Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Practicing Bread, Etc

Farewell Hermana Ingram


Gracie and I spent the day together. I made Amish Country Bread and added a cup of whole grain flour. I am going to get Quinoa and Spelt and add them as I make my loaves. I used the thermometer method and it worked so well. I had forgotten to put on the timer so I was able to get it exactly done by taking it's temp. I love the things I have learned.
I also through out my sour dough started that I had started and ordered Chef Brad's. It was just to long of a process and I wasn't sure how it would taste.
I make a big pot of Potato Soup to go with it. Gracie wanted to help but she knows if it's hot she can't help. So she ran along and hung out with Harley and Papa in the barn. 
My home teachers came to visit last night. Brother Bingham came with Brother Olsen. We were given a wonderful lesson and challenged to read the Book of Mormon. So now I will continue to read the Old Testament in the morning and a chapter of the B of M at night. 
I finished the Farewill page and did the Hungry one. I have decided it I put it up on the computer then as the day goes on I just keep working on it and it gets done. Oh to be caught up. One Day!!
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Chef Brad Classes, Home Teachers, Scrapbooking and Gracie. I am so blessed!!!!!!

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