Friday, November 28, 2014

Roofing the Coop

Gracie and Grandpa looking up ads.

John got up on the roof of the chicken and coop and finished roofing it for his dad. It was pretty cold but he said it was good. That really helped as Tommy can't climb ladders anymore and Janna is out of commission until her shoulder heals.
I just had to take this picture of John and Gracie sharing the ads in the newspaper. How cute is this. I made Tacos for dinner and everyone liked them. I was pretty lazy today and didn't accomplish much. I did wash Janna's sheet and make her bed for her. It always make you feel better when you can crawl into a clean bed.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful today for a willing son who will help his dad out. That's what our family is all about. We help and serve each other. What a blessing that is.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

 Helping Grandpa make Deviled Eggs

She is tasting...

And she likes it!

John came up yesterday on the Shuttle to spend Thanksgiving with us. Ronnie took Bailee and Austin to Price for the holidays. So it's just us. I made a Turkey that Harley got from Cal Ranch and the usual sides. It was yummy. Now we are all just vegging around watching TV and snacking.
It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. 
Dean and Amie are in St. George with her family. Dean called to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving. Johnnie called this morning to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. He was heading for Julene's for dinner and then to Kenny's for pie. I love that brother of mine.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my family. They just make my days bright and wonderful.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Janna's Surgery

Got up early and went to get Heather and Gracie from the Hospital. She was feeling lots better but Heather was dead tired. She couldn't wait to come home and get some sleep.
I went to the Hospital for Janna's surgery at 1pm. She was all ready by the time I got there but I was able to talk to her before they took her to surgery. It took about an hour and a half and then I talked with the Doctor. He said they had repaired the tear in her shoulder and it went well. She does have one muscle that has atrophied but the other muscle next to it is huge. He doesn't know what that's all about. Who knows. I'm just glad it went well. We got home about 6:30 and Crystal had brought dinner again for us. What a wonderful person she is.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful that Janna's surgery went well. Heavenly Father watches over us at all times.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Church and then the ER

 She doesn't like the ER...

 She does like the Sprite...

Bailee is making her feel better.

Went to church and came home to a croupy Gracie. She had no voice at all so we took her to the ER. They gave her breathing treatments and decided to keep her overnight. I went home and got some stuff for Heather. Bailee and I waited until they finally got her up to her room and then we came home. What a long day. I am sure Heather is not going to get any sleep at all.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my sweet little Gracie. And I am grateful for Doctors that know how to make her feel better.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Harrison is an Eagle Scout

 Eagle Scout Harrison

Mom, Dad and Hayden are so proud of this kid.

We took off on Saturday and went to Utah so we could be there when Harrison gets his Eagle Scout Award. He collected bikes and fixed them up for kids that didn't have one. Got up and went to church and saw all my old friends. Then at 6 we went back to church for the ceremony. It was pretty awesome.
We got up Monday morning, picked up Heather and Gracie and went to breakfast with John. Then it was off to Idaho. 
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Harrison. He is such a wonderful young man. I love these grandkids of mine.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kathy Came to Visit

Kathy Canning Chicken

Kathy came for a week to visit. We canned 72 pints of chicken and 28 quarts of black beans. We had a lot of fun doing it too. 
We also went to the Rexburg Temple. It was very good and always makes us feel better. We especially like to sit in the Celestial Room and feel peace.
We took Heather and Gracie to the Gangplank for Fish and Chips. Our favorite place. It was fun and very yummy.
The week went all to fast but we decided it needs to be every six months.
I drove with Kathy to Utah so she wouldn't have to go all the way alone. I was going to Harrison's Eagle Ceremony. Tommy and Heather had went down earlier that day.
I had Tommy meet me at the Rite Aide in Payson so Kathy could just hop on the freeway and go on home. 
She really got into some bad weather on the way home. It didn't clear up until almost to Cedar City.
But she made it. I know Heavenly Father was watching over her.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my dear friend Kathy. She is just like the sister I always wanted. I am blessed to have a friend like her.

Saturday Duties

I made bread today because I was out. I love using Kamut. It is such a soft flour that when I mix it with Spelt and Wheat flour my bread is ...