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Cheer Camp

Gracie and Madie
Gracie was so excited today to go to Cheer Camp with Madie in Idaho Falls. Austin took her to Janna's work and so she could go with Janna. She had such a good time.  I am feeling much better today. Just have this cough but it will get better each day. This is one happy little girl.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the opportunities for Gracie to enjoy this life. She is so special and fun. Truly a gift from Heavenly Father to me.

Play Date with Alice

Cute Little Kitty Cats
 Best Friends
I woke up with a sore throat and felt terrible. Alice was supposed to come to our house for a play date but I had to call Tiffany and cancel. I didn't want Alice to get my cold and spread it to all her siblings. So Tiffany came and got Gracie to go to her house. It was so good to just be able to rest and not have to do anything. Austin went and got her for me about 12:30. She had such a good time and came home with the cutest hair do ever. I spent the day in my chair sleeping off and on all day. I hope I get over this stuff soon. I had a dentist appt. that I had to cancel. One day I will get there to have my teeth cleaned. Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my wonderful neighbor Tiffany that is so caring. She is always thoughtful and does so much for everyone. I am blessed to know her.

Sunbeams Again

Playing a Temple Game
I love teaching with Connie. The kids absolutely love the game she played with them about the Temple. The loved to throw the dice and move their marker. I think I am going to figure out a generic game for when I teach. Gracie and I went to church alone. Tommy has to have hip replacement so he stayed home in his chair. After church Brothe Olson and a friend of his came to Home teach us. They gave Tommy a blessing and shared a Gospel message. I have been working hard getting caught up on my blog. I am determined I am going to keep doing it. It's my journal and I have been good about doing it for years so I just have to do it. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for our Sunbeam Class. They are the cutest little kids ever. I am blessed to be able to teach in Primary.

My Life

Stir Fry
Gracie's Mess
Today was a good day. I stayed on Weight Watchers all day. I think it is better for me than Adkins.  Gracie played with her toys and my metal bowls all day long. My house is always a mess now. But I do believe this little munchkin is worth it. I made a Stir Fry lunch and Tacos for dinner. I love to chop up veggies and stir fry them. Plus it's no points so I can eat all I want. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the Scriptures. I am still trying to read the Old Testament. I am getting to the end. It is so interesting to read the Institute Manual and then read the Scripture. I am blessed to have a love of learning,

New Fit Bit

My New Fitbit
Today Gracie and I went to Best Buy and I got a new Fitbit. My old one broke and I decided I needed a new one to track my steps. It tracks my steps on Weight Watchers and gives me extra points. Pretty fun. It also reminds me to move if I have sat too long.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the ability I have to purchase fun stuff. I am blessed to have sufficient for my needs.

Gerri is Leaving

I said goodbye to Gerri this morning. We had a great time talking and laughing. She is on her way back to Rexburg to pick up something from Heather and then she will be off to Payson.
I wish I had taken some pictures. I don't know what I was thinking.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful this day for Sunshine, Friends and especially the Gospel. Blessing abound.

Heather Came for Megan's Graduation

Gerri came with Heather to go to Megan's graduation. She stayed at my house so we had a great time visiting. Heather came over to my house after the graduation and made dinner for everyone. Megan's apartment is being packed up so they didn't have any place to have it. It was fun, especially because I didn't have to do anything.
Grateful Statement: I am so blessed with wonderful friends. They are truly straight from Heavenly Father to me.

Play Date For Gracie

Friends Are The Best
Gracie had her first play date with Alice. Tiffany came down and got her. She had so much fun watching a movie and playing with toys. Alice is a sweet little girl and I am glad she is Gracie's friend.  Tiffany is Janna's visiting teacher and she is so willing to help with anything. I love our wonderful neighbors. They are the best. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for these two little girls. Gracie is blessed to have such a good friend.

The Final Celebration of Gracie's Birthday

Birthday Dinner
 New Swimming Pool 
 Opening Presents
 More Presents
Pool and Alligator
We had our last Birthday Celebration for Gracie. All Janna's friends came to celebrate and have a barbecue with us. She got lots of toys and a new Birthday Dress. She especially loved the Barbie's that Harley gave her. I am sure that she felt very special by the time the party was over. And she got another birthday cake. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this little munchkin. She is a lot of work but so worth every minute of my time. I am blessed to be her Bamma.

Slip and Slide for the 4th

 Austin and Gracie
 Gracie and her Alligator

This is how we celebrate the 4th. More slip and sliding for Gracie, a barbecue for dinner and Fireworks at night. We had a great time. I do so love my family. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful to live in the land of the free. America is the best and I am so blessed to live here.

Slip and Slide, Redneck Style

Filling Up More Balloons
 Slip and Slide
Her Alligator from AJ
And the celebration keeps on going. John and Austin make her a slip and slide with a roll of black plastic. She loved it. She used the Alligator to slide down the water slide. She had so much fun. I didn't think she would ever want to stop.  Austin was so good to play with her all day long. And her Grandpa John. She is having a wonderful birthday. I can't believe we have had her for 2 years. Where did the time go. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my family. They are such a blessing to me.

4th Birthday Cake on her Birthday

Gracie and her Soccer Ball
 Water Balloons Galore
 Her Birthday Cake
John Came To Help Celebrate
We all went to church today. They sang Happy Birthday to Gracie in Primary. She was so excited. Then we came home to continue her celebration. It is officially her birthday. So she got to open the package that Cha Cha sent her.
John helped her fill all the water balloons and put them on the tramp that Cha Cha sent in her birthday box. It was filled with stuff. Harley bought her a soccer ball (which she loves) and AJ bought her Squirt Guns and a Bubble Maker. She got clothes from Gramma which she didn't like so well because it wasn't toys. Too Bad little girl.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this little 4 year old. I am blessed to get to help raise her.

Birthday Celebration Begins

Idaho Falls
Birthday Celebration Begins
Yesterday all the big people went zip lining and Gracie and I stayed home. Kathy and Becca took a picture by this horse. We promised Gracie we would take her to the movies. So today we went to see Cars. After the movie was over we went to Cafe Rio for lunch and then next door to the cupcake place. Gracie got her own cupcake with a candle on it and we sang Happy Birthday to her. She had a good day and loved the movie. Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the wonderful time I have had with Kathy. She is dear to me.

Kathy and Becca Have Arrived

They are HERE!
We picked up Kathy and Becca at the airport and brought them home. We had dinner and spent the evening talking and catching up. Becca has been really sick and had to drop out of school in her last year. She is gluten intolerant and lactose also. It was fun trying to figure out what to make for her to eat. Tomorrow we will be going to the market to find foods for her. Craig's level are up so he has to go back to the doctor. He is pretty discouraged. I can't say I would be any different. Matthew is going to a Prep School to do Ice Hockey back east. Lexie has a summer job so she couldn't come either. I am just glad to get who I get. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this wonderful niece that comes to see me each year. What a blessing she is in my life.

Winco with Gracie and Austin

Gracie and my Shopping List
Austin and I took Gracie and went to Winco to do the shopping. Gracie checked off the groceries when we put them in the cart. She had such a good time helping Gramma. What a cute little face. I love to have Austin go with me because he is so neat and organized. My groceries are all sorted and bagged so when I get home it is easy to put them away. Grateful Statement: I am grateful that we have a Winco in Idaho Falls. What a blessing it is to be able to buy bulk groceries. I am blessed!


Gracie May
These are the things that make me laugh everyday. Gracie is always doing something that makes me laugh. She is a delight and such a love. She must tell me she loves me 10 times each day. Her favorite thing is to dress up and play with her babies. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that Heavenly Father put this little one in my life. I am so blessed to get to watch her grow.

New Couches and Chairs

AJ and Janna Relaxing
 My Electric Recliner
Tommy's Family
Janna and AJ met me at Furniture Row store. I needed her help to choose the right one. I was going to charge it and pay it off in 6 months. But Janna put it on her account and wouldn't let me pay her back. What a fabulous daughter she is. So I will do lots of book work for her to pay her back. Janna and AJ found these massage chairs in the furniture store and had to try them out. I don't think that they ever wanted to get out.  I also got Tommy a new chair just like mine so he can get out of it easy. And I framed the pages I made of Tommy's family and hung them up. Finally!! Grateful Statement: I am so blessed to be able to have new couches and chairs. What a blessing my generous daughter is. I am truly blessed!


Connie and our Sunbeams
I love that I get to team teach with this wonderful lady. She is so awesome. We go out to breakfast once a month just to have a some girl time. We so love these little Sunbeams. They are cute and crazy and a bundle of joy. Sometimes they stay in their seats and sometimes they don't. Sometimes they won't fold their arms and bow their heads and sometimes they don't. Going to the bathroom with this bunch is like taking a bunch of animals to the zoo. But it's alright because each week they get better and better. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the calling I have in the ward. Teaching these little munchkins is the best. I am blessed!

Austin Getting His Wisdon Teeth Out

John came up to visit so he took Austin to the Dentist to have his wisdom teeth out. I went up and met them so I could take Gracie home and make sure Austin was alright. And he was. He didn't even have any pain. Dr Machen is the best dentist ever. She was only able to take out the bottom ones as the top ones weren't grown out enough.
Gracie found some friends to watch a movie with. She loves to play with kids.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Dentist's that can fix our teeth for us. What a blessing in our lives to have healthy teeth.

Reception at Thanksgiving Point

 My Hubby and I
 My Kids All Together
 Janna, AJ and Gracie
Harley, Bailee, Gracie, Janna and Austin
When we got back to the Hotel after the wedding Janna and her family came to go to the Reception. She is staying in the hotel tonight. We drove to Thanksgiving Point and it took Tommy and I forever to find the right venue. But finally we found it. It was so beautiful. They have tons of gardens. It was so good to see everyone. Amie's mom and her brother and sisters were here. It was good to see them again.  They took another million pictures before it started. It was so sweet to see how wonderful Hailey and Tanner are together. He is such an awesome person. Hailey found a keeper for sure. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this event. Blessed beyond measure to see such a special union between Hailey and Tanner.

Hailey's Wedding

Hailey and Tanner Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Jones
What a wonderful morning watching Tanner and Hailey get married for Time and all Eternity. It was so  special to witness the sealer talk to the bride and groom about what they should do as they go through this life. I learned a thing or two.  It was so good to be seated by my hubby in the sealing room. Such wonderful blessings. When we came out we hung out with Hannah, Harrison, Amie's dad and Melissa and Hannah's "special friend" Stockton.  They took a million pictures. Can't wait to see them. Grateful Statement: What a blessing to see this wedding. Heavenly Father gives me such wonderful experiences to enjoy in this life.

Harrison's To The Temple

Payson Temple
Harrison decided he wanted to get his endowments so he could go to the Temple with Hailey. He is trying to get his A1C levels down so he can turn in his papers to go on his mission.  His diabetes is pretty sever. He has two pumps to regulate his blood sugars and give insulin when he needs it.  It was wonderful to see him in the Temple getting his Endowments. Hannah and Hailey came to support their brother. What a wonderful family. After we were left the Temple we went to lunch and back to the Hotel. We have to be up in Salt Lake for a dinner with Tanner's family. Thank goodness for GPS so we can find our way. I didn't get a single picture of the dinner. It was really fun and good to get to know Tanner's family. Then it was back to Provo to get some rest for tomorrow morning.  Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Temples. What wonderful blessing and covenants we make within the walls of these Holy houses. I am so grateful that Harrison wanted to go. I am b…

Going To Utah

Off We Go to Utah
We are off to Utah. It is a long drive and Gracie gets a little tired of her car seat. But she is a happy camper because she is going to Cha Cha's to see her and Mommy. She always has a good time when she goes there. We dropped off Gracie and went to the hotel that Dean is a partner in. His house is full of Amie's family so we got the executive suite. It was so wonderful. It had a living room, little kitchen and a separate bedroom. I set up my computer and started to scrapbook. We went out to dinner with John and Gina. It was fun and then it was time for bed. We have to be at the Payson Temple in the morning for Harrison. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for that Dean takes such good care of his parents. We are so blessed to have him and his wonderful family in our lives.

One More Shopping Trip

Gracie Riding a Car
Gracie and I went to the Mall in Idaho Falls today. I just needed to get a couple more things. She had to ride a car, which of course didn't work. It was my last quarter so she didn't get to ride which made her pitch a huge fit. I dragged her out to the mall bawling all the way. But she calmed down once we got into the car. Poor people at the Mall had to hear this. When we came home I just had to snap a pic of Gracie and her sunglasses. She loves to wear them. She thinks she is so cool. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this little kid. She brings joy to our lives everyday. I am so blessed to be able to help raise her. Blessing abound!

Going to Church

Gracie is ready with her own bag.
Gracie and I are going to church with Tommy. She likes to go to church with Papa. Tommy is trying to get his Temple Recommend so he can go into the Temple for Hailey's wedding. He has been going for over a month now. I am glad he is wanting to go.  Brother Olsen is our home teacher. He has been so good for Tommy. He teaches lesson to him and challenges him to do things. Tommy doesn't get mad, he just tries to do what he is asked. He is listening to his scriptures and we have couples prayer at night. Good things are happening. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that Gracie and Tommy go to church with me. What a blessing it is for me. I am so blessed by a wonderful Heavenly Father.


This is it!
I took Gracie to Lolo's today and headed in to Idaho Falls to shop at JC Penney's. I found this dress and a pair of pants and a blouse. And 2 more pair of shoes. And it was all under $100 dollars. They were having a huge sale and I had a gift card and $20 in rebates from my Penney's card. So I scored. I came home after 3 hours of this and sat in my chair.  I made Chicken Tenders for dinner with French Fries and Brocolli. That was all I could do.  I did some book work and worked on pages. It was a pretty good day. And I have a dress for the wedding. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that I could find a dress and shoes. I prayed that I could find something and so I did. Blessings Abound!!