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Glen Canyon Dam

I need to go on a diet!
Now I am a brave person to post this picture of me with such a roll of fat around my middle. Maybe I should go on a diet. Hummmm!! We left Taylor this morning at 7am and got to Dean and Amie's at around 4pm. I listened to all three sessions of conference all the way here. It was so good to hear the messages again. 
Amie made Tacos for Hayden's birthday dinner and then we had cake. I spent about 2 hours trying to get my blog printed out for 2009 but it would load it up and then my internet explorer would quit working so I'll try it at home on my big computer. I think I need them printed out so if blogger quits I'll have copies of my journal, and I think it will help me keep this up. I love the thought of all the pictures printed out with the journaling. So we shall see.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for a safe trip home. I am grateful for the words from conference. They made me want to try harder and do better.

My Dear Aunt Marie

My Sweet Aunt Marie
Tommy and I left friday morning and drove to Arizona. We went to dinner with Johnnie and Phyllis last night and then went to Johnnie to divide up the coins that mom had kept all these years. It was good to get the job done.
This morning we got up and went to Claysprings to visit my sweet Aunt Marie. It was so good to give her a great big hug and tell her how much I loved her. We spent a couples of hours visiting and then headed over to Johnnie for a visit. We had a delicious dinner of roast, potatoes and corn on the cob Johnnie made. He cooked the corn in the microwave with the husks on and it was delicious.
In the afternoon we went over to Show Low to the cemetery and I visited my mom's grave. I know she is not there so it's not hard on me at all. I hope she was looking down from Heaven and saw how much Johnnie and I love her. The very best mom in the world.
On the way back to Taylor we stopped at Dairy Queen and we all had a banana split. So very good.…

State Finals and Academic All State Award

I went with Amie, Shawn and Hailey to the bleachers at SHHS to take pictures of Hailey in her Cap and Gown with her uniform underneath of course. She is so beautiful and looks stunning in her Cap and Gown. And then we had to take a picture of her uniform under her Cap and Gown. How many time do I get to say Cap and Gown. LOL  Toooooo Cute!!
Cap and Gown
With Uniform Underneath
 Hailey recieved her Academic All State award on the field between the Murray and Roy games. She has received it, I think three times but this was the first time she was able to be there to get it in person. This row of girls all got one too. Smart and athletic, who could ask for anything more.

 What a smile!!

What a smile.
 This is the State Tournament final game against Roy. They beat Murray earlier in the day so this was their second game and the final. They played hard and were wonderful. Hailey hit a home run that was on KSL news that night. They were totally bummed when they lost..

What a d…

Graduation On The Ball Field

Big Day
Sad and Happy
Look at all that stuff around her neck!
Proud Mom and Dad
Proud Family
Proud Grandmas
What a wonderful, exciting day. They won both games and then they had their ceremony on the ball field. I am so proud of my Hailey. National Honor Student and all.
Tomorrow they play in the semi-finals so it's off to Taylorsville and not to Arizona as planned. It has been so much fun. And really the best graduation I've gone to because I got to wear my jeans. Amie's mom flew in and came with us. We just about froze to death in the last game but we did survive. Can't wait for the next one.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the wonderful young lady Hailey is. She is smart, athletic, beautiful and especially a wonderful Daughter of Heavenly Father. This girl has heart. I am blessed to have had her in my life.

State Tournament

Hailey between games  Second game started

Short Stop
Hayden playing on Amie's phone
We went to Taylorsville for Hailey ball games. They won the first so they played again in the evening. They won that one too so now we come back tomorrow to play again. Such exciting games. The first game it was so hot and we were sitting in the sun. In beween games Dean took us to The Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Then we went back to the game. The clouds had come in and the weather was wonderful. I even remembered my camera and was able to take a few pictures. Grateful Statement: I am grateful for this wonderful family. They are so good to me. I hope I get to spend eternity with them.

Utah, Here We Come

New Driveway
We left on Monday and drove to Utah. We stopped in Provo and took John to lunch. A yummy barbecue place. He is doing well. One day at a time, that's my motto. Then we went up to beautiful Elk Ridge. It truly is a beautiful place. Dean and Amie are putting in a new driveway and front yard. Dean is working the Skidster removing all the old concrete so they can pour a new one. My kids and driving skidsters, what's up with that.
I got wonderful hugs from the kids and Amie. I really miss this bunch. We stayed in for the night. I still can't figure out why sitting in a seat for four hours makes you so tired. That's been my day and a good one at that.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my kids. They truly are such a joy in my life. The time just flew by too fast when they were little. Every year the memories just seem so much farther away. But I'm so blessed to have such good ones...

Garden Boxes DONE!!!

Garden Boxes done and planted I do love strawberries

Irrigation water coming our way

Pretty and Green
Building fences

Tommy, Harley and Janna
We worked hard today. I shoveled a mountain of top soil with the kids and we finished all six garden boxes. I got them all planted except one which I will be doing tomorrow after church. I was very tired after all that. Janna, Tommy and Harley spent the evening building the Goat pen for Harley's herd. The little kids played with friends and had a fun time. Now this tired person needs to go to bed. Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Rigby, Idaho and being able to grow things and tend things. Brings me back to my childhood.

More Decorating Done

I love this room
Here is a picture of my office space. I love to pay my bills and organize paperwork here.
Tommy and I went to IF and got some plants. We worked on our garden boxes and got one planted with Tomatoes and Cucumbers. One at a time and soon we will be all done. I can't wait to go to my garden and pick my salad. I try to remember to take pictures tomorrow and post them.
I made a Honey Basamic Vinegarette that Tommy loves on his salad. It is pretty good. Soon we will have lots of salad at our fingertips. Tomorrow is radishes, lettuce, carrots and green onions. That's my goal, one more box planted tomorrow.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my garden. It makes me happy to dig in the dirt and plant things. Heavenly Father knows we need to grow stuff. I am blessed.

Life on the Farm

Janna playing with her new drum set.

Janna welding the pipe fence together

Austin going door to door selling "Farm Fresh Eggs"

Harley painting a sign "Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale" for the front

Our setting hen

One of the three calves we are raising.
I can't believe it's been a month since I have posted to my journal. I will try to be better again. I started to Index the 1940 census today. I decided I need to do what I know how. I've indexed for years so I don't think I should quit now. It felt good to know that I'm contributing to Family History Research. And my dear friend Debbie sent me an email, which I didn't open until a month after it came, to say she hadn't seen anything from me since the Court of Honor. When I opened my emails to check for a password I had over 330 emails. I really need to get back into the swing of things. I promise Debbie, I will be better. I'm glad you are still hanging in there and volunteering at the…