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Going to Plan B

I woke up this morning at 4:30am and grabbed my phone thinking I must have missed the call. But I hadn't. I couldn't quit thinking about my mom so I got up and read email and blogs and tried to not feel so worn out. I decided I would go walk. I walked around the path 3 times and it made such a difference in my attitude. My stress is gone and I am at peace again. I went to see mom after my walk and she was the same. They had moved her to her right side and lotioned her all up. She just looks so peaceful. It's like she is just sleeping away. I came home for lunch and went back and her beautiful brown eyes were open. She didn't recognize me but I kissed her and told her I loved her anyway.
Tomorrow morning at 6am I am going to Island Park with Janna and my nieces. I'm taking Harrison and Hayden so they can play with their cousins. I decided that maybe I'm holding Mom back from going because I can't stay away. I said from the beginning that I thought I kept br…

Toughest Lady on The Block

I went walking with Heather and Gerrie this morning. I was very tired so it was hard but I did it and that's the most important thing. After walking I went down to mom's and met with the Hospice nurse Wendy. She sat with me until noon and we just talked and watch mom. We took off her oxygen and Wendy monitored it to make sure it wasn't distressing her in any way. Funny thing is it made no difference. Her levels stayed the same all morning. She was totally out of it and non-responsive all day. I would go home for an hour and come back and never any change. I had a slight come apart with the aides that took 2 hours to fix her position after moving her on her back. I had to apologize for my bad behavior because I could have handled it better. It was just a little hard listening to her not breathing for a long period of time and then starting again. I always wondered if she would start to breathe again. Then I went into the bathroom to pour out some water and they had put her …

She's Doing It Her Way

I walked with Heather this morning. We did our 3 laps. I decided if you miss one day the next day seems always to be harder. But we did it.
Mom was pretty much out of it today. Hasn't responded at all this afternoon but you never know. She can wake up tomorrow and start telling me she loves me. What a roller coaster ride. They gave her too much water to drink last night and she was sick this morning. She did have her eyes open and was trying to communicate. Then she went to sleep. She looks peaceful and content. Just sleeping away. I just wish she could sleep right up to Heaven with that peaceful look on her face. I decided this morning that I was going home and doing my laundry. I just couldn't sit one more day. So that's what I did. It really was what I needed. I checked on her all day but tried not to bother her. Now it's time for hugging my pillow and watching some dumb thing on TV.
Grateful Statement: Today I am so grateful for Tommy. He is so willing to do anythin…

Taking Julie to the Airport

Julie and I got up, took our showers and went to visit mom before she had to catch her flight back to San Jose. We didn't have time to walk and visit mom so we chose the better part. On the way to the airport Wendy, mom's hospice nurse, called me to say that mom was hardly breathing and she thought it might be today. I came back from the airport and she was still sleeping and hardly breathing. I sat there all day and had Tommy bring me lunch and about 2pm she opened her eye and started looking around and could sort of talk. We have decided we need to bottle her stamina and sell it. We could be rich. Her breathing hasn't improved but she is doing better than this morning. So all that fretting today was for naught. We'll see what tomorrow brings. What a roller coaster ride.
The picture above is a book that Susan brought to the nursing home for me. It is just short writings on the Atonement. It's called "The Gift". I just love it. The one I read today that I…

Saying Goodbye

Julie my niece and I went walking this morning with Heather. It was very beautiful outside and we had fun. Julie is in great shape and didn't even breathe hard. I don't think it's fair.
Julie came to Utah from California to say goodbye to her sweet grandma. Look at the eyes of love staring at each other. We spent the day talking, reminiscing and just having a good time. It was wonderful to see my sweet niece again. It's been awhile but some thing just never change and you can pick up the time as if it never passed. When we left this evening mom was breathing very shallow and taking a long time between breathes. Julie and I gave mom many kisses and left her for the night. Tommy made us a wonderful dinner of Hamburgers, Fries and Corn on the Cob. The Tuckett's brought Corn also and fruit salad. It was delish. Julie and I are having it for breakfast too. We are now going down to Dean and Amie's where we are staying because they have tons of room.
Grateful Statement…

Another Day Waiting

I went walking with Heather this morning. I am so glad I have a walking partner, especially now when I really need to walk so I get some exercise. It was fun and pretty easy although I was tired when we were done.
Dean and Amie have gone to San Diego for a tournament with Hailey and we have Hannah, Harrison and Hayden. Amie brought them last night. What sweet little people they are. Tommy is kind of in charge of them because most of the day I spend at the nursing home with mom. I just feel like I don't want to miss one conversation or moment with my mom. I know that I am watching something so Holy that it makes me want to not miss any of it.
Mom was awake all afternoon. She just looked up at the ceiling and talked and listened. I couldn't understand what she was saying but if I asked her if she wanted something  once in a while I could understand her words. She just looks so relaxed and peaceful. Her little heart is racing a million miles per hour because she only takes about …

More Tender Mercies

I went to see mom early today. She was a little more alert and could say yes. I ask if she wanted a drink and she said yes so I gave her some water with a mouth swab. She can't really swallow very well as she chokes easily. I was starting to have doubts again about feeding her. Of course, along comes an aide that has been with mom for a long time and told me she should not be eating because she can't swallow it. Then I felt good again. I don't know why this is so hard. Maybe because I have spent 10+ years making sure she was fed. Then as I was praying I thought she needs a blessing. But it was Sunday and I knew everyone was getting ready for church so I let it pass. I left and went to church and when I got back to mom's Yvonne called me to tell me that Walt had given mom a blessing and she hoped I didn't mind. I told her to tell Walt that he was an answer to pray. See the tender mercies Heavenly Father gives me everyday. Then Walt came down and gave me a blessing. …

Brothers Page

I walked this morning by myself. I missed my walking buddies but I knew I needed to walk if I was going to be sitting by mom's bedside all day. I was there most of the day. I did come home and lay down for about an hour at about 1pm. Mom didn't communicate with me all day. She just couldn't wake up and talk to me at all. So I worked on templates and made this page. I think I need a title. I may add one and upload it again. But for now this is what it is. I love these old pictures of mom and her little kids. I'm pretty tired now so I'm going to bed and get up and face tomorrow. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that my mom always had pictures taken of her and us kids. They are treasures to me. I guess that's where I got my love of picture taking from. Alma 44 - Alma 45  It is always hard for me to read the destruction of the Lamanites. So many dead that they couldn't be counted. So sad.

Mom's Tribute

I got up this morning and went walking with Gerri. Heather was up with a sick kid so she couldn't go. We walked our 3 times around and nothing hurt. What a relief. I thought I was going to have to quit. I came home and did some laundry and I can't remember what else.
At 10am Yvonne came and got me and we spent a couple of hours with mom. She kept looking at the ceiling and mumbling and listening again. Yvonne said she was being taught and I think she's right. I asked her if her mom was there and she said, "Not now." I asked her if she had seen Smokey and she said yes. All the years she has been staring at the ceiling with a fixed look in her eyes and I would ask her if there was anyone there she always said no. So I know they are here to prepare her for what's to come. At one point she made a funny noise and I ask her what she was doing. She said as plain as day, "Laughing". What a funny lady even to the end. By tonight she was not saying anything a…

Salad for Two

I went walking with Heather this morning wearing my brand new shoes and I was able to walk with no pain. Wahooooo!! It was marvelous and I so need to keep up a routine now. It keeps me from going to bed and sleeping forever. I went to see mom last night before I went to bed just to check on her. She was awake but really not coherent. She would mumble things that I didn't understand. I sat with her for awhile and then kissed her good night and went home. This morning when I went down she was awake again but didn't know who I was and that was alright with me. I told her that if her mom came to get her to go with her. She very plainly said she would go. I told her that there were tons of people waiting for her on the other side and just couldn't wait for her to get there. She just kept staring at the ceiling mumbling something. I am convinced she is having conversations with someone. Wendy was there and I talked with her for awhile. She said usually when they quit eating it…

New Walking Shoes

I went walking this morning again with Heather and it was very painful again so I decided I needed new shoes. I went to visit mom after walking and she was still the same. Wendy was there and said her blood pressure was dropping. She didn't sound as wheezy as last night and she was able to swallow a tiny bit of water. After I left there I went to the mall and bought a new pair shoes. Pretty snazzey, don't you think. They feel so good on my feet. I came home and laid down. I just couldn't function anymore. I must of slept for 2 hours. I finally got up and went back down. She was wheezing worse this afternoon and still hadn't drank anything. She couldn't respond to me very much. She would just close her eyes and try to breath. I finally had to leave. It just got too hard. I don't want to keep bringing her back so I try to sit very quiet and not disturb her but I also want her to know that I am here. What a quandry. I came home and laid back down. This is the most…

I Pray for Comfort and Peace

I walked again this morning with Heather. Came home and got all my templates all organized. I worked on my office and put more stuff away and cleaned out drawers. Then Tommy and I went to the cannery and served our mission. After I got home I had a message from Wendy, mom's hospice nurse. She told me that mom's lungs were wet, wet, wet and that she hadn't eaten for a couple of days. I knew that she was very tired and was having a hard time communicating so it wasn't unexpected. I went down to sit with her and she opened her eyes and talked with me a couple of times. As I was leaving to go home one of the Aids named John came up to me and gave me a big hug and just started crying. He told me he loved grandma so much. How can one little lady in a bed have such an effect on all these people. Anyway I am going to go pray for comfort and peace. I really don't know what to expect as she has rallied back so many times before. I did call my brother and let him know. I am r…

Salad Makings Day

Walking again this morning. It was a little easier than Friday. I think maybe I need new shoes that have more padding on the bottom. Gerri and her pit bull Caboose walked with us today. Caboose is such a sweet dog. Of course, with his pinch collar around his neck you'd think he was ready to eat you up. But he really is harmless.
After walking I came home and did genealogy on the Wright line. Then headed out to the store to buy some veggies for our salad making day. Gerri and Heather came over and we all had stuff to share. We chopped and chopped and spun lettuce and got it all done. We all have tons of stuff for our salads or stir fry. It really was fun to do.
The rest of the evening I just laid around being lazy. Now I'm going to finish this and call it a night. I'm trying to get lots of sleep so I can wake up feeling great.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for friends like Heather and Gerri. They are really fun to be around and do things with.
Alma 37 - Alma 38  Whe…

Beautiful Sabbath

I got up and sent my Janna and her family off to Idaho. I missed them the minute they turned down Hudson. I so wish my daughter lived by me or I lived by her. Maybe one day. Then I just hung out feeling sad for a little while and then I got my shower and got ready for church. Tommy didn't go so I went by myself. It's a good thing I'm good at going by myself. Years of practice have paid off.
After church I went down to visit mom but she could hardly wake up and talk to me. They finally got her up for dinner and she started talking a little bit. Maybe tomorrow she will be able to talk more.
After I came home for mom's I talked with Kathy Porterfield. Darrel is having a rough time of it so they aren't coming next weekend. I hope Darrel starts feeling better. Now I'm going to finish this blog and find something to do. Maybe a little genealogy or something.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my Savior. After partaking of the Sacrament today I started thinking…

Pedi for Us

I started out this day walking with Heather. We walked 3 times around and it was hard. I just don't know if it's ever going to get any better. But I'll keep trying and maybe the pain will get better soon. After walking I came home and Janna, Bailee and I went and had our pedicure at Walmart. My feet feel so much better. I really need to scrub them everyday so they stay good. Bailee had her first pedicure. She was just so cute during it all. She has blue toes with flowers on them. So cute!! Janna took this picture while she was getting her feet done. It was fun to go and thanks to my Dear Daughter for the Pedi. You are too generous to your mom...
We came home and vegged the rest of the afternoon and made dinner and ran down to visit mom. Now it's really time for me to relax again. My poor foot is breaking out again so I need to find my medicine and put it on it.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my wonderful grandkids. They really add so much joy to my life. They al…

Office Moving Day

Today I got up and went walking with Gerri and Heather. We walked around the trail 3 times again. I think we are on a roll. It was hard but I just kept going. Then I came home and Janna started moving my office. I just love that daughter of mine. She moved my desk from the laundry room and all my printers, fax, scanner, computer and my internet. She put the desk back together and hooked all those things back up, which was no small feat in itself. But we got it all done. Before and after pictures tells the story. I now have to go through each piece of paper and file or throw it away. I'm on the way to total organization. Wahooooooo!
We then went to lunch at our favorite place, Brick Oven. The food was fabulous as always. We then went to Penney's so I could get a set of sheets and a smoothie maker and Janna got some clothes and a bedspread set for Bailee. Then it was on to Walmart to get our toes done but it was way tooooo crowded so we are going again tomorrow. It opens at 10 an…

Janna B is Coming to Town

I got up and walked by myself this morning. I didn't realize my phone was turned off so when Heather texted me to say she needed an extra 5 minutes I didn't get the text. Me and my new phone have a few issues. But I was glad that I did it anyway but it would have been easier with my walking partner. My legs were killing me. It was the worst it had ever been. I made it around once and sat down until they stopped hurting and then went around again. It wasn't quite as bad the second time but when I sat down after the second lap I was so not wanting to go for three. Conversation with myself: the doctor said only 30 minutes so I can be done, I am just too tired, my legs will hurt, my car is just right there, GET UP AND GET GOING AND GO AROUND AGAIN! I won and went around again. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but tomorrow I am taking my Aleve so it won't be so bad. But all and all I'm glad I was able to make myself go for 45 minutes.
I have been extremely…

Scrappin' Page

Today was a pretty good day. Heather and I went walking again for 45 minutes. 3 times around the track. Then I did my floors using my Shark. It is wonderful and soooooo easy. I worked in my scrap room organizing some more. I dusted the furniture and cleaned the hall bathroom. Johnny had shampooed all my carpets last night so my house is pretty dang clean. Then I went down to visit mom this afternoon. I took her for a walk in the sunshine but she just wasn't feeling very good. I could tell she was just having a hard day. I made this page today in between cleaning. It is so easy to scrap with templates. I just love them. I hope I spelled everyone's name right but if not, Oh well. That's been my day! Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for my Tommy and John. They always help me clean house and do the lifting for me. I really appreciate them. Alma 32 - Alma 33  When it says he imparteth his word by angels unto men, I wonder how many angels have given me knowledge and faith. I…

Grandpa's Gardener Page

I got up this morning and went walking with Heather. We went 3 times around the trail. We decided the 1st lap was hard, the 2nd lap was realllllly hard and the 3rd lap was pretty easy. Lesson learned: keep going and don't stop.  Then I went Visiting Teaching with Jacque to Joan. We talked for over an hour. Joan is really fun to talk with. After that I came home and finished this page. I have been working on this page for probably a month and just couldn't like it. But today I just decided I was finishing it no matter what. After I got all the embellishments on I kind of liked it. I ate salad again today. I love having all the stuff in the fridge ready to go. I am going to have to go to the store tomorrow and replenish some things. This afternoon Tommy and I went to the cannery to serve our mission. I always love it once I get there. I love helping the people and testifing of the importance of Food Storage. It really is one of my passions, probably because it has helped our fam…

Meetings All Day

Judy cut my hair this morning at 6:15 am. She looked a little tired as her family had went camping over the weekend. Then I went walking with Heather again this morning. Today was painful and hard but I did it and that's half the battle. After that I did some housework and went to a meeting at the cannery. Tommy and I had to introduce ourselves and tell about our lives. I hate that part but we did it. Then I hurried home from that and had a Presidency meeting at 2 which lasted until 5:30 but we got tons of stuff planned for Relief Society. It was a very productive meeting.  For dinner I made this fabulous salad from my very own salad bar in my fridge. Doesn't it look yummy. It was very good. I so love salads and when they are all cut up and ready it makes it really nice. Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for Susan and Michelle. They are so much fun to work with and are so inspired. Alma 28 - Alma 30  In verse 8 it says "choose ye this day whom ye shall serve". …

Walking with Molly

I got up this morning and took Molly and went for a 45 minutes walk in Salem. How about that. I want to build up my strength so I need to walk alot. My shins were hurting me and I was getting concerned if I would ever be able to walk like I used to. And lo and behold, as I walked they quit hurting. Wahoo.... I talked with my friend Kathy this morning. She has to teach the lesson in Relief Society on the Priesthood. I just have to stand back and admire this lady. She hates teaching and being in front of everyone, but she keeps doing it. Every month for probably two years now. And she gets sick before her lesson. Now that's dedication to the Lord and accepting His challenges with a willing heart. Way to go Kathy!! I took Chloe and Molly for a walk last night before bedtime and then took Chloe home to wait for her family. She was so funny. She ran in the kitchen and jumped in her little bed and grabbed a toy. She was so happy to be home. I think she missed them alot. I went to Church…

Template Making Day

I have been pretty lazy as usual. I really will be glad when I'm not so tired anymore. Hopefully walking and eating right will help. And taking all my vitamins especially Vitamin D. I made templates today and Laundry and cut up more veggies. I went to see mom and she was in wonderful spirits and very talkative. I love it when she feels good. I came home and made Stir Fry Chicken with all my veggies I cleaned. It's so nice to have them all ready and all I do is throw them in the pan. Now I think I'll put in one more load of laundry and go find something on television to watch.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for my sweet mom and that she is feeling better. I just love her so much and wish she was well and we could travel like we used to do. She was always ready to take a trip with me and we took many together. There is no better traveling companion than my mom in the whole wide world.
Alma 27 - Alma 28  As I read verse 11 it made me realize the Lord waited until Ammon…

Grocery Shopping

I got up this morning and went walking with Heather and Gerri. It was easier today for me and my legs didn't hurt so much. Maybe I'm finally getting used to it. After that I moved some more stuff so I can get my office set up. I want all my genealogy, digiscrapping and bill paying in the same room so I can get really organized. More tomorrow. I also packed up some church books so I can use the bookcase for my photo albums. I decided I needed them handy so they are easy to look at. After that I went grocery shopping. Then put everything away. I cut up vegetables for salads and stir fry and froze my Salmon steaks and chicken breasts. I am going to eat healthy so I'm getting prepared. That was pretty much my day. It was relaxing and peaceful.
Grateful Statement: As I look back on this day the thing I am most thankful for is my big roomy house. I know I'll miss it when it sells but for now I'm just going to enjoy it.
Alma 26 - Alma 27  I love in verse 22 where it says &q…

Helping with New Family Search

Today has been a good day. I walked with Heather at 7am down in Salem. It was very hard for some reason. I just wish I could get into shape faster. I had a presidency meeting at 8am this morning and we got lots of stuff done. I called sisters to teach the lessons in August and went down to Arleen's and helped her and Don with New Family Search. I made Rice Pudding for Yvonne Norton and delivered it and went to see my mom. She was very sleepy and couldn't keep her eyes open but she was pain free and that's what we are aiming for. I went to Crisp's to get salad stuff and realized I didn't have my wallet so I had to go home and now I'm too tired to go. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I can go then.
That's been my day.
Grateful Statement:  I am so grateful for the New Family Search program. It makes submitting names and doing my ancestor's work for them so easy. Just a click and out comes a request. Hop on over to the Temple and have the cards printed out an…

Back in Utah

I got up early this morning and Janna and I went for a walk then I packed up and left to drive home. I decided that I needed to get home and get stuff done. Janna will be here next weekend and my friend Kathy is coming over the 24th so I need to get crackin'. I have been extremely tired today so have spent lots of time laying down napping. But tomorrow I will be good to go. I made Chile for dinner from a package mix. It was fast and easy but not as good as the kind I make from scratch but it worked. I talked to Julie and Kathy about our Island Park Week. We are working out the food details and where everyone is flying into and how we are all getting to Island Park. Within the next couple of days we should have it all figured out.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my kids. They are all such a joy to me. I love them to death and I am glad they came to live with me on this earth.
Alma 24 - Alma 25  Not one of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies would take up arms against their brethren. They…

Taking Kids to Idaho

I got up this morning and got ready to go to Idaho and bring the kids home. We got here about 3:30 and waited for Janna to get off work. It was a good drive. It is so green and cool up here. Very pretty. Harley was riding her horse so I had to take a picture of her. She loves her horses. They have 5 baby horses, one with long ears. So cute. I made out a tenative menu for Island Park and emailed it to Kathy and Julie. Janna and I went to Wal-Mart to get Austin new shoes. His flip flops broke but now he has new ones. No more tripping. Now I am blogging and giving it up for the night. Driving makes me tired. Oh, I forgot everything makes me tired. LOL! Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Dean and Amie that they let me borrow their cute little red car to go to Arizona and now Idaho. My car overheats and we need to get it fixed. Alma 23 - Alma 24  More fabulous conversions. In verse 6 it talks about how those that were converted, "never did fall away"  .

Cookie Dough

Today was a very lazy relaxed day. I did get all my bills paid and my checkbook balanced so that was huge for me. I used my new Shark Steam Cleaner on my tile floors and I can't tell you how much I love it. It really cleans good. I did my kitchen, entry and both bathroom in no time at all. I am in love with it. Now I have a fabulous vacuum that really picks up and a steam cleaner for my floors. What more could a girl ask for. It's especially good for me because I can't really crawl around on my hands and knees to clean them like I used to. Just can't hardly get up off the floor and it kills my back and knees. Meagen came over to spend the last day with Bailee. Here they are eating Cookie dough and baking cookies. Austin has been over at the Cook's all day helping put up their new tramp and playing. He really has fun with those boys. He doesn't really want to go home yet but I told him it was time. I went down to visit Mom tonight and fed her a little dinner and…

Grand Canyon

We got up early and left to go to the Grand Canyon. It took us about 3 hours to get there and then we looked around at the loops. The vastness of it still amazes me after all the times I'm been here. The kids really enjoyed it. They especially liked the gift shops. Silly kids. We left after a couple of hours of seeing the sights and then we went to Cameron, Arizona to catch 89 to come home. We stopped at an Indian gift shop on the side of the road and Bailee spent her $10 on a necklace and bracelet set. Very pretty and they were impressed at how nice the Indians were to them. Having grown up by the Apache Reservation I already knew they were very sweet and friendly people.  Then we drove and drove and drove and drove and finally got home at about 10:15. We are some pretty tired people. I am posting this and going to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the opportunity to see one of God's magnificent creations. And I am grateful these two grandkids that I got to share …

Petersen Reunion

What kind of day was today. Fabulous!! I saw a ton of cousins and lots of little ones I hadn't seen yet. I spent lots of time with my brother and my sweet Aunt Marie. She was awfully tired but I guess to have tons of people invade your house will do that to you. I was the designated photographer and took pictures of all the families with their kids and grandkids. It was a wonderful day. Bailee and Austin had a really good time playing with all the kids. Good food, Good company, Good family and Good memories. That sums up today. We are back in our motel after taking the kids to McDonalds for hamburgers. Now it's time to rest and get ready for another fun fill day tomorrow. Grateful Statement: I am so very grateful for my family. I'm grateful that I came from the same ancestors as everyone at the reunion. I can't wait to do a page and put all the families together. Alma 19- Alma 20 I had to look up Abish to see if she was mentioned anywhere else in the scriptures. I was i…

On the Way to Arizona

Here we are just going into Page, Arizona and that's Lake Powell in the background. We left this morning at 8am and drove and drove and drove and drove. We had lunch in Kanab at a burger place that made burgers that were an awful lot like In N Out. Even the french fries tasted like theirs. We finally reached Snowflake at 7:30 pm. My brother Johnnie and Phyllis came to our motel room to say hello. After they left Bailee and Austin went swimming in the motel pool. Now we are cozied up in our room watching TV and stretching our legs out as far as we can. It was quite the long drive but saw some really pretty country. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the wonderful scenery we were able to enjoy today. Heavenly Father thought of everything to give us a boost everyday just by looking at his handy work. Alma 18 - Alma 19 Ammon taught King Lamoni the gospel from the very beginning. I can't imagine not having any knowledge of God or Heaven and what joy when someone teaches you the…

Hannah's Birthday Party

Here is Hannah and a few of her friends that went to the Laser Tag place with her to celebrate her 14th Birthday. How in the world can she be that old. I started my day out with a walk again. I'm so glad I am able to do this. It makes me feel so much better. Now if I can only keep it up. I worked on more laundry, got the kids clothes ready to pack and drove some of Hannah friends to Provo for Aimee. While they played Laser Tag I went to Penney's and got Austin some more shorts and socks. Then I took the girls home to Amie's house and went to visit Mom. I was able to spend about an hour with her today. She was so talkative but seemed really tired. Some of the things she said just didn't make sense but maybe it's the morphine. Now I'm home and am going to blog and finish up everything and go to bed. It will be a long drive tomorrow. Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve Amie and help get all these kids to Provo. She is such a ki…