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Temple and Additional Meeting

Sue and I went to the Rexburg Temple this morning. It was so wonderful to be in such a peaceful place. Time just stands still for me when I go there. After we came out of the Temple we took some stuff over to Megan Merrill's apartment. The it was home.
Took Heather to the WIC office so she could sign up. They give formula and baby food to little ones.
I made a Taco Casserole for dinner so it would be easy to make.
At 5:30 Bailee and I met Crystal and Ashley at the church to set up for our additional meeting tonight. It was a success. Lots of sisters came and we shared idea on what works to clean our homes and how to organize them. Then we had desserts. The sisters stayed forever and talked and talked, which is exactly what they needed.
Then it was home and to bed. So tired. But a wonderful day.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that I am worthy to go to the Temple. It is where things I am worried about come to mind and lots of times the answer is right there. I am so blessed to …

Snowy Day

Went to the gym with Sue today. It was snowy but not too slick so we made it without a hitch. It was a pretty laid back day. I did go to the store with Heather to get potatoes and some veggies, then it was back home for the duration of the day. I went over the changes we are making in Relief Society and made sure they were the ones that we wanted. After I put them all down in an email to the Bishop it just felt right. So I sent it off and hopefully we got it right. I made these two pages and started another one that I haven't finished yet. So I am still working to catch up. Now it's bed time for me. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for the inspiration that is available to me as I choose a new counselor and teachers. I couldn't do this calling with out it.

One More Page Done

Farm Work
I met with the trainer at the gym this morning and he showed me how to work the machines so we can add to our routine. Sue gets trained tomorrow. It was fun and I feel much better, more energy and am able to move better. Then I babysat Gracie so Heather could clean Janna building to get ready for the open house. We had a good time hanging out together. She is just the cutest thing. I picked up Heather when she was done and we went to Walmart to get Gracie a high chair and Heather a robe. Then it was off to Penney's for a mattress pad. Way too expensive. I also looked for a can opener but they didn't have any either.  Came home and I made Mac and Cheese and Heather put Gracie's high chair together. Now it's time to take kids to YM/YW.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for my sweet little Gracie. She is such a delight. I love her beautiful eyes. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Back in Idaho

Grandparents Day
Made two more pages at scrap weekend. I stayed at Dean and Amie's on Saturday night and got up early so I could pick up Heather and Gracie. We packed up my car and went to breakfast with John, Megan and Tommie and then we were off. It was an uneventful drive and we only had to stop once for Gracie. Heather changed her diaper and gave her a bottle and she was good to go. Today I went to the gym with Sue and then Heather, Gracie and I went to Winco to do our shopping. Came home and put everything away and relaxed the rest of the day. Heather wasn't feeling very good today so she took a long nap. I made stir fry for dinner and now my kitchen is a mess. Maybe I'll clean it tonight or maybe I'll wait until tomorrow morning. I got an email from Dean today with the email from Hailey. I just wait all week for her emails. She is so strong. Lots of her stuff was stolen but she kept her good attitude. I love this missionary of ours. Grateful Stateme…

Scrapping Friday

Snow Storm
I am having so much fun scrapping with my friends. I have made two layouts so far.  The drive here was uneventful. I listened to Jeffrey R. Holland all the way here. I just love him and always his message makes me cry. Heather and Megan came over with Gracie to say hi. I finally got Gracie to smile at me. We had lunch and then it was back to scrapping.
These are the two layouts I finished. More to come tomorrow.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my friends that I scrap with. What a wonderful group of women to have fun with. I am blessed!

Temple Day

Sue, Karen and I went to the Rexburg Temple today for an endowment session. New presentation that was a little faster. We can't decide which one we like best.
Then I went grocery shopping and started packing my clothes.
Sue and I went to the Book of Mormon class tonight. So much insightful information.
Now it's bed time so I can get up at 5am and go have some fun.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for all I have. I am so very blessed to know my Savior and Heavenly Father and how very much they love me.

And Yet Another Busy Day

Amie and the Kids
Went to the gym this morning with Sue. I worked hard on the treadmill at an incline. Just keep plugging along, that's what I tell myself. I always feel better after I exercise. I went to visit a new sister in our ward and gave her a picture directory and manual. She was very sweet and had two little girls named Hailee and Aubree. Now I need to assign visiting teacher to her and put her on a route. It never ends. Then it was home and I started on curtains for Harley/Heather's room. That took me all the rest of the day in between making spaghetti for dinner and doing a food order. I left it for the Bishop to sign when he got home from work and then went back to pick it up. He wanted to talk to me about some things in the ward so 1/2 hour later I was on my way to drop off the food order so they could get food tomorrow.  Now it's my bedtime! Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my Bishop who really cares about the people in our ward. He works hard for us. We…

Another Busy Day

Went to the gym with Sue. Worked hard and felt good about my progress. Made an appointment with the trainer to show me what to do. It's a freebie for joining.
Went and got my hair cut. I had forgotten my appointment because I couldn't figure out when it was so my hair was really long. It feels wonderful now.
Straightened up my house and got ready for my presidency meeting at 4pm. I truly love the women I work with. They work so hard for the sisters of the ward.
Took the kids to YM/YW because Janna has been home sick all day with a pain in her stomach.
Then I met Crystal and we went to visit teach our last sister. She is a policewoman and a counselor. Really a nice lady. She is so easy to talk to.
Now it's home and time to relax. I made this page in between all the stuff today. I just love scrapping memories and reliving the good times.
Grateful Statement: I must say that today I am grateful for Crystal, Tiffany and Peggy. I would be lost without them to help me with Relief…

Visiting Teaching All Day

I went to the gym this morning and then made more loaves of wheat bread to give to the sisters we visit teach. Crystal and I started with our first visit at 11am the we had one at 1pm and the last on of the day was at 3:30. What a day. I would just get home from one appointment and before I could turn around twice I was back visiting again. We have one more sister tomorrow night and then we are done for the month.  I also have to contact a new sister and see when we can visit her. I worked on this page today in between all my visits and finished it. I love to scrap book. Very soon I will be done with 2011 and on to 2012. I must catch up. Now it's time for bed for me, so good night journal. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Visiting Teaching. It is so good to really get to know so many sisters through visiting them once a month. What an inspired program so we can watch over one another.

Saturday and Sunday All Together

Handsome Men
Yesterday Janna, Harley and I went to Penney's shopping. I got a new pair of walking shoes. So comfy. It's like I don't even have any on. We also went to Walmart. It really wasn't too bad for a Saturday. We were looking for curtains for Harley's room. We ended up getting some fabric to make them. So that's my job tomorrow. Start making the curtains.
Today the kids were at their dad's so it was just me going to church. I also went and got my Temple Recommend renewed. It was an excellent day. Our High Councilman talked about making goals. It we read 3 1/2 page of scripture each day in one years time we will have read the Book of Mormon, New Testament, Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants. I am studying the Old Testament and I'm sure I could be doing better but I am learning about Abraham and Isaac. So I will just keep trying and one day the Old Testament will be read. Maybe by the time Hailey comes home from her mission.
I mad…

Pages Done

Bailee and Marissa 
 Cutie Pie
Grandpa and Bailee

Sue and I went to the gym this morning and walked on the treadmills. Next week we are going to add something more to our routine. 5 days straight. Wahoo for me!! I made baked beans in a crock pot that never got done after 11 hours on low. So it's on to another recipe until I get it right. I also made Tommy his favorite dump cake with peaches.  I worked on these pages and organized all my QP into the number of pictures. I love quick pages for the one or two picture layouts. Now it's time for my bed. I am Tired... Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to join a gym. I am blessed that they have senior rates so I am able to afford it. What a blessing in these cold Idaho winters.

Nap Time

Sue and I went to the gym this morning. It was really good to walk. But I had woken up at 3:30am and couldn't get back to sleep. So I had to take a power nap this afternoon. I have the Book of Mormon class tonight so I needed my rest.
It was such a good class. I had an aha moment when we studied 3Nephi 12:25-26. I did not know that this was about law enforcement and judges that have the power to put us in prison and that we need to pay the fines or we won't be able to pay them in prison. See, I did pay attention and stayed awake.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Brother Black and the insight he shares with us into the scriptures. I am so blessed to have found this class.

Walmart, Need I Say More

I am not really a fan of shopping, especially at Walmart. But I went and got Heather a phone card so she has a phone and sweats for me for the gym. Oh yeah, Yeah Me, Sue and I went again this morning.
I have been downloading the LDS blog train and I bought a couple of kits, so I have been unzipping them and organizing them.
Austin and I made Hamburger and Harley took Bailee to obedience school with Toby. The funny little puppy needs to be obedient. She loves to go in my pantry and get out a loaf of bread and bring it to us. What a character.
Now it's time to put up my feet and watch some mindless show on TV.
Grateful Statement: I am truly grateful for so many things, people and family that there is not enough room to write it down. It's just been one of those days that my blessings are all around me. Too many to count.

Busy Day

I went to Anytime Fitness with Sue this morning. Treadmill time again but we are going to branch out and do other stuff eventually.
Worked on scrap pages all morning and cut and grated all the stuff for Tacos. That's what the kids wanted for dinner. It's easier for me to be prepared early so I don't get too lazy to make dinner at night.
I went to visit two ladies that moved into our ward. When Tiffany and I got there a man answered the door and we asked if Wendy was there. He said she didn't live there and she was his ex-wife and lived in Twin Falls. We asked about Marsha and he said she wasn't feeling well and couldn't come to the door. So we left and I called Wendy. She does indeed live in Twin Falls and had made a call to her Relief Society President to confirm she was coming to visit her today. I guess her RS President said reluctantly, sure I come visit you at 3pm. She said I guess you are not coming to visit me today. I told her I was from Rigby and they …

Anytime Gym - Yep, I Joined

My first time at the gym. Sue and I walked for 30 minutes at speed 3 on their treadmills. I felt so good when I got home. So much more energy. I have been so tired lately that I hope this is what will make it go away. I really don't have time for laziness in my life.
I worked on scrapbooking again today. I am getting all ready for scrapping weekend. I can't wait to have fun with my friends. Here are two pages I made using Quick Pages.

 Sweet Girl Driver's License
I am getting all the pictures ready for my pages and choosing the template and kit preview so all I have to do is open it up and put it together. It goes fast when I am prepared. I made Chicken Alfredo for dinner and Peanut Butter Cookies. Tommy helped me clean up the mess and now it's time to vegetate and watch Major Crimes. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for Sue and her willingness to be my friend and gym partner. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Beautiful Sabbath

Heather and I Bailee and Marissa
I had to be to church at 7:30 for Ward Council. That's pretty early but at least we are home by 12:15.  Bailee gave a talk. She does such a good job. And the Barnes spoke. Tereena gave such a good talk. She is really wonderful and I loved hearing about her life. It was a good Sacrament Meeting. Then it was on the the Gospel Essentials class where we had lots of people. The Saville's were there. Phillip with all his piercing and tattoos and Jessica with her tattoos. It's good to see the goodness in people no matter what the outside package looks like. It'a a good lesson for all of us not to judge! Relief Society was good. Esther taught her lesson and it was wonderful as usual. Came home and took a nap. I was soooo tired. I don't know what from but I seem to be tired all the time. I think I must just be lazy. I helped Janna finish auditing her files from work so she will be ready for her audit on Tuesday. That's been my Sabbath …

It's My Birthday

This day was so like every day except that I got a ton of birthday wishes on Facebook. How sweet of people to do that. Tommy made dinner for me so I wouldn't have to cook. Of course, that was after I told him it was up to him to make dinner.
I made chocolate chip cookies today for Austin. He loves cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Soul
I worked on pages too. It was fun to just scrapbook away. I also cleaned a couple of kitchen cupboards. Yep, that's been my day.
 Goat Show
Birthday Girl
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for all my blessing. Whenever I start feeling sad or down in the dumps I always count my blessings and it just lifts my spirits. It's not easy getting old but I am blessed with pretty good health so that's what I focus on. I am blessed!!!

Temple Failure

I picked up Sue to go to the Rexburg Temple and we arrived safely after a prayer that we wouldn't slide off the road. But as we pulled in there was no one there. We did the same thing last year and went when they were closed for cleaning. I had to go to Winco and we wouldn't have been through at the Idaho Falls Temple until after one so we decided to go next week. On the way home Sue said we needed to start walking but she didn't want to walk at the church, which were my feeling exactly. I had called Anytime Gym and asked about their membership but Janna is just to busy with her job to go with me. I asked Sue if she wanted to go check it out. We were thrilled with the price because we get a senior discount. We signed up and will be starting on Monday because tomorrow there is supposed to be a bad snowstorm. I am excited to start. After coming home I changed my clothes and went to Winco to do my shopping. It was snowy and the roads were icy but I made it home, after sliding…

Seaside Bay Kit

Today I made this kit just to see if I could still remember how to do it. Miracles never cease, I did remember. I just have to figure out different elements. I seems like I do the same ones. But at least I remembered most of it and figured out the rest.
I also started cleaning my cupboards. That my next project. To clean every cupboard and drawer in my house.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the desire I have to learn new things. I have been so blessed to be able to do these fun things.

Gracie's Calendar Pages

January February March April May June July  August  September  October  November  December
I made these calendar pages of Gracie for my calendar from calendar pages Lori made. It was so much fun finding pictures and putting them in. I ordered them and can't wait until they come so I can put them in my calendar. Grateful Statement: Sometimes Heavenly Father gives me something that is so precious I can hardly believe it is mine. This great granddaughter is such a blessing for this family, especially her mom. She has truly changed her life. I am so blessed.

Lazy Day

I worked on Gerri's Digi stuff today.
Went to Broulims to get a few things.
Made Taco Casserole that is delicious.
Talked on the phone about Relief Society Stuff.
Did dishes and sat in my chair.
Downloaded this free  digi kit from Summer Driggs.

Cozy Christmas Kit
That's been my day. I couldn't sleep very good last night and so today I am extra tired.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my life. I get to do whatever I want. I don't have to go to work everyday. I am blessed to be retired.

Fire in the Hole!

When Heather was here she made Granola to take home with her. She loves my granola. Well, trying to help I took the second sheet pan out of the oven and it spilled into my oven. What a mess.
We cleaned it up and I remember telling Heather as soon as it cools down I will vacuum it out. But it was late and I was tired so I forgot. The next morning we headed to Utah so then I really forgot.
Today I decided to make a roast in my oven so I turned it on and started browning the roast in my dutch oven. I saw smoke coming out of my oven and when I opened it up there were flames on the bottom of the oven. Who knew that granola could catch on fire. It was under the metal plate at the bottom of the oven and I hadn't seen it. I scrapped the flaming granola out of the oven onto a cookie sheet and poured water on it to put out the flames.
Needless to say I then had to clean my oven for 3 hours and I couldn't use my stove at all. So it was off to Janna's oven for my roast. It turned out …

Catching Up Again

I have got to get better at this. So here goes:
Sunday Heather, Gracie, Megan, Bailee and Austin went to church with me. We left right after Sacrament so Heather could get her stuff packed. It was a really good Sacrament with wonderful speakers. They were the Olsen's and she is from the Phillipines. What wonderful experiences they shared.
We came home and Heather packed up her stuff. We had beans and corn bread for dinner and relaxed the rest of the night.

Monday we left at around 10am and headed for Utah. We stopped in Tremonton for lunch. Here is Gracie sleeping and wanting something to eat but getting nothing. Heather says she looks like a boy with her blue shirt on. I just think she is cute.

 This is what Gracie did almost all the way.

 Heather thinks she is funny taking pictures of Grandma.

Cute sisters!

 Gracie wants food.
We dropped Heather and Megan off at Tony's and went to Elk Ridge.  I spent the afternoon working on sorting kits for Gerri. I swear she had better scrap…