Friday, April 30, 2010

2nd Day of Women's Conference

Heather picked me up at 7:15 this morning, then we went and picked up Gerri in Payson and on to BYU for the last day of Women's Conference. I had so much fun and learned so many things. It was sooooo good!! These are the classes I went to:
Hearts Bound Together
Enriching Marriage Through Better Communication
Choosing Life Instead of Waiting for it to Happen
Reaching Beyond Our Comfort Zone: Being Willing to Change.
I tried to go to Lessons of Faith and Courage from Emma Smith but it was full.
For the Closing Session we listen to Elder Dallin H. Oaks. His talk was on Service. I was spiritually fed for 2 days. And to be there with Heather and Gerri was so much fun. They are so funny. We had some really good laughs. The top picture is of those two funny sisters and the bottom one is of the Closing Session. What a sea of wonderful Sisters sharing the gospel.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for these wonderful events the church puts on for us to learn.
2 Nep 2 - 2 Nep 3 Lehi is talking to Jacob and tells him that he will dwell safely with his brother, Nephi; and his days would be spent in the service of God. I liked that he is told he will dwell safely with his brother.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Women's Conference

I went to Women's Conference today with Heather and Gerri. What a blast we had. I must say I got my exercise hoofing it all over BYU. The classes were wonderful. I learned lots of good things and had some personal inspiration that I need to follow through on. We stayed for the concert and that was so much fun. Great performers. Very funny! We left at 7:15 this morning and it's 10:30 so I am a little tired. Time to go to bed because I have to be up and ready  to go at 7:15 again.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for personal inspiration. I am amazed how patient Heavenly Father is with me. He keeps prompting me until I finally get it.
2 Nep 1 - 2 Nep 2  I didn't remember the scripture in 2 Nep 1:30 where Lehi is talking to Zoram and says he knows that he is a true friend to his son. I swear all the times I've read the Book of Mormon that never stood out to me before. I love that Nephi had a true friend. We all need those to get through life. They bring us such joy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snow Storm in April, Again

I'm going to go crazy if this weather doesn't go away. It just won't quit snowing on us. Today was a stay in the house day and make Rice Pudding. I did go grocery shopping. $200 later we do have lots of food. Good sales at Smith's. I spent this boring day puttering around the house accomplishing nothing. BJ called me to tell me Summer had a filly and to go on facebook and look at the pictures. It really is cute. Now I'm going to go lay down and watch American Idol and go to bed early. The wind blew all night and kept me awake. And tomorrow I have to be ready at 7:15 am to go Women's Conference with Heather and Gerri. I really am excited to go.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for such good friends that invite me to go to Women's Conference with them. They just knew I needed a spiritual shot in the arm.
1 Nep 17 to 2 Nep 1 - I love the part in 1 Nep 22:18 where it says the righteous need not fear. That has been my favorite scipture forever because no matter what is happening in the world those are the words of comfort I remember.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bread Making

I finally got my bread made. It turned out so good lookin' don't you think. I always make one loaf of Raisin Bread. I wish I knew how to keep it together. The layers always come apart. But it's still very yummy. Tommy and I went to the Cannery today and worked. It was pretty slow so we just sat around and talked. The missionaries over the cannery will be leaving in a couple of weeks so we will have new bosses. I will really miss the Barr's, they were the best. I stopped by to see mom on the way home. They had put her to bed but hadn't turned on her TV so I was glad that I went to visit her. I got her all situated watching old TV shows. I came home and watched American Idol. Now I think it's time to snuggle up in bed.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful that I was able to serve with the Barr's. Joanne and I became good friends. It's nice to get to know wonderful people in this life.
1 Nephi 7 to 1 Nephi 17. As I read 1 Nephi 16:5 I loved where he said that he had joy and great hopes of them (speaking of Laman and Lemuel) that they would walk in the paths of righteousness. As I read my old journals they are filled with just such sentiment about my John. I still think that and I hope I never give up hope.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Beginning the Book of Mormon

I went visiting teaching today with Jacque. It was good to get it done. Then I went to the post office and mailed my old computer to Janna 'cause hers broke. I made General Tso's chicken for dinner. It was fun to make. I am blogging and laying down 'cause I can. I love retirement!!! Have I said that enough yet.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the VT message about inspiration. I learned alot. We have to ASK for it and not just expect it to fall out of the sky
I have been prompted for awhile now to read my Scripture. That by not reading them regularly I was regressing. So all through Stake Conference it just kept coming to my mind. So I started at the beginning of the Book of Mormon today and I am going to read it everyday and record my thoughts and how far I have gotten.
1 Nephi 1 to 1 Nephi 6 - I really thought about Sariah complaining against Lehi. I thought about myself. How would I act if I had to leave my computer behind and all my kitchen gadgets I love so much? I wonder how much complaining I would do? I fear too much!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eating Out Page

Today was a good day. I finished this page from our trip to St George in May. Tommy and I went to Stake Conference. I listened closely to all the talks and received many answers to things I had been thinking about. It was wonderful. I always get so much out of the messages. After Stake Conference I went to visit mom. I miss my wonderful active mom. I just wish I could wave a magic wand and make her all better. After I got home Bishop Bluth came over and interviewed Tommy and I so we could renew our mission at the cannery. Then we went to dinner at Dean and Amie's. It was delicious. Isn't it always. Amie made some baked sweet potato fries. They were so yummy. I'm buying some yams and making them. Then I came home and worked on my genealogy some more. More names to have their work done.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the messages in Stake Conference today. I really have to do better and I need to start.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wheat Grinding

Today was one of those days when I should have stayed away from my kitchen. I ground a bunch of wheat and in the middle of grinding a batch the neck on my grinder came off and wheat went everywhere. I cleaned up that mess with a vacuum and then I didn't empty the bowl soon enough and it was too full and flour dust was going everywhere. I cleaned up that mess. But I finally did get it done and put two big tubs in my freezer for future use. Then I made Foccacia Bread again. I decided to use my Kitchen Aide and the dough hook. I put on my shield to keep flour from going everywhere and somehow I ended up getting the shield logded over the mixer and couldn't get the dough hook off. It took me awhile to figure that one out. But I did get it made and it was delicous with John's Lazagna. I was going to make regular wheat bread but ran out of steam after all that. So it's all set out and I'll have to do it after Stake Conference. That was my Saturday.
Grateful Statement: I really am grateful for the modern conveniences we have. I glad I can make bread so fast. I love my kitchen gadgets and am grateful for the time it saves me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kindness Page

I went visiting teaching with Jacque this morning. It was rainy and overcast so I just couldn't get any energy going. I didn't do much today. I did finished this page of Harrison and Hayden taking such good care of Whitney. And I put all my laundry away and made rice for Tommy. I also had Harrison and Hayden come to visit. Tommy kept track of them while I went to my scrap night. Lisa, Heather, Gerri and I were there and Lori came at the end. We really have fun scrapping together. Now it's late and I am tired so I'm going to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for these wonderful ladies that share my love of scrapping. We always have a such a good time together.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Genealogy Library with Sue

I went to the genealogy library with Sue today. We had a great time talking and laughing and eating a Tuna sandwich from the vending machine. Yep, we do that and love it. I was looking for Joel Jackson and his children. I found some dates and a probate record of his death. I was looking for his father but I just don't know where to look anymore. I'll just keep trying! I came home from the library and John made rotiserre (sp) chicken. It was delicious. Now I'm blogging and getting ready to relax. I printed out some more card at the library so I'll have to get the baptisms done.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for inspiration. I know that we are led to find the people who need our help. And I know without a shadow of a doubt that they are trying to help us along the way.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Presidency Meeting Day

We had our presidency meeting today. We are planning some fun things. But it's a secret until announced. I woke up to rain. It has been raining off and on all day long. I have worked on genealogy and laundry all day. I went to visit my sweet mom. She was doing very good. I told her I loved her and she said "Not as much as I love you." How's that for an upbeat lady that is bedridden. She has just been the best mom in all the world to me. What fun we have had together. I think of all those good times and just wish she could go with me again. We were quite the traveling fools. Brother Barr from the cannery called me to let us know that we had to get our papers signed by President Trevort who doesn't want to do it. He just wants to write a letter or something but Brother Barr says Salt Lake has to have new paperwork on us because we have served 30 months. So here we are in the middle. Hopefully we can get it all figured out on Sunday, otherwise we will be volunteers as of April 29 and won't be able to handle any money. Heavenly Father will watch out for us. I know he will. Now I think it's time to relax and get off this computer. P.S. The Stake Secretary just called to find out if we wanted to renew our mission. What up with that? Anyway I said yes so they are getting the paperwork ready. I knew Heavenly Father would take care of us.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the rain we are having today. All our lawns will be so green and the trees and flowers will be beautiful. Moisture is a good thing!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home Again 2

We are back again. Now that was a fast trip. I made Chocolate Chip Cookies for the kids so they would have a snack after school. Then Tommy and I packed up the car and went to Idaho Falls to a kitchen supply store. That was fun. Then we got back on the freeway and headed home. We stopped at the IHOP in Springville to have dinner before we went over to the cannery for our shift. We only had one person can so we weren't busy at all. That was nice because Tommy and I are tired and we were able to leave a little after six. We came home and I looked up Horton Nunn on to see if I could find him in the 1840 census. No Luck! I'll just have to keep looking. Time for this tired lady to go to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful that Tommy and I are serving a mission together. Every time we go to serve I am just in awe that we are actually serving a mission together. Another desire of my heart given to me by a loving Heavenly Father.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Short Stop Page

Look what I did today. I made a page of what?? Hailey playing softball. Can I just say I love to scrap my grandkids pictures. They are all so dang cute. And no I'm not prejudice. Well, maybe a little. Tommy and I went to Idaho Falls this morning and then met Janna for lunch. I've been doing laundry and relaxing. I made that general guy's Chicken tonight that Kara demonstrated in her cooking class. It was delish. Now it's time for bed.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my dear hubby. He has worked hard all day helping Janna. He is always so willing to do things for his kids. What a good dad he has always been.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back to Idaho

Back in Idaho again. We took Janna home this morning. We left Elk Ridge around 10 am and got to Idaho just after 2 pm. I scrapbooked and did genealogy all the way here and Janna watched her DVD for her probation class. She is going to school for 3 weeks in May to become a Juvenile Probation Officer. This is the picture I took in the car of her. It is just beautiful up here. Fabulous weather. We hung out, made dinner watched "Hoarding, Buried Alive" and now it's time for bed.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Spring. I love when things start turning green. It lifts my spirits and makes me feel very close to Heavenly Father. What a beautiful world He has created for us to live in.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pedicure's for Us

Janna and I started out this day at 7:00 trying to find Mokey who seemed to have run away. We finally located her and took her to Wal-Mart to meet the lady and her daughter that wanted her. Mokey just took to the little girl like nothing else. She'll be happy to have her very own owner. We shopped at Wal-Mart for stuff for Janna. She seemed to have forgotten her over night bag with all her make up, etc in it. Then we headed out to the Provo Mall to shop at JC Penney's. Janna found some really cute clothes for work. I got a new pair of shoes and 4 tops. It was a buy 1 get the 2nd for $.88 so who could pass up that. We went to Taco Bell for lunch and then to Orem to Baskin Robbins for Ice Cream. Yummy. Then we went to the University Mall and got our toes done. Aren't Janna's feet just so pretty. My feet were so bad we told the guy he could get out the electric sander and go at it. We couldn't quit laughing. It really was pathetic. Then we went to Joanne's to see if I could find a pattern for a dress I saw at Mr Mac's. So cute. I found one but they didn't have the pattern in my size. We stopped on the way home at the Joanne's in Spanish Fork but they didn't have any either. Then we went to visit mom for a little while and came home exhausted! I tell you, it's a lot of work to shop all day, but so much fun. I just love that daughter of mine.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my Janna B. We have been close always and I am grateful that I have such a good relationship with her. She is caring and loving to me always.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Focaccia Bread!

Judy cut my hair this morning at 6:30 am. Who has such an awesome hairdresser that will get up this early to do my hair. After doing that I went to the market and visited with mom. Then I came home and made Rice Pudding for my family and Yvonne Norton. I also made Focaccia Bread. I even took a picture. It was very tasty. Then I went to watch Hailey play softball in Springville. After the game Dean and Amie took Tommy and I to Magleby's in Springville for dinner. Yummy food!! I just love my kids. I came home and put the clean sheets on the bed for Janna and Scott so it's all ready for them when they get here tonight. So, that was my day.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Dean and Amie. They are just so good to Tommy and I. I am so blessed to have the children I do. Sometimes I wonder why I was entrusted with such sweet spirits to raise on this earth.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Going to the Temple

I got to go to the Provo Temple this morning with Dean and Amie. We did Inititories for 20 females and 11 males. That was a lot of work that got done. And how fun to go with Dean and Amie. After we got home from that I worked on another kit I am making and loaded my preview to Stuff to Scrap for their blog train. Then I went to the market and visited Mom and came home from that and got ready for Kara's last cooking class. She made delicious stuff and we all had a lot of fun. I'm going to try one of her recipes tomorrow. It was yummy stuff. It's late and so I must quit and go to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Temples and that I am worthy to go and do work for my ancestors. I just love genealogy. It truly is a huge part of my life.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Because I Said So Preview

I went to my presidency meeting this morning. We planed some fun things for Relief Society. Then I came home and worked on this kit for the blog train at Stuff to Scrap and did some more genealogy. It has been a good busy day. I really feel much better now. Janna called yesterday and they are coming down for the weekend and I am taking her back to Idaho on Sunday. Scott has to go get antlers all over the place. I think she wants to go shopping while she is here so that should be fun.
Well, that's been my day. So now it's time to go watch the results of American Idol.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful that I learned how to do digital scrapping. It has just been such a fun thing to do. I love looking at the pictures of my grandkids.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Canning Again

What a great day. I got my bills paid, Yuck, and worked on my genealogy. I started making a new kit. I got all the papers made and an alpha. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow. This afternoon Tommy and I went to the cannery. We had about 13 or 14 primary girls that came to can for their ward for Activity Day. They were very cute and had a lot of fun. So that's been my day today. I live a very boring life but I love it. Harley called me today and ask if my house had sold today. I told her no and she said Grandma, I prayed for it to sell this morning. I told her that I guess we just had to have more faith. She said I do have faith. Then I had to explain about the Lord's time and not ours. But how sweet that she would pray for my house to sell. I love that girl. Now it's time to go watch American Idol. So good night.
I just had to add this. My sweet Amie and Hayden and Harrison showed up at my door to give me a group hug and some muffins. How sweet is that. Thanks Amie, I love ya... And those two cute boy too.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for a granddaughter that would pray for me. I know that all of Janna's kids have a testimony. I just need to get up there so we can go to church together.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Genealogy Library with Yvonne

I think the fog is lifting. Wahoo!!! I went to the genealogy library with Yvonne today. I was able to prove that a family I have been working on actually exists but I can't find any marriages for any of the kids. They just disappear after the 1870 Census. But I'll keep looking. It was a good day. Even with the windy, stormy weather I still felt happy. Now I'm going to go to bed and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be an even better day than today, I just know it. After all it's up to me to chose.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my ancestors. I am grateful that I am able to find them and do their work. And I am really grateful for the Library with all its millions of records.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Making Jam on the Sabbath

Confession time again. I got up at 4:30 this morning and made 2 batches of Strawberry Jam. I was going to make it yesterday but I didn't have any Pectin. So one of the things I got at WalMart last night was Pectin but by the time I got home I was just too tired. But I knew if I waited my strawberries would spoil so I did them this morning. I was done by 9am. I'll just have to ask for forgiveness. Church was good. I went by myself and sat all alone. I really missed the Ingram Clan. It's always good to come to church when they are there. But it was good anyway and I subbed in the Primary helping Lois Taylor in her class. What a bunch of cute kids she has. Very fun. I called my brother and talked with him after church and then went to mom's. Now I'm going to go lay down. I think I got up too early this morning.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the Hymns we get to sing each Sunday. We sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". The part about He lives to wipe away my tears really got to me today. I just love that hymn.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beautiful Saturday

Today was gorgeous. The weather was so warm and sunny. It just lifts your spirits. I worked on genealogy all day practically. I did stop and make Beef Stew and I went to Wal-Mart to get a printer for my laptop. I also got Quicken because my old version won't work on my computer. Just love when they upgrade something and then you have to buy new software. But I really need to get Quicken on my laptop so I can stay on top of my finances. Maybe I'll do it everyday like I keep saying I'm going to do. Well just have to wait and see. I for sure know I needed a printer for my genealogy. I am always needing to print out something. So I need to get it installed and also my printer. Well, the printer I bought doesn't support Windows 7 so I'll have to see if there is a patch on the internet somewhere. It just seems that nothing can go smoothly for me lately. Life is just one big struggle after another. I do believe I'm having a pity party all by myself. On that note I'm going to go to bed and get some rest. I did get down to visit with my mom. She was sleeping so I didn't stay long and told her I'd be back tomorrow. I waited too late to see her. She gets sleepy pretty early.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the Gospel. It helps me through these depressions I go through. I know that this isn't the good part of life. And that a reward in Heaven waits for me if I can endure to the end. What comfort that gives to me.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friends Forever Page

I finished this page today. I just kind of hung out all day doing nothing. I think I spend too much time doing nothing but it seems I'm always busy. I did make Potato Soup today and worked on my genealogy so I guess I did do something. I had kind of a headache off and on all day so maybe that's my problem. Who Knows!! I'm glad I finished this page so I can go on to the next set of pictures.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this wonderful trip Kathy and I were able to go on. Going to all the Temples was such a highlight.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Going to the Temple

I decided this morning that I wasn't going to be depressed anymore so I got myself dressed and went to the Temple. I had baptisms done for 15 females and 11 males. I was amazed at the young men and women that were in the baptistry. There was so many serving. They filled up 5 of the rows. It was amazing to see them want to serve. I felt much better after watching my ancestor being baptized and knowing they were out of Spirit Prison. I went by to see mom on my way home. She was very tired and couldn't stay awake. I went through all the family cards I'm working on to make sure they were all getting done. That was a job in and of itself. I have 154 names assigned to me but some of them are really ones I submitted to have the temple do them and they ended up coming back to me. One day I'll get it all straightened out. Then I made rolls for dinner to go with the roast John is making. That's been my day and I must say I have energy and a great attitude. Look what the Temple did for me.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the opportunity I had today to go to the Temple. What a peaceful healing place. It just settles over you like a favorite sweater on a cold night. I love to go there and feel that peace.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Woe is Me!

Today was just one of those blah days where you don't want to move too fast. I just couldn't get anything going. Mostly I just played on the computer trying to keep from going to bed and putting my head under the covers. I did work on sorting kits and a page of Kathy and I Temple Hopping. We had so much fun in Idaho together. It's nice to have good memories with good friends. Now I'm going to go watch American Idol and put my head on my pillow. I can do that now 'cause it's dark outside.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the wonderful friends I have been blessed to have all my life. Some I still have after 40 years. My friend Debbie comes to mind. I met her when I was 24 and she was 14. Now that's a long time. I love you Debbie. You have brought much joy and happiness into my life.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Family Search

I worked on New Family Search and Roots Magic all morning and watched it snow off and on. I had to update Roots Magic to get it to work with New Family Search but I finally got it all working together. Then I spent time on the phone with Salt Lake trying to figure out how I could get my Stepfather's sealing to parent date over to New Family Search. They couldn't figure it out so they sent it to a supervisor. I can't find the duplicate that has the ordinance connected to it. Now I don't feel bad because they couldn't either. Then I went to the cannery and helped people can. We had 3 newbies that we taught how to can. They had fun and are coming back. Now I'm home posting to my blog and getting ready to go watch American Idol.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the New Family Search program and Roots Magic that make it so easy to do genealogy. It truly is an inspired program.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Home Again

I love to go away but I also love to come home. We left about 12:30 and were home about 5:00. I scrapbooked the whole way and made this page. We were rained on all the way home and there were warning signs on the freeway that a Winter Storm Warning for tonight had been issued. I'm glad I am snuggled up in my house and don't have to worry about it. I hope all the homeless people can find a dry warm spot tonight. I always think about them on stormy nights. Now I'm going to relax and do nothing.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Janna's kids. They are so loving and sweet. I am glad they love their grandma and grandpa.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny came today and brought the kids a Trampoline. So they spent the morning putting it together. I took pictures, so of course a page will follow. Janna invited Ron to come over for dinner so we had Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Rolls and Deviled Eggs. I didn't do much today. I tried to figure out how to download the conference talks on my computer but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I'll just have to wait until I get home and watch them on my laptop. I tried to listen but the TV was too loud. I made this page of Hailey's Basketball Game. I just love to scrap book. No matter where I'm at I always have something fun to do.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that I can watch conference when I get home. I just feel like I missed so much. I want to know what was said. I'm also so very grateful for our Prophet and his counselors.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Force to Reckon With

Today was a good day. The weather was freezing. It felt like a blizzard this morning. The wind was howling all night long. Janna and I ventured out to JC Penney's, Sam's Club, Wal-Mart and Deseret Books. We had fun shopping and we went to Appleby's for lunch. I had my very favorite Chicken Oriental Salad. Then we went to the Children's Art Museum of Eastern Idaho to see Harley's picture that was there. I didn't have my camera to take a picture so Janna took this one with her phone. Janna told me she is also on the Honor Roll again. Wow! For a kid that had a hard time learning to read she sure caught on quick. She is a avid reader now. Always has her head in a book.
After we came home I scrapped this layout of Harrison playing Basketball. I love the expressions on his face. He just looks determined, doesn't he. We made Spaghetti for dinner because Scott was out buying Antler in Utah. We would have did something better if he was going to be home. It was an easy dinner. I love easy dinners. Now I'm blogging and ready for bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for all my grandkids. If I didn't have them what in the world would I scrap. They just keep my camera snapping. I love each and every one of them with all my heart.

Friday, April 2, 2010

King of the Hill Page

Today was a lazy day but after all I am on vacation. I did make Chocolate Chip cookies with Austin and Bailee. Yummy good!! Did a load of laundry and pretty much nothing the rest of the day. The snow has finally melted but now it's just a big mud hole. Yuck! This is the page I made yesterday. I loved the look of this paper. It just looks like a snow storm. Today I broke down kits and organized pictures. An agent called that wants to see the house tomorrow between Conferences. Poor John gets to deal with all this. How I love that boy for doing this for me. And babysitting the dog. I talked with Judy today to find out how Denzil is doing. I guess he's on the mend after a rough day yesterday. After Janna got off work we went to Broulim's (the only grocery store in town) and got some stuff. Now I do believe I am going to go watch TV with the family again. Harley has been out on the farm since 11am today and she is still out there and it's 7pm. What a worker she is.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my wonderful daughter. I love the hard worker she is and the wonderful mom to her kids. Plus she just is so good to her dad and I.  She really make my life bright.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mount Up

Today we had a repair man come to fix some things in Janna house. Harley and I went to the Library in Rigby and then to the market to get Corn Meal for dinner tonight. We are having Chili and Corn Bread. Janna and Scott came home for lunch. It is snowing today up here and cold. I had calls from 2 agents that are bringing their clients by. John is going to take the dog for a walk. The kids are dying Easter Eggs all over the dining room table. What pretty colors they have made. This layout above was the one I started on the way here yesterday but my shoulder hurt too bad to work much on it. So this morning I felt really good so I was able to finish it. I spent this afternoon scrapping another page I will post tomorrow. I am looking out Janna's window at the ground and the snow is still coming down. Harley had a baby goat born today. It was so adorable. We had to get it warm and then hold the mom so she would let it nurse. She is a new mom and doesn't quite know what she is doing. Now I am going to watch a movie with the family and then go to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the opportunity of coming to Idaho and watching these cute grandkids over Spring Break. What a blessing grandkids are.

Saturday Duties

I made bread today because I was out. I love using Kamut. It is such a soft flour that when I mix it with Spelt and Wheat flour my bread is ...