the church for some young women's activity because Janna and Scott had gone to town to replace Scott's phone. He went fishing yesterday and the phone had ended up in the river and didn't work anymore. Of course it had all his contacts for the antler business.
I arbitrated 1000 names yesterday. I have to catch up. I'm a li…

Another Snowy Day

Again I woke up to snow. So I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning house, feeding the baby goat, indexing and cooking. I made Beef Stew, Salad and Focaccia Bread. Everyone loved it. I will have to make it more often. Janna got her hair done today so we didn't get to the Scout office to get Austin's stuff for his uniform. Maybe tomorrow. I need to get it done before I go to Utah on Monday so I can put them on his uniform.
I did go into town for some things and stopped at a place called Abbot's Crafts. They have beautiful fabric for quilts. I was in heaven. I am so glad I found a fabric place in Rigby.
After dinner Janna, Austin and I went for a walk around the block. Now I must say the blocks around here are pretty big. So I was very tired by the time we got back, plus the wind was blowing hard and it was very cold. But we did it and I'm glad. I just love my dear daughter who knows just what I need.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for a day filled with peace an…

Arrow of Light

Austin is pinning his Arrow of Light pin on his grandma.  He was so excited to get his Arrow. It has a light attached. Pretty cool.  He got his Webolos badge and tons of other stuff. Today it is cloudy and rainy here. Tommy and I went to Home Depot this morning and got our microwave oven. They had to order it so it will be about a week but they did give us the Template from the one on display so we can get it to the plumber. He needs it to vent it through the roof. Then I cleaned house, put in more recipes, and fed the baby goat twice and arbitrated census'.
I was able to go on Kara's web page and copy the recipes I love into my new program with the picture. So easy and fast. I'm so glad Kara did the cooking classes for us. So many really good recipes. I really love this program and how easy it is to use.
Tonight I went to Austin's pack meeting to watch him get his Arrow of Light. He was so happy and excited to get it. He was the scout of the night. He got so many awards.…

New Gas Meter

This is what happens to a dog that chases a four wheeler through mud puddles. Now Maggie has to have a bath. I think she needs one. Today the gas man came and disconnected the gas meter so the heating man could change something over and then he came back and put a new bigger meter on for us. This took most of the day so I had no stove to cook on. We just had to go out to dinner to a Mexican restaurant. How sad!!!
I ironed some of Janna's shirts, indexed, played Frontierville and Cityville, fed the baby goat, did laundry and put some of my recipes in a program I downloaded. It's called Cook 'N and it is so cool. You can use their recipe book, buy a ton they have for sale, put in my own recipe or just copy and paste recipes off the internet. Then you can use a weekly, monthly or whatever template for a menu and just drag and drop the recipes into each day and print out a shopping list. Now I can finally organize all my recipe and print them out. I have so many from Relief Soc…

Snowing Again

I woke up to snow again this morning. I can't hardly stand one more storm. I am going to find something really fun to do today that will lift my spirits. The dogs love the snow but not me. I spent the day babysitting this baby goat again. He really is adorable. He followed me all around my house.
I went to town and bought some groceries and made twice baked potatoes for dinner. And I sauteed some onions for Tommy. The potatoes were delicious. My dad made these for us when I was young and I decided I would try. I'm glad I did. And the sun came out and made my heart happy. But tomorrow the goat goes to the barn. He is doing so good and runs around so it's time. He will have to come in at night for a little while but to the barn he goes during the day. Oh, the joys of living on a farm.
Grateful Statement: I really am grateful for sunshine today. It was the best part of the day. I am grateful Heavenly Father sent it to me today.
Acts 4 - Acts 5  In verse 10 it says, "Be i…

Goat Babysitting

I have the honors of babysitting the baby goat today. He really is so cute. I took him outside to run around. He tries hard to run and jump. Each day he is getting stronger and stronger. I put him in a pen in the yard and went inside to do dishes. When I looked in on him three cats and Molly and Maggie were looking after him. He is so curious. He walks up to the cats and looks at them and smells them. Molly just can't figure him out. I do believe we are on our way to having our own private zoo in the back yard. I truly love animals, especially baby ones.
In between babysitting the goat I indexed and did more laundry and cleaned bathrooms.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for the power of prayer. I am grateful for the peace it brings. I know my Heavenly Father loves me and cares about me. I know he knows of my struggles and helps me through them.
Acts 3 - Acts 4  I was so moved by the testimony Peter bore of the Savior. What mighty words. And the man that was healed, how he we…

Sunny Sabbath Day

Janna, Bailee and I went to church today. We had a good time. Sunday School was so good and we had a blast in Relief Society. We laughed and had a great time. Tommy wasn't feeling good so he didn't go. Sunday morning sickness hit again.
We came home and Scott, Harley, Tommy and Austin were moving dirt and burning all the wood. They had to fix some fences. We had Austin's birthday cake tonight. He also talked with the Scout Master so he can get his Arrow of Light. Now he's all ready for his pack meeting on Thursday night.
I worked on getting the Indexing site up and running. When they changed over to the new storage site it messed up some stuff. I had to remove the old program and download it again. I also went in and changed my address and ward. Then I was able to arbitrate a couple of batches. So it was a good Sabbath day for me. I also talked to Susan tonight. I just love that lady. I guess they finally released me from all my callings in the ward. I so miss the won…

Austin's Birthday Party

I woke up this morning and couldn't find Janna, Scott or Harley. Pretty soon here they came with a baby goat. One of Harley goats had triplets and she wouldn't have anything to do with this one. He couldn't stand up so Janna brought him into the house to bottle feed. His hoofs are turned so he walks on the top of his feet. He did finally start eating and standing up. We went to Blast Off for Austin's Birthday party. They have everything there. It's like Chucky Cheese without the food. He won tons of tickets to turn in. They played Laser Tag, climbed the Rock Wall and played tons of game. After they finished there we went to Lucy's for Pizza. He really had a good time. We had to feed the goat again when we got home. He was doing much better and was really trying to walk and eating good. What a relief.  Scott made Austin his birthday dinner of Chicken Fried Steaks. He rolls them in cracker crumbs. So crunchy and yummy. Then we watched the BYU game and now I'm …

Cleaning Up

Austin and Harley working hard.

 Bailee is my official vacuumer.  Harley going under the house to find her mom.... Today was a clean up day. The kids cleaned up all the boards and trash from in the garage, under the house (yep, framers left us surprises) and all around the house. They worked hard all morning. Bailee helped me vacuum and Janna and Tommy put a light in under the house so it will pass inspection. What a job crawling around under there.
I vacuumed all day and cleaned up mud. Bailee came in and helped me. She doesn't like getting dirty, can't get along with her siblings, was having a whiney bad day so I made her vacuum. She liked it.
Scott made us pancakes, hash browns and bacon for dinner. Now it's time for relaxing.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for willing workers. My grandkids are the best.
John 21 - Acts 1 In verse 25 it says "And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even th…

More Quilts Documented

This quilt was made by my grandma Pearl Stock Petersen. She made this for my brother Larry when he came to California and got a job in a shirt factory. He would bring home piles of scraps and my grandma would make things from them. She made this quilt for Larry, but my mom kept it for him. I remember him taking it out of mom's chest and looking at it. I'm glad I ended up with it. Grandma Petersen also made a baby quilt for my John when he was a baby. I will find it when I move my stuff in and document it too. This quilt was made by my mom for my oldest granddaughter Heather. She made Sue Bonnet candlewicked quilt blocks and I sewed it all together and she hand quilted it with her quilting buddies. I even spent some time threading needles for them when I went to visit mom in Arizona which was often. I have kept this for Heather until she has settled down in life and can take good care of it. It is one of my favorite quilts my mom made. So dang cute!! Another candlewicked quilt …

Documenting Quilts made by Granny Keith

Both of these quilt tops were hand sewn using scraps of fabric by my Granny Keith. She was my dad's step mom who raised him after his mom died when he was 2 yrs old. They were given to my mom who tied them and bound the edges with her quilting group in Clay Springs, Arizona after she retired from the restaurant business. They are true treaures to me. I didn't know my Granny Keith very well but loved to visit with her in Snowflake when my mom would take us to their house. I wanted my children to know who made them, especially the grandkids because these were made by their great great grandma. Pretty cool. Janna and I put them in space bags and stored them. They are very fragile and the stitching is coming apart so we really can't use them. So we will always remember them and now they are documented.
I watched it rain all day and worked in the house and took a nap. Spring needs to get here. Tommy picked up the plans for our kitchen that Home Depot drew up for us. I like what…

Picking out my Stove

Tommy and I went to Home Depot to pick out my stove. We had to have the specs to vent it through the roof. In Idaho you have to vent it according to the specs for the stove you are going to buy. So I had been looking at a stove with a double oven and I think this Maytag is the one. I love the double oven part. Hopefully I will be able to bake rolls in the top one. I also found the replacement pads for my Shark so now I have extras. It was a good day for shopping. I also found my bathroom vanity. I spent the day making Chocolate Lush and a Banana Cake with cream cheese frosting from some over ripe bananas. And the endless laundry from all the kids, and beds, and showers, etc. Janna and I also paid all her bills. I'm glad I can be her bookkeeper and help. Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful formy double oven. I am grateful that I am able to have one. Tommy and I have always been blessed financially and I am grateful we have never had to struggle for long periods of time. John 18…

Balancing Accounts

I slept so good last night that I thought it was 6am when I woke up but because of Daylight Savings it was 7am. I haven't slept so good in a long time. It was so refreshing. I spent the day balancing checkbooks. I did my personal, the house one, and Janna's two. I also made Taco Soup for dinner and folded laundry and vacuumed. Logan came over and helped Tommy vent our dryers under the house. He is such a nice man. He thinks Tommy is just the best.
Scott took Bailee into town to buy some Embrodiery Floss so she can make friendship  bracelets. She is working hard to learn how. That would be Janna all bundled up in the quilt I made her when she was 10 or 11. It's still keeping her warm.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my scriptures today. I find so many answers and things that apply to me.
John 17 - John 18 In verse 20 it says "Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word." I love that Jesus prayed for the Apost…

Going to Church With Tommy

How about that! Janna got up this morning and told her dad to "Get dressed, we are going to church." And miracles never cease he got up and got his suit on and away we went. Janna and Austin, Tommy and me. We met another neighbor that lives kitty corner to Janna's house and is Janna's visiting teacher. Her name is Peggy and her son just came home from his mission in Texas and another son is waiting for his call this week. She seemed very nice. I just have to jump in and go to everything and I'll feel right at home. I know that no matter where you go there will always be good people in the church. Tommy even stayed for Priesthood Meeting. Maybe Janna can get him straightened out. I can't seem to.
After church we ate lunch and Harley took her mom around the block in the Excursion. She said it was a very big car compared to what she drives in drivers ed. What a cute kid she is.
Scott will be home sometime this evening. He has been gathering antlers and took Ba…

Newest Members of Our Farm

Harley and her new goats. A set of twins and a cute black one. Austin and his Rip Stick on a sunny day in the neighborhood. Today was a dog doodie pick up day. The snow has melted on the front lawn revealing lots of dog poo. So I picked it up. What a job. So much easier when you do it everyday. But I got almost all of it done except the part of the lawn where it is too wet. Monday I will finish it.
I also swept up my house and got all the stuff put in the trash off the floor. Lots of wire and dirt. But it looks better and it's a job I can do. Tommy finished the wiring in the house. I now have cable and phone boxes wired in. He has to do the outside eaves and garage but it's a muddy mess so he has to figure out how he can do those on a ladder without sinking down to China.
Janna had to work today. She had to train the new person that takes the probation kids out to do Community Service. That's the job she started with. So I made Tacos for dinner. Again it's time for be…

Last of Stuff Put In Storage

Here we are in Walmart and Janna is taking work calls. The job never goes away. LOL Janna, Tommy and I took the trailer and unloaded it into our storage unit. What a relief to be all done. Now I have to put Janna's house back together and get everything of mine put somewhere. That should be a fun time. How I love my daughter to let me move in with her while we finish our addition. She always tells me "It's all good" but sometimes I wonder if it really is all good.
Janna and I went to Walmart to get groceries and storage stuff. I bought tubs to go under our bed to store our clothes in. I also got another set of sheets for our bed so I don't have to wait until the laundry is done to make it. I put all the groceries and stuff away and then sat in my favorite chair for a little while. Janna made Chicken and Rice for dinner. It was yummy. We spent the evening watching TV and hanging out. Now I'm tired and going to go to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful today…

Just Hanging Out

I just spent the day hanging out and doing my laundry and making potato soup. I was feeling a little lost today and Judy sent me the sweetest text. It just made my day. Tommy worked on the electrical and I accomplished nothing. Tomorrow will be better, I just know it.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my dog Molly today. She just sits at my feet and waits for a pat on the head. She loves me no matter what.
John 13 - John 14  Verse 34 and 35 says, "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." Isn't this a song? I love this song and I love this scripture.

Going Home to Idaho

I got the kids ready for school and made sure Harrison had everything he needed and waited for the bus to come and followed it down the hill. Then Tommy and I headed to Idaho. John came to say goodbye. He looks like he is doing good, I just hope he really is. Dean called to say his plane had landed. Then I knew we were on our way. If they would have been delayed or anything we would have turned around in Salt Lake and came back. But it all worked out. Tommy was anxious to get on the road. Brother Swensen told him our trailer looked like the Clampett's on Beverley Hillbillies. Too funny, I used to watch that show all the time.
I organized all my pictures off my camera that I had downloaded onto my computer. I still have a little sorting to do but the bulk of it is done. That was a job. I need to be better about doing it as they are taken.
Molly was so excited to see me. I think she missed me alot. I played frisbee with her and Maggie 3 or 4 times to run off all their energy. Then …

Loading Up

I went to check on Hayden and found him on the couch sound asleep with his book still in his hand. Harrison with all his supplies checking his blood sugar level. Tommy and I finished loading up all our stuff this morning. We had to wrap everything in plastic bags in case it rains. Tommy and John loaded my curio cabinet into the back of Janna's Excursion on top of all the scrapping paper. There isn't one spot left for anything. We are going to have to find room for our luggage. That should be fun.
I went to the Jr High and picked up Hannah and took her to Walmart to get her an Underarmor but they were out of them. I did find some bubble gum for Harrison and Hayden. We then stopped by the post office so I could put in a change of address. Then on to the High School so Hannah could get her stuff for pictures out of Hailey's gym locker. Then off to her friends house so she can go with her at 4pm. Then home to make sure the boys are good. I don't know how Amie does it. An…

Lunch with my Friends

I got up this morning and made sure Harrison got his breakfast and figured out the carbs. He is so good at it. All went well. After they left for school I got my shower and got ready for the day. I was so tired today. Harrison called me at about 9 to tell me he had forgotten his test strips so I took some down to the school for him. I had to call Amie to see where the keys to the Donali were. I came back from that and Yvonne Norton came down to pick up my cards to have the Endowments and Sealing done in the Salt Lake Temple.
Heather came and picked me up and we went and picked up Judy and met Gerri and Meagan at the Trolley place in Springville. It was wonderful food. Judy and I shared a hamburger and fries. I was just the right amount of food for me.
I came back from lunch and called Support for New Family Search to get Yvonne Salcido into the program. For some reason it just wouldn't work but with their help I was able to get it done. Then Yvonne called me to say she was home s…

Beautiful Sabbath in Utah

I went to church with the grandkids today. It was so good to be in church. I have missed 3 weeks in a row with all the moving and Island Park. So it was wonderful to finally be back in church. I really missed it. The first Sunday we were traveling from Idaho to Utah to prepare for our move. As we drove down the freeway there were churches everywhere and they had tons of cars in the parking lots. I just wanted to be in one. I just wish Tommy felt the same way. I don't know if he'll ever want to go.
After church I went over to Yvonne Salcido to see if we could get her registered on New Family Search but it just wouldn't let us do it. I am going to call Salt Lake tomorrow and get this done. I think Satan just doesn't want this to happen but I am bound and determined that it is going to happen.
Then I baked the Manicotti  that Amie made and froze. She had all the serving worked out for Harrison and he was able to figure it all out with Hailey's help. We also had Salad …

Relaxing Day

Dean and Amie being all romantic. Aren't they so cute!  Hayden is just too cute. He ordered an omelette with everthing on it. What a good eater.  John is having a good conversation with Amie.  Harrison is having French Toast. He figured all the carbs out and gave himself an insulin shot. He is so smart to figure all this out. Today was pretty relaxing. I just hung out this morning and at about 10am John came and got me and took me up to the house. He showed me how to work the Carpet Cleaner and I worked on the traffic area to see if I could help them any. They were still wet so I couldn't tell if it had made a difference. Tommy was working on signs for Dean so he came to get me for lunch. We picked up Hayden who was watching cartoon at his house. Amie was at a scout thing with Harrison and Dean had to go visit all his model agents. I remember that on Saturday I could always expect Dean to come by and see how I was doing. Good old days. It was always good to see him. Anyway we went…

My Ministering Angels Appeared

My fabulous Daughter in Law Amie  Connie gave me what little energy she had for the day. She vacuumed the whole house downstairs and up. What a hard worker this lady is.  Judy came and cleaned cupboards on her day off.  Cynthia came and cleaned floors for me. I think she got the worst job. But look at the smile.  Kara came in her jammies so I had to take her picture behind the door. Too cute, don't you think.  Lisa cleaned top cupboards that I couldn't reach. She also vacuumed the baseboards and stairs. What a job. For some reason I didn't get a picture of Cindy but Lisa and I had fun reliving memories of when we were her visiting teachers when I first moved into the ward. What good times. We shed a few tears and had a few laughs. I love all these ladies.  Mr. Tom worked on the valve under the sink forever until he finally got it fixed. Tommy and I went to clean at about 8:30 am. Amie came about a half hour later and started cleaning shelves and baseboards. I started vacuuming t…