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Going to Church with the Grandkids

The kids and I, except Harley got up and went to church. It was very good. We had a combined 5th Sunday lesson taught by a principal at the Junior High or High School. Very informative. He told us about the problems they have had in the schools this last year and what parents should look for and talk with their children about. Then we came home and all the kids had a contest to see who could jump the highest.

 Playing Ring Around the Rosey was another activity they did on the tramp. They were on this thing all the time. They really had fun jumping.

I made Chicken and Rice for dinner with watermelon for Hayden and Harrison. And  then I just sat around and did nothing. Harrison and I watched a movie called "Temple Grandin" after church. It was so good. Really inspiring about an austistic woman who changed the way they run slaughter houses around America so the animals weren't treated so cruel.
Now we are waiting for Amie to make it here and then it's my bed time.

Hailey First Date Page

The boys started out the day on the tramp. They are soaking up the sun or freezing because they have a spinkler under the tramp. The things they think are fun! Janna and I got up and went to Walmart this morning. I have no wooden spoons and no spatcula. I think a box with my Corelle dishes and my spatulas and wooden spoond went to DI or something. So I got some new wooden spoons. I thought that was all I was missing until I made Quesadillas for lunch and realized I didn't have a spatula. I borrowed one of Janna's and when I took the kids to the Dollar Store I bought one. I'm going to the kitchen store and get a set very soon. Here are the kids doing something.
And Bailee is making us some Cowboy Cookies. She is quite the little baker. We appreciate it because Janna and I can't seem to get any cookies made. Janna doesn't want them and I'm too lazy so it's a good thing we have Bailee. (Or maybe a bad thing for me, like I need another cookie.)
We went out to th…

Hayden's Soccer Page

Today was another terrific one. Look at these two boys with the hose and the tramp. They practically live on this tramp. I guess the water is the best part of it.
 They were all doing the Harrison trick. Tommy looked out the window and Harrison was 10 feet in the air. I'm glad I didn't see it. I would have yelled to quit jumping so high. That's the grandma in me.
 I had my camera ready so I could take pictures of these kids drying off after they got soaked on the tramp. Aren't they the cutest things.
 The next favorite thing they had was Austin's power scooter. They all took turns and had a good time. Next year we must have bicycles all ready for them. They love to go around the block. And in Rigby around the block is pretty far.
And I made this page of Hayden playing soccer. My favorite picture is the kid whispering in Hayden's ear. Too cute!! Janna and her dad went to the storage unit and got the rest of my stuff out of it. Wahoo, I now have my freezer back. The…

Mowing the Lawn

Today was a pretty good day. I woke up a little cranky but it got better as the day went on. I don't know why I was cranky. I have nothing to blame it on. But these kids made me laugh and soon I was happy. This is the way they woke up Harrison this morning. He is wrapped up in the blankets and the kids are jumping all around him. Hayden was really getting into it. Here is Hayden coming back from helping Harley. We stayed home today and just hung out doing nothing. All the kids took turns mowing the lawn for Grandpa. Harley was the only willing worker. But they did get it done even though they didn't want to. Can you tell by those happy faces.

I took Harley driving before dinner. We drove out towards Swan Valley and took the old Ririe Highway back. I had never been on that highway and I always like to explore so that's what we did. Then she drove Janna to someone's house so she put in 1 more hour today. Here are the three boys playing Roblox. They are meserized by this gam…

Mom's Funeral Pages

I made these pages and forgot to put then on my blog so here they are.

 Today has been a really laid back day. I made salad dressings, cleaned house and did laundry. Then Harley and I went to Rigby and took Janna to lunch. Janna called the insurance company to make sure it was alright for Harley to drive my car and they said we were covered. Her mom took a picture of her driving her back to work. Then she drove me home. She is a very good driver. Very cautious and safe. She needs to get in 50 hours of driving time so we are going to be going on some drives.  The kids filled up some more balloons we bought at the Dollar Store today. They made some giant ones. One was so big Harrison and Bailee had to carry it together from the front yard where they fill them up with the hose to the backyard to put it on the tramp. After they got a ton of them on the tramp they jumped in the middle of them to break them. I made hamburgers and potato salad for dinner. All the kids decided that they wanted …

Oh Scrap Page

Jumping with the dogs.  Bailee riding the scooter.  Austin on his electric scooter.  Harrison using Janna's roller blades.  Hayden carrying his flip flop riding his scooter barefoot.  Harley loves puzzles.  Hayden riding Summer.  Helping Harley with the Baby Goat.  Hayden made this goat faint. The kids played all day long. They jumped on the tramp, watched movies, went around the block on scooters and roller blades and just had fun.
I made beans and corn bread for dinner. Everyone ate tons so I guess they liked it. I calculated the carbs for Harrison so he could give himself the right amount of insulin. He is so good at figuring that out. And his levels have been really good so he must be doing it right.
Janna took Bailee, Austin and Harrison to YW and Scouts tonight and I picked them up. Something went wrong with the pump tonight and we didn't have any water. We had to call Fife the plumber to come out and fix it. He said eventually we will need a new pump but he thinks it might be …

Jumping on the Tramp

Pulling weeds so we can go to the store. I love incentives...  Austin hard at work.  To the Dollar Store we go. Check out the sharing in the back seat.  Water balloons and a game of soccer all at once.  Harrison made these huge water balloons. Future leaders of America. Round table discussion. Today was a really good day. We got up and got going. The kids pulled weeds so they could go to the dollar store for water balloons. They had so much fun putting them on the tramp and busting them on each other. It looked like a soccer game to me. It's amazing how long a $2 bag of balloons will keep kids entertained. They played cards this afternoon and watched TV because it was a little hot.
I made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. It was too hot to think of much more. Then the neighborhood kids came down and they played capture the flag.
I worked on scrapping my mom's funeral. It has been a year so it wasn't as hard as it would have been if I would have tried scrapping the pictures …