Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hailey's Homecoming Brunch

Hailey and Friends

We went to church this morning to hear Hailey give her homecoming talk and Hayden is giving the youth talk about fasting. They both did a fabulous job. And Harrison blessed the Sacrament and Hayden passed it. What a wonderful Sunday and Tommy went to church with me so it was a great day all around. Hailey made me cry. She is so spiritual and I noticed Tommy wiping his eyes. If only he could understand how important it is to be active. One day maybe it will sink in.
After church Amie made a brunch for all the friends of Hailey. It was so good to see all the people come to give Hailey a big hug. She is one awesome RM. Amie took a nap and I talked her into letting me clean up. So I felt like I helped a little bit with this wonderful occasion.
Tonight we had Cafe Rio for dinner and Hailey told us all the funny stories from her mission. We laughed and laughed. She can really make things fnny. Her expressions are priceless.


I also finished this page in between all of this. Now I'm tired and going to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for all my many blessing. I am so blessed to belong to this wonderful family of mine. To be able to witness such good talks and two grandsons honoring their Priesthood is such a blessing to me.

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