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Catching Up Again

On December 8th I let Bailee drive my car around the driveway and then we went over to the church and she drove around the parking lot. Now she thinks she is a driver. Can't believe she is this old.
John came and spent two weeks with me at Christmas. We had such a good time. I baked and baked and baked some more for all my neighbor gifts and family gifts. I had to make John his Mexican Wedding Cakes. John did tons of dishes for me. We had Christmas dinner with Ron and all of us. I got Elements 11 for Christmas. I just love it. I have decided that I am going to start doing the things I love again. And I do love scrapbooking.
Heather called me to tell me that I am going to be a Great Grandma. I am happy for her and hope this is what she needs to give purpose to her life. I just love her to pieces.
The day after Christmas Tommy, Austin, Bailee, Harley and John went to Utah to spend time with Dean and Amie and kids. We dropped John off at his apartment and went up to Elk Ridg…

Calendar Pages for 2013

My Cute John

Four Generations
One of John's School Pictures 

 I wonder where Hailey got her curls from.

 Handsome Boy 

Always the best of friends.
John, Heather, Harley and Hailey. 
My Adorable John.
Janna and I at riding lessons.
  Dean just being cute.
 Janna jumping at a horse show.
 Dean on his motocross bike.
There you have it. My calendar for 2013. It was fun making these. I am going to make new ones at our scrapping weekend in January. I also found out if I type something on the bottom of the picture when I print my journal out it will keep them in order. Learning new things everyday. I went to the Temple yesterday with Sue again. We went to the Rexburg Temple and decided we like it better because it has more space to move around in. It was fun. I went to the Temple tonight with the Bishop and his wife. We were going to have a couple of other ladies with us but one got sick and the other had to watch grandkids so it was just me. I got answer to a prayer for one of …

Tithing Settlement

Look who came to my house collecting fast offerings. Isn't he just the cutest. 
I wasn't feeling very well today. My stomach was giving me fits and I wasn't sure I would be able to go to church. I just kept praying that I would be feeling better so I could go to Tithing Settlement with the kids. And wouldn't you just know it, I did start feeling better. All through my meetings when I started feeling not so good I would pray to feel good and it would go away. Now that's the power of prayer. I made it all through the Sabbath with flying colors. And Austin got up and bore his testimony. Next fast Sunday I am going to bear mine. I love being led by the a child to do better.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the power of prayer today. I absolutely love that I know Heavenly Father will answer them. How I love the gospel and all it entails.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Austin, Bailee and Mom (behind the tree).

 A live tree. It smells soooo good.

 Christmas cheer has arrived.

Cute polar bear ornament.
We went to Walmart today to get 2 gifts for families in the community that need a little help. Janna, Austin and Bailee were good sports for braving Walmart on a Saturday for me. But we got it done so I can give them to the Bishop tomorrow.
Next on the list was a Christmas Tree. I decided we needed some Christmas Spirit around here so off we all went to Scotty's to buy a real tree. We found this cute one and the smell was heavenly. While everyone decorated the tree I made baked potatoes from the potatoe the man on the corner that drives truck for a potato farm brought to us. They are huge so we had to have a potato bar.
Next on the list was a batch of fudge for the busy decorators next door and Janna whipped out her Kitchen Aid and made a batch of divinity. Yummy good!!
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this season and the celebration of the…

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping



And jump some more.
I just had to take a picture of Bailee and Marissa having so much fun on the Trampoline. They are best friends and have so much fun together. What cutie's they are. Grateful Statement: I am grateful for these two daughter of God. They love to go to the Temple and do baptism for the dead. I am blessed to have them in my life.

Fabulous Thanksgiving

Austin ate so many rolls we thought he would pop.

 Bailee was our Banana Cream Pie lover.

 Harley didn't want her picture taken which is a theme anymore with my family.

 Janna taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.

 I think she is shuffling the deck of cards.

I was surrounded by most of my family on Thanksgiving. John came up and stayed with me. We had a yummy dinner with Boyd, John, Janna's family and Tommy. It was stress free and wonderful.
I cooked, played rummy and cooked some more. The only thing that would have made it perfect is if Dean and Amie and the kids were here. I got about 8 pictures and they weren't very good so I cropped them apart and here's what I ended up with.
I did finish my Christmas things that I will post a picture of after Christmas. And of course some more pot holders for the sisters.
Janna, John, Harley and Tommy worked on the barn doing who knows what. It's too cold for me to go out and do that so I cook in my nice warm …

Especially For Youth

Harley is picking up her friend from EFY.

Marissa and Bailee coming from EFY.
Bailee and her friends went to EFY. They had a good time and said it was very good. Harley picked up her friend and they spent the day together and went to a play Saturday Night. What a bunch of cute girls. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the programs the church does for our youth. We are blessed to belong!

I More Than Love My Daughter

Janna nailing down the roof.

My storage room just needs shelves.
That's my daughter working some more. Her and her dad are building a room for our food storage. I can get it organized and replenished as soon as we get the shelves up. I just love that if I suggest something these two figure out how to get it done. And I do love storage and organizing.  I made Peanut Butter Fudge for Janna and Tommy, a proper payment for such hard work. And Potato Soup because it's cold and it sounds good. Still working on Christmas and Pot holders for the sisters. My work is never done. Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my daughter. She is so good to her parents. Heavenly Father blessed me with my family. I love them all with all of my heart.

Working on Manuals for Relief Society

Manuals for next year.

Tommy put up my spice shelves for me.
Yesterday Tommy went to have his MRI. Now we wait for the results and the Dr will call to set up his appointment for the Chemo. The preparation for the MRI was pretty rough but he's a trooper and got through it with flying colors.  Today my dear Hubby put up my spice shelves in my pantry. Now I can see what I have and what I need. Now I just have to get them all organized and add the ones from my kitchen. I spent all day putting labels on the Relief Society manuals for next year. We ordered 115 and I used everyone and I'm short 3. All sisters will get a book unless they are a do not contact. We have about 8 of those. I decided every sister active or not, will get a manual. We have 130 sisters as of today. We had 2 new ones move in last week and of course they are inactive. But we will be visiting and finding out about them. So we are putting labels on them so we know that everyone will have gotten one. It's a b…

Recommend for Dedication

Love these little yellow cards.
Went to Ward Council meeting this morning and then on to Sacrament, Sunday School and Relief Society. I wish we could get our teachers to do something other than read the lesson and ask questions. But we are all learning and I guess that's whats important. After all our meeting Austin and I went and had our interviews for our yellow card to go to the Redication of the Boise Idaho Temple. They have two sessions next Sunday, 9am and 12pm. I think we will go to the 9am one. Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Austin who is so willing to go with me to all these church functions. He is a good kid.

Rexburg Temple and Pow Wow

This is what the Temple looked like at 7:45 am. Cloudy.....

This is what it looked like at 11:45 when I left. Sunny.....
I took all the boys back to the Pow Wow in Rexburg at the Stake Centers right by the Temple. So I dropped them off and did a Session and had my Sealings done. It was wonderful. The Sealer was saying that one of the Prophets has said that those we do the work for will bath our feet with their tears and almost all the work done in the Temple is accepted. He also said that sometimes when he seals little children to their parents he can feel them in the room. He also said he thinks they wait outside the door for their name to be spoken. He was a wonderful Sealer. I have felt that closeness when I do my family names. I love this work with all my heart.
I picked up the boys and took them home. Janna and I took Bailee to Idaho Falls to get her piano books for her lesson on Monday. I am glad Janna drove. She can find her way anywhere. Not me. I get lost.
Now it's tim…

Service Auction was a BLAST!

Last night we had so much fun at our Service Auction. We had enough sisters to have so much fun. We auctioned off services and items. The sisters would really get into a battle wanting the same thing. We had all filled out a paper where we were awarded points for lots of different thing. I got lots of points for being married for so many years. We laughed our heads off at all the funny things the sisters would say. It was so fun we are doing it again next November. It was so funny to see the sisters beg for an item or service and say they only had 250 points left and they really wanted it. What a fun time.
Bailee and two other MIA Maids babysat for us so the kids were well taken care of.
Today I worked on Christmas things and more pot holders. I picked Austin up from school and went to Abbots to get some more yarn. That's my day....
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the Gospel today. I love it with all my heart and am so glad for the peace it brings to me.

Look What I Made 40 Some Odd Years Ago

John's Knitted Sweater

Dean's Crocheted Sweater Set
Janna's Knitted Sweater Set
I decided to put these sweaters on my blog so I can remember who they were made for. It's hard sometimes to remember so many years back. Each time I was pregnant I made a sweater for my baby. I would buy the "How To" books and teach myself. It was fun and I always loved putting them on my babies when they were born. Yesterday I went to lunch and had my toes done with Mary. We really have a good time and she defiantly needs the company. She is hoeing a hard row right now and anything I can do to make to make her life easier blesses me. We have wonderful men in the ward that come to sit with her husband Harold each week so she can get out and go shopping or whatever she wants to do. That IS the gospel at work. The difference they make in Mary's life can't be measured. Today I am making Granola and Fudge for our Service Auction tonight for our Relief Society Meeting. That…

Going to the Doctor with Tommy

I went with Tommy today to get what he needs from the hospital. They are doing an x-ray next Tuesday. When he had his cat scan last week they were able to see that he has a mass in his prostate so the hormone treatment worked. Now they have to measure the mass and see how many chemo seeds they have to put in. It depends on the size of the mass. We are closer to getting this thing taken care of.
We then headed to Lowe's and Home Depot to look for shelves for my spices in my pantry. I need them to be on one shelf so I can tell what I have. They had one that will work perfect. I took the measurements and came home and measured my wall in my pantry and it will fit.
Then it was off to the Southfork Elementary School to vote for Mitt!! The line was long but they were fast. We used a pencil to fill in the dots. No electronic voting in Rigby.
I made Sour Dough bread and spaghetti for dinner and that has been my day. Now it's time to go to bed and get some much needed sleep.
Grateful St…

Getting The Visiting Teaching Organized

I borrowed the Bishops keys ( mine suddenly don't work anymore) and went over to the church and spent about 3 hours redoing all the districts. I called 2 additional district leaders and a visiting teacher coordinator. It will make my job so much easier. I also finally put a new partner with Britney Johnson. We have been visiting for a long time and I will miss her like crazy but it was time. I am now partners with Chelsea who didn't want to be a visiting teacher before. I asked her if she would like to be one now and she agreed, rather reluctantly but she said yes. I got all the new companionship put together and made a few changes. Then I took all the stuff to my coordinator, Ashley and oriented her. What a job. I'm just so glad it is done. It is like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Maybe it can stay put for a little while, although I have two sister moving soon so I will have to make more changes but for now it's good.
Grateful Statement: I am so grate…

Meeting with the Bishopric

Our presidency met with the Bishopric this morning at 10am. We discussed some of the concerns we have and the Bishop gave us some imput. It was good and I certainly will heed his advice.
Just before Sacrament Britney Barzee and her little girl came and sat beside me. She is so sweet and cute. I'm glad she feels she can sit with us. Her little 3 year old was such a perfect angel. She left her baby with her husband. They blessed two babies and then the members bore their testimonies. It was a good meeting.
After church I took Austin and Matthew Jenkins around to collect fast offering. By the time I got home at 3pm I was one tired lady. I didn't do anything for the rest of the day.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Austin's willingness to do what is expected of him. He is such a good example to all of us. I am blessed to have such wonderful grandkids, all nine of them.

Saturday Chores

Austin is cleaning out the chicken coop with help from Gizmo.

 Gizmo loves to hang out in the nest boxes.

 Bailee had to roll up all the hoses and there are a ton.

 Janna is moving muddy horses and cleaning pens.

 Here's Gizmo again on the other side of the coop.

 Janna and Harley play tag on their horses. If the other horse touches your horse you are it.

Harley chasing Janna trying to touch her horse. No such luck!
That's what everyone else did today. I made wheat bread, chocolate chip cookies, black beans for burritos for dinner and brown rice to put in them. I have been working on genealogy also. Trying to find people that need work done. I think it's the Hubbard line this time. We shall see who it is that needs their work done. That has been my day. Just working on the farm. It's so fun to live here. We have bunnies hopping around, chickens scratching all over the place, kitties everywhere, doggies barking in the back yard, horses, goats and our calf in the barn…