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Tommy's Stroke

Tommy In the ICU
 Tired of the Bed
Tommy came into the kitchen while I was getting Gracie ready for the day. He was just standing by the table and motioning with his hand. He couldn't make any sense when he tried to talk. I told Janna he was having a stroke so she called 911. They didn't answer. What??? they called back about 5 minutes later and transferred her to Bonneville county emergency services which is Not our district. She got fed up with the whole thing and called dispatch in Rigby and they sent out the volunteer fire paramedics. While they were accessing him the ambulance arrived. They took him to the ER in Idaho Falls. Janna and the kids and I followed behind. But we lost them pretty fast. When we got to the hospital they asked about a million questions and then gave him the medication that stops the progress of a stroke and sent him to ICU. He was in ICU for 3 days and spent one day on the 2nd floor and then he was released.  I can't even put into words the w…

Fairy Costume

She Loves Her Costume
 Ready for Halloween
Cute Little Wings
Janna found a Fairy Costume for Gracie for Halloween. She loves it. Janna took her Trick or Treating and she had so much fun. I was in the Hospital with Tommy so I couldn't go with her. I am so glad she has Nana to take her to the fun stuff.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Janna and how much she loves little Gracie. I am blessed to be raising this little girl with Janna.