Thursday, January 18, 2018


For Ethel's Bathoom

I finished doing my laundry and helped Ethel put together her bathroom vanity for her downstairs bathroom. It was super easy so we are ready for the plumber when he comes to hook it up.
I made Lemon Chicken Quinoa Soup for dinner. It was so yummy!!
Ruth came over and we went to get my DoTerra oils. I signed up so I can order anytime and get it Wholesale. I bought some more Serenity and Breathe. Maybe it will help me stop coughing at night. We will see. Tonight will be the test.
Then Ruth and I went to Fry's and used their scanner to scan all the stuff we bought as we put it into our cart. Then we went to Self Check and scanned a barcode and it was done. We put it in bags and we were done. I wish they had something like this at Winco in Idaho.
We spent the night scrapping and talking. I love to visit my cousins.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that I have been able to be here when Della is. It has been good to hang out with her in the evenings after she gets back from the Rehab Center.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Show Low Here We Come



 Cheney Ranch



Ethel and I took Della to Loran's Rehab Center and off we went up the mountain to Taylor to visit Johnnie. He was doing good, funny and cute as ever. I didn't get a picture with him. What the heck. Then we went to Claysprings to visit Jake and then it was down the mountain to home.
We stopped in Cheney Ranch to see my old house. All my giant Willow Trees were gone. They probably took over. I really didn't have any emotions. It didn't seem like I had ever lived there.
We went by Ruth's to pick up Della and came home and crashed. We were tired from the long drive. I am amazed that Ethel would drive me all the way up the mountain just to see my Brother.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Ethel. She opens up her house for me and drives me everywhere. What a blessing she is to me.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Oven Installed

Erin and Robert

 Blonde Calf

Black Calf

Robert and his Horse

Ethel and I got ready to go to the Temple today. Then the installation man called and said he would be here at 8:30 to install her oven. We were a little late by the time the guy left so Ethel called the Temple and her supervisor told her to take the day off. So we hung out and I made Mexican Corn Chowder for dinner. 
I took these pictures this morning of Erin and Robert and the critters. It was fun to use my camera.
Then Ethel and I went to pick up Della and they dropped me off at Ruthie's so we could make our Kombucha. We got it all made and went to the market and then on to Ethel's.
We spent the night scrapbooking and blogging.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for a cousin that works in the Temple. We will get there in the next couple of days. I am blessed to be able to go.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Ovens and Baby Calves


Revin, Riley and Daisy the Pit Bull

We spent a considerable amount of time watching this black cow to see it give birth. Of course, it waited until we left. Erin and Tanice (a friend of Robert and Erin) had to pull the calf as it's foot was stuck. But they got it out and we got home from shopping just as it was all over with. And I was okay with that.
Ethel and I went to Lowe's and looked at ovens. She is going to replace her double oven that hasn't worked for a long time. They couldn't deliver it for 2 weeks so Ethel went to Spencer's Appliances and they will deliver it tomorrow. So we just got a vanity for her bathroom and a microwave from Lowe's.
We had Tacos for dinner after Ruth and I went shopping for the stuff to make it. That has been my day.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for all of Ethel's grandkids. They are funny and sweet. What a blessing to know them all.

Sunday, January 14, 2018




 Me and my Kombucha

Ruth and her Dr. Pepper


I went to Church with Ethel today and went with her into her class. She has the cutest 6 year olds to teach. It was fun to hear their stories and watch Ethel teach. It was so much fun. And when it was over we were able to just walk out the door. When I teach my Sunbeams we have to wait for the parents to come and get them. It takes forever to get them with their families.
We came home from church and had a sandwich for lunch and just hung out all afternoon. It was a peaceful, wonderful day. Trish wasn't feeling good so she stayed home and a couple of her kids took Della to the Rehab Center. So we had fun visiting with her after she started feeling better.
We made Ribs and Crushed Potatoes for dinner with vegetables. It was delicious. We pressured them first and then baked them in the oven for 15 minutes.
Donna and two of her kids came down to see Loran and came to visit us. So we had a house full. Ethel's place is always hopping with people.
Grateful Statement: So grateful that I was able to attend Church with Ethel. I am blessed to have my cousins that I can go to Church with.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Getting Our Hair Done

 Ethel and Ruth

My Cute Hair

Today Ethel and I went to Ruth's shop and got our hair done. Mine was so long it really needed trimmed up. And Ethel got her's colored and cut. It was fun. I went next door to Shar's Kitchen Store and got a chopper for cooking at Ethel's. I really missed mine. But I really like this one so I may just have to figure out how I can get this one home.
I love the way Ruthie does my hair. She is really good. After we were done with our hair we went shopping again to Kohl's. I got 2 new pairs of Jeans. They were on sale for full price for the first one and 1/2 price for the second one. Such a good deal I couldn't resist it.
Trish came down last night from Show Low so she was able to take Della to the Rehab center this morning and bring her home. Ruth made Cashew Chicken Stir Fry. It was delish! Trish is so funny we just talked and laughed all night. 
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this vacation. It is so much fun to be with my cousins. I am blessed.

Friday, January 12, 2018


Today we went to lunch at a Thai place. The food was yummy. Then we met up with Ruth and went shopping. We went to Fry's for groceries and Walmart for a cup for my drink in the morning.  After we had our Lemon Quinoa Chicken Soup for dinner Ruth and I went to Best Buy and got my camera case. I wanted to get my new camera in a case before something happened to it. Now I just have to figure out how to get it home.
Ruth and I are going to practice with our camera's at the Gilbert Temple one day soon. I want to take pictures of the beautiful grounds.
I spent the evening visiting with everyone. It's good to visit with Della. I know it's hard for her to see Loran not opening his eyes or moving. But she is certain that he will get better. Her faith is so strong.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the Gospel in my life. It is so good to have a road map of how I need to live. I am blessed.


For Ethel's Bathoom I finished doing my laundry and helped Ethel put together her bathroom vanity for her downstairs bathroom. It ...