Thursday, September 30, 2010

Very Peaceful Day

Today has been so peaceful. Heather felt well enough to walk this morning so we went to Salem where it was easier and walked around twice. She looked so much better.
I came home and figured out what was wrong with my checking account. It took me all morning but I was able to find my mistake. I have turned over a new leaf and every morning I open my bank account and Quicken and make sure I put everything I spend in Quicken. And because of that I found my mistake before anything happened. See, I can follow a plan.
My office has become a mess from my Relief Society projects so I cleaned it up and put everything away and now it looks good again. I don't know how I can get it so messed up so fast.
In the mail Phyllis had sent me a package with an audio of Mom's funeral and her death certificate. I listened to the CD and had a really good cry. Those little Ingram grandkids sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". It was so wonderful. Then Dean spoke about the Dash. It was so sweet to be able to hear it all again. Good thing I didn't put any makeup on.
Then I made this dinner of Chicken Nuggets, Cole Slaw and Mashed Potatoes. I needed to add some orange carrots to the cole slaw to make it look better but it was yummy without them. When I'm dead and gone and my grandkids are looking at my journals I want them to know that Grandma did cook once in awhile, contrary to what Dean thinks. LOL!
That's been a most marvelous day!!
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for my family. I have thought alot about my kids and grandkids and how much each of them mean to me. I am blessed...
Ether 11 - Ether 12  Again so much treachery and wickedness. No one could hold on to anything. Someone was always there to take it from them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Fabulous Day

I have accomplished so much today already. I went down to Salem and walked 4 times around. I just kept putting it off until I finally had to have that serious talk with myself. You know the one, "get off your lazy duff and put on those walking shoes and GO". That did it, off I went. And it was pretty easy except I learned a small lesson. Take Ibuprophen before you walk. My feet were a little ouchie. But I did it and I'm happy.
Then I borrowed Judy's Craft Robo and her computer and finished cutting some stuff I was trying to get done for the last 2 days. It just went so easy. Now I'm just feeling very productive and good.
Heather texted me that she is going to try to walk tomorrow. I have missed my walking partner. I hope she feels okay tomorrow. It's not fun to have strep throat.
I made mac and cheese for dinner and vanilla wafer, banana, and pudding for dessert. Tommy loves this dessert. So easy to make. I'm glad it's one of his favorites. Now it's really time for me to call it a night.
Grateful Statement: Today I am so grateful for a good friend like Judy who is so willing to help me get out of my messes. She has been a true friend for a long time.
Ether 10 - Ether 11  I love verse 28 where it says "and never could be a people more blessed than were they". Such a sweet verse amidst all the wars and wickedness.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Struggle, Struggle, Struggle

I spent all morning trying to get my cutter working. I solved one problem and another one would show it's ugly head. First it wouldn't cut. After finding which com port it was in I was able to get it to cut. Then it cut too deep. Then it didn't cut anything out. Finally I just gave up and decided I would try again tomorrow. I need to get some stuff done and was going to finish it all today. But no such luck. Prayers and a good nights sleep are the ticket I do believe. Either that or I'll have to get out the old Wishblade or Cricut. Who in the world has so many cutters. I think I'm a scrapping hoarder. Yikes...
Now it's time to go work at the cannery. I sure hope some people show up to can so the time will go by faster. I will return and report. We were very busy tonight. We didn't get home until after 8pm. I love it when young people come to can for the people in their wards. Service is the best thing ever.
Grateful Statement: Today I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve a mission. Especially with my hubby.
Ether 8 - Ether 10 So much betrayal of family members in these 2 chapters. Akish puts his son in prison and starves him to death. How in the world do you get that evil.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tomato Canning Day

After a really good nights rest I woke up feeling a lot less tired than yesterday. We had our presidency meeting and then I ran to the store to get the stuff for Taco Soup for Heather. She is still pretty sick. As soon as she gets feeling better we are going to start walking again. I was going to walk today but after I started canning all the tomatoes that Amie gave me I was just too tired. John and I peeled all the tomatoes and put them in bottles. I bottled 14 quart of tomatos and 7 pints of Salsa. I have never done Salsa before but John and I made some fresh and ended up with so much I added some Lemon Juice and canned it. It smelled very good. And I made Taco Soup for Heather and took it down to her. John cleaned up my kitchen and washed the mountain of pots and bowls that I had used. Now I am going to finish this blogging and go to bed. My little feet are crying and want to be put up.
Grateful Statement: Today I am so grateful for John. Without his help all day it would have taken me a lot longer.
Ether 7 - Ether 8  So much repenting to be done. Thank goodness they were able to repent. I liked that the prophets where given power to go wherever they wanted.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful Sabbath Day

Very tired today. I haven't slept well for the last couple of night. I wake up at 2 am and can't go back to sleep. I had a hard time staying awake in Sacrament. I was able to stay awake for Hannah and Hailey's talks though. I am so proud of them. They gave really good talks. Plus I just love to look at their sweet faces.  I taught the Family History Lesson in Sunday School. I'm just glad that's over. I made a Power Point presentation with the documents I had scanned. I think it was interesting for everyone. I hope so! Susan taught our Relief Society lesson. So powerful. It was Elder Holland's talk on pornography. She said we should all be checking our internet history to make sure our kids and grandkids are not viewing anything they shouldn't.
After church I came home and finished finding all the children for the family I was working on and reserving them on my Temple Ordinance List. Now on to the next child to find their children. So much work to be done. I just think it will overwhelm me sometimes when I think of all the names that I need to research. But I just do one family at a time.
John made Lasagna for us for dinner and I laid down and went fast asleep. As soon as I'm done blogging I'm going to go lay back down and see if I can get some rest. I think I will drink some Sleepytime tea to make sure I stay asleep.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for righteous grandkids that are willing to give talks. It's not easy for me to do so I admire Hannah and Hailey for their willingness to speak in church.
Ether 4 - Ether 7  These verses show the mercy of the Lord in providing the wind to drive the barges. He is always there for us.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm a Sucker for Homemade Wheat Bread

Today has been another fabulous day. I did have a little glitch this morning. I lost a file with all the documents that I needed to scan for the Family History class I'm teaching tomorrow. I prayed one of those begging prays and walked right over to it. I had put the folder in backwards so I couldn't see the tab. I love it when prays are answered instantly.
I got Microsoft Works installed and it works perfect and then I was able to install my Quicken and it works. I've been trying to get it installed since April. I had to borrow Judy's Elements7 Software as mine wouldn't work anymore and I can't find my orignial disk. So now I have all my programs on my laptop. I am set!! I watched Hayden and Harrison today. I went grocery shopping, paid my bills, and made a batch of wheat bread. It was yummy good.
Susan called me to see if I could watch Tara and Allie for her. They are playing with the only toys I have left and coloring. What sweet little girls they are.
I took the girls home to Stephanie and now I'm going to vegetate for the rest of the night.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for the answers to prayer. It seems every day I pray for something and it is granted. What a kind Heavenly Father I have.
Ether 3 - Ether 4 In verse 15 it says that "never has a man believed in me as thou hast". What faith the Brother of Jared must have had.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My First Photo Walk

Heather and I did our usual this morning and then we went up Santaquin Canyon to take pictures. I learned some new things for my camera. It helps to have smart people with you. This was the weirdest rock formation on top of this mountain. We had to take pictures of it. After taking pictures we went to lunch at the Santaqueen and had hamburgers and fries. It was good food.
Then I came home and got on the computer with Microsoft to try to finish downloading the Office program. Hours later I finally got the update done for Windows 7. Tomorrow I will try the download again and hopefully this time it will work. What a pain.
I had to go to UCCU in Spanish Fork to get a new debit card. Wahoo I have one, and on to Shopko for a tiny notebook for taking notes on my camera.
Lori and I are doing a Digi night. Everyone else had other stuff and Gerri had to take Heather to the Doctor because she got sick this afternoon. But we have had a good time chatting away. Girls can always have a good time talking.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for the beautiful scenery Heavenly Father gives me to enjoy.
Ether 2 - Ether 3  The Lord expected the brother of Jared to figure out how to get light into the boat. I think he expects the same thing from us. We need to figure out solutions to our problems also.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going to the Temple Again

Today was a fantastic day. Heather and I walked our 4 times around. My feet didn't even hurt. I love Ibuprophen... Then we went to the Provo Temple. We did inititories as we didn't have lots of time. I got all my cards printed. There was a bunch of them. But now I have the cards to take with me. I like having my own cards to take to the Temple. 
I came home and did some more genealogy and made this chocolate cake. I had to get support to help me install my Microsoft Office 2010. It still doesn't work so I'll have to contact them again tomorrow.
I took some chocolate cake to Lois Borklund and Rosemary Belnap. I tried to deliver some to Yvonne Norton but they weren't home so I gave it to LD and his worker guy. Then John and I took the dog for a long drive while they showed our house.
Now that's what I call a great day in the neighborhood...
Grateful Statement: Today my little Bailee has been on my mind. It's her 12th birthday. I am grateful for her sweet spirit.
Ether 1 - Ether 2  I love the last verse where it says "And thus I will do unto thee because this long time ye have cried unto me." It is a testament to the power of prayer and how sometimes we have to wait and pray for a long time.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Doctor Day

Today was a pretty good day. Heather and I walk twice around our long block. I had to be at the doctor at 10:30 and she had visiting teachers so we got a late start. Tomorrow it's back to 4 times around. Which is over 3 miles.
I went to the doctor and I have to take 50,000 units of Vitamin D twice a week again. Who knew I was suppose to take it for three months. I thought it was for 1 month. If they want you to take it for three months why can't they give you 3 months worth of pills so you know that's how long you have to take it. I think they are in cahoots with the pharmacies so you have to go more often. I never just pick up my pills. I always have other things to buy. Enough of my ranting... But my blood pressure was wonderful. He will check me out again in 2 months to make sure my Vitamin D is up. He also thinks I have arthritis in my feet. That would explain how they hurt worse some days than others. Now I have to take Ibuprophen twice a day. I just love getting old. I'm going to have to have a backpack just to carry around all these pills. LOL
I did some more genealogy and printed out a bunch of Family Ordinace Request forms so I can take them to the temple tomorrow and have cards printed out. I will have my work cut out for me. I have about 50 people that need all their work and tons of sealings. But at least now I won't run out too soon. And I took a picture of them. I love to take pictures of everything.
This afternoon I made Taco Soup and took some to Walt and Yvonne. I alway make way too much. I'm glad I have someone to share with. I really like Taco Soup. It is so good and so easy.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for Dr. Clark. He is such a good doctor. He reminds me of Dr. Baker that was my doctor for all my kids. He delivered Dean and Janna. I just loved him.
Mormon 9 - Ether 1  Verse 4 was very thought provoking for me. Especially the last part about it being worse to dwell with a holy and just God than with the damned souls in hell for those who don't believe.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Genealogy I am Doing It...

I walked with Heather around Elk Ridge today. We walked for our hour going up hills. I think we walked over 3 miles. Heather is going to drive it and see how far we went. Then I spent the afternoon doing genealogy. So many people to save, so little time. I just get so caught up in it that I look up and hours have passed by. But I know all these family are happy to know that they are on their way to being saved.
Tommy and I served at the cannery today. We had not one soul come to do food storage tonight. So it was a very boring time.
Now I'm back to genealogy and then I'm going to hit the hay.
Grateful Statement: Today I am so grateful for my subscription to I can track tons of people through all the census' with it.
Mormon 8 - Mormon 9  How sad that Moroni was all alone. His father and all his kinfolk have been slain. That would be so awful.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Walking in the Mountains

Heather and I walked our 4 rounds this morning. It was hard again but we just kept going. Then I got ready and went to the doctor only to have them tell me he was running 1 hour late and would that be alright. I said "I don't think so" and rescheduled for Wednesday. I came home from that and went visiting teaching with Jacque to Liz and Joan. And I walked there. My car is in the shop getting fixed. I just hope they can find out what's wrong with it. John and I went to Walmart to get some groceries and some new shoes for his walks up in the hills. He started last week just taking off with Molly up into the hills above Elk Ridge. He walks for about 2 hours. Now I know why Molly is so dirty. She flops down in the dirt whenever he stops in the shade.  In between all this I worked on genealogy all day and got tons of names ready to print cards. I want a good supply so I don't run out. Now I am very tired of this computer and I am going to hug my pillow.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful today for my wonderful visiting teaching companion Jacque. She is so fun to be around.
Mormon 7 - Mormon 8  I like in verse 8 and 9 where it tells us that all who believe the Bible will also believe the Book of Mormon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not So Early Seminary

I got up early today and got ready. I needed to get everything ready for our Not So Early Seminary visiting teaching conference. It was very good. Suzanne Jones and Susan spoke. We are all to try harder to visit our sisters and take care of their needs. I need to be better with Arleen. I am going to try harder.
Church was good. A service missionary spoke about his mission at the MTC. He was so good I was mesmerized...
After church we went to Dean and Amie's for Cafe Rio dinner for Hailey's sixteenth birthday. I was so fun to watch her open her new computer she got. She was really excited. I made this page of Bailee and Hayden a couple of days ago. What cute little munchkins.
Now it's time for me to go to bed. I am tired.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Visiting Teachers. I became active because of my visiting teachers that new gave up and just kept coming. Thank you Bonnie where ever you are and your companion. I will always remember your name and what you did for me.
Mormon 5 - Mormon 7   "and also that ye might not have too great sorrow because of the wickedness of this people". How bad it must have been that Mormon didn't want to write it down. I can't watch violence on television because it hurts my soul. It always has. How much would it hurt to see it in real life. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hailey's First Date

Today was very productive. I cleaned out my fridge this morning and now it's all shiny clean. Then I worked on genealogy all day and got 2 more families FOR printed out. I made Meatballs and Brown Rice for dinner. But the best thing I got to do today was go down to Dean and Amie's and take pictues of Hailey getting ready for her first date. Is this the most gorgeous girl ever. I took about 115 pictures tonight so I could get probably 10 good one. I can't wait to scrap a page. Now it's time to take my weary eyes to bed. They have looked at a computer screen far too long.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for my beautiful granddaughter Hailey Dean. What a wonderful young lady she is. She just makes me proud. Her grandpa can't quit talking about her to everyone who will listen.
Mormon 4 - Mormon 5  How awful that they sacrificed their women and children. So much hatred.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Father's Day Page

I walked around Elk Ridge today for about 20 minutes because Heather's daughter had show and tell and Heather had to take their cat. Such a devoted mom!
Then I worked on pages. I made this on and another one I will post tomorrow. I cleaned house and put stuff away all day. Then John and I took the dog for a ride while some people looked at our house.
I also recieved my very own, brand spanking new, Medicare Health Insurance Card. It's not valid until my birthday in January but I have it. I'm excited because it will help financially but kind of sad that I now have all the old people's stuff. Social Secuity and Medicare. With that I'm going to finish blogging and hang out.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful to Heavenly Father for this beautiful fall weather and the beautiful colors on the mountains behind my house. Breathtaking!!
Mormon 2 - Mormon 4  In verse 12 Mormon says he prayed for the Nephites but without faith. I hadn't remembered reading that before.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk Page

What a wonderful day. Very busy but very good. I walked with Heather our 4 times around. Then I came home and got ready to go to the Temple with Heather. After the Temple I talked with Kathy awhile and then went to the cannery and served our mission. Then I came home and had dinner and now I'm blogging and going to rest my eyes. That's what my mom always said if we accused her of sleeping in her chair at night. She was always just resting her eyes. What a delightful, funny lady she was and probably still is. Heaven is in for a treat.  I miss her sense of humor.
This is the fourth and last page I made at Scrapping Weekend.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for my dear friend Kathy. She love me so much and shows me in so many ways. I treasure her friendship. Friends are a blessing in my life and Heavenly Father has sent me many.
4 Nephi 1 - Mormon 1 - As I was reading it struck me that Mormon was 10 years old when he was told about obtaining the plates. At 15 years of age he was visited by the Lord. Such a parallel to Joseph Smith.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rip Sticks and Bicycles

Walked with Heather again today. We are so excited that we are able to walk 4 times around. Came home and worked on laundry and downloading all the templates Judy made for us and some kits. My head feels a little fuzzy today. Don't know what that's all about but I am going to keep going and make it go away.
This is the third page I made at scrapping weekend.
Kathy called and Darell's operation went well. She is going to stay overnight with him to make sure he is well taken care of.
I took Hayden to football practice and cleaned my house up so an agent could show it this evening. Now I'm tired and done for the day.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my cute little grandson Hayden. He is so very sweet.
3 Nephi 28 - 4 Nephi 1 I love how it explains that the coming forth of the Book of Mormon is a sign that that the Lord has started to gather Israel.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Many Faces of Austin Page

Today was a fabulous day. Heather and I walked 4 times around the track. That would be 3 miles. Wahoo we did it!! After I got home I walked down to the church, yes walked, and helped tie quilts. It was fun and we had a yummy Taco Soup lunch. Heather took me back home because it was uphill and I was tired.
I did laundry and puttered around the house all afternoon and then fixed dinner and took Hayden to his soccer game. I took a million pictures so a page will be coming one day soon. Kathy and I talked for about three hours tonight and now it's time to call it a night. Darell has his surgery tomorrow so Kathy has to leave here at around 5am. So early! Here is the second page I made at our scrap weekend. I just love this little boy.
Grateful Statement: Today I am so grateful for Heather. She made it possible for me to continue walking until I could walk 4 times around. Without her I'd have quit a long time ago. Friend are good things!
3 Nephi 28 - 3 Nephi 29 I love to read about the 3 Nephites in these chapters. I always wonder what they are doing and who they are helping.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Going to the Doctor with Kathy and Darell

I went walking with Heather this morning. We hadn't went in about 4 days so it was a little bit harder than usual but we did it. I love having Heather to walk with. Number one she is as sweet as can be and number two she makes me want to get up and walk.
After that I went to Salt Lake with Darrel and Kathy to a doctor's appointment. Darell will have surgery on Wednesday so they are staying up here until Saturday. This picture is of Kathy standing in front of these gorgeous salt water fish in the doctor's office.
When we got back home I made barbecue hamburgers for dinner and now I'm blogging and going to bed again. Oh, and we did our salad exchange today. Now I have yummy salad stuff for my lunches.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful today for my wonderful friend Kathy. She is just the best. I know she truly loves me no matter what.
3 Nephi 27 - 3 Nephi 28  I love this verse "Therefore, ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; for he that asketh, receiveth; and unto him that knocketh, it shall be opened."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stake Conference

I went to Stake Conference today. It was so wonderful. Julie Beck spoke and said we were doing better than we think we are but we could do better. I know that's true. There is always things we can improve on. She also talked about not spending too much time on the internet. I'm so glad I stopped farming a long time ago and started doing my family history again. Jeffrey R Holland spoke next. His was all about faith. He told many stories of the pioneers and how faithful they were to go where they were sent. President Packer was the final speaker. He talked about President Bednar being a missionary and giving him some foreign money before he boarded a train. It was what kept his wife from being put off the train. He joked alot and really made us laugh. What an awesome apostle. I only wish I can be going that strong at his age.
After conference I made Potato Soup for John, and Kathy and Darell came to visit. Darell has a doctor's appointment in Salt Lake tomorrow so they came for a couple of days.
Now it's really time for me to go to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the broadcast of Stake Conference and the wonderful things we were told. I especially like the one about taking the Lord's hand and letting him lead us.
3 Nephi 26 - 3 Nephi 27 I wonder what marvelous things were uttered and forbidden to be written down.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last Day of Scrapping Weekend

I came home last night late so I just stayed and got up early this morning and went back down. I scrapped all day and ate delicious food prepared by Heather, Gerri and Liz. What yummy good stuff. Now I am home blogging and getting ready for bed. This top picture is of all the Digi scrappers and the other pictues is of the paper scrapper. We just have so much fun at these weekends. I will post my pages I made later.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for these wonderful women who share my love of scrapbooking. We have so much fun just laughing and eating and scrapping. And today is Janna's Birthday. Happy Birthday to my dear daughter that makes my life bright....
3 Nephi 25 - 3 Nephi 26 This chapter is only 6 verses long but says so much. I love verse 6 where it says "he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers". That's why I love genealogy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day One of Scrapping Weekend

Here I am at Scrapping Weekend. I just love, love, love these weekends. Good friends, good food, and scrapbooking. Now that's a good combination. We are having a fabulous time. I was really worried about leaving John to come here but he told be he would be alright so I went. I am glad I did. It has been very relaxing.I called a couple of times and he is doing fine. This is the first page I made. I just love these grandkids of mine. I am going to get back to my friends and my computer.
Grateful Statement:  I am so grateful for these weekends. We have been doing them for at least 11 years and this is the first time I have not had my sweet mom in her nursing home. I always felt a little guilty about not being with her. I hope she is looking down from Heaven and knows that I miss her and love her.
3 Nephi 24 - 3 Nephi 25  "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house; and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it". I love this scripture and the wonderful promise we have if we pay our tithing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dentist Day for John

We went to the dentist today and John got all his teeth taken out and dentures put it. It was so hard to see him in so much discomfort and not really knowing what he was doing. He finally was able to sleep for a few hours and when he woke up he ate a little chicken noodle soup and I think that made him feel better.
I called Brother Banks and told him I wouldn't be going to the cannery so he said he would work my shift for me.
I made Chicken Nuggets with the chicken I had in the fridge that I needed to cook up. There was way too much for just me so I took dinner over to Yvonne and Walt. They do so much for me. Yvonne keeps my name going through the Salt Lake Temple for me. I just love that lady.
Now I'm going to work on Relief Society stuff.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today that everything went well for John. I just pray it keeps getting better.
3 Nephi 22 - 3 Nephi 24  I wish I understood Isaiah more. It must be something I need to work especially when the Savior speaks of his words.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Provo Temple

We walked again today and went a little farther than yesterday. Then Heather and I went to the Temple and I did the baptisms and inititories for my little family I found. It was a very special time at the Temple and I really felt their presence. I seldom can really feel them there but I did today. I took this picture of Heather and the beautiful flowers in front of the Temple. So beautiful.
I came home and took a nap. Got up from that and went to Rite Aid to get John's prescriptions for tomorrow. Tommy left today to go to Idaho to watch the kids while Janna and Scott go to Vancouver, Washington. He always enjoys his grandkids.
My visiting teachers came over tonight. We had a great time and a lot of laughs. I have Gwen and Kathryn Gerber. What nice ladies they are. Now I do believe I will just go watch something dumb on TV and fall asleep. I always do. I really try to stay awake but something about the TV puts me right to sleep. I don't seem to ever get through a show before I fall asleep.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the Temple and the wonderful peace and happiness I feel when I enter the doors. I want to go more often...
3 Nephi 20 - 3 Nephi 22  In verse 40 it says "And then shall they say: How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings unto them, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings unto them of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion: Thy God reigneth." I love this verse.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Lazy Day

Heather and I walked again this morning. We went around 3 times and then went to the first corner and back. We are adding each week until we can go around 4 times. Today seemed a little hard for me. But as I always say, I did it and that's what counts. I spent a pretty lazy day. I just puttered around doing not much of anything. I did move my bookcase with all my scrapbook albums in it. So I did accomplish something. I also clean up my potting table. I'm getting ready to plant some house plants. I had to take back the blanket that came home in mom's stuff that didn't belong to her. I could only go into the foyer. No one was at the desk so I just put in on top and left. Too many painful memories to say more than a second. No one had washed it so it smelled just like my mom. I wanted to hold onto it forever but I knew I needed to take it back. Then I ran to Crisp's market to get a couple of things. That's the sum of my day. Very peaceful...
Grateful Statement: Today I am so grateful for the beautiful fall weather. There is a breeze blowing through my windows and I am content!
3 Nephi 19 - 3 Nephi 20  How blessed they were to have the 12 Apostles chosen to lead them.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Salad Spinner

A most beautiful morning for a walk. Three times around for Heather and I. I worked on organizing more files for Scrap Weekend. Heather picked up this fabulous Salad Spinner for me at Target. See that black button, that would be the brake. Who knew salad spinners had brakes. I chopped up my lettuce and spun it in my new toy. It was fast and fun and did a fabulous job.
I had Tommy and John move my planting table into the house. It has been on the patio for about 3 years and with my office out of my laundry I could put it back in. I think I want to start growning plants again. I just love house plants but got tired of watering them so one by one they died. I only have 4 left. I need to sand the planting table down and put a coat of varnish on it as the weather has made it look weathered and old. Next project.
John and I went grocery shopping this morning just before the parade starte. Perfect timing because no one was in the store. They were all at the parade. That has been my day. I have been happy and content today and just had happy thoughts about my sweet mom.
Grateful Statement:  Today I am grateful for friends like Heather and Gerri who would take time out of their busy lives to get a salad spinner for me. That's good friends!!
3 Nephi 17 - 3 Nephi 19  I can't count the times I have read chapter 18. I read it during Sacrament alot when they are passing the Sacrament. I love how Jesus sits down with the people on the earth. I can just see that in my mind. So wonderful!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feeling Good

I didn't wake up this morning until 8am which is late for me. I woke up all fuzzy headed and feeling so down. All I really wanted to do was go back to bed and have a good cry. I just felt yucky. I knew I had to keep on going to come out of this so I got my shower and as I was having my enormous pity party in the shower I told myself that I could either keep on doing this or I could snap out of it and count my blessing. I decided that I would find 5 female ancestors that needed their work done and print out an FOR. I got out of the shower, got dressed and spent the next 15 minutes looking through the Jennings book. There they were. After church I came home and continued searching. I found a daughter named L. Elizabeth Jennings that married Thomas H. Griffis. They had 4 daughters and one son.  The work had not been done for her or her children but Thomas' work had. As I found them on 1870, 1880 and 1900 census and proved all the children. I found Elizabeth or Letha as they called her living with her daughter in the 1930 census. She was 83 and  her son William 57 was with her. He was in a wheelchair and mentally handicapped. I know that in the early 1900 it couldn't have been easy caring for her son. It just made me so happy that I was going to do her work. See what Heavenly Father does for us when we ask for help. I have the 5 females I was looking for. Plus my bonus William.  The fog is gone and I am happy. I also went down to Dean's for dinner and got to see the dress Hailey is wearing on her first date. She is so beautiful!
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for prompting and answers to prayers. I know Heavenly Father knows and loves me. Today was just another tender mercy I recieved.
3 Nephi 12 - 3 Nephi 17 Oh, to have been there to hear Christ teach the people.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bikes Page

John woke me up this morning at 6:45 and we went walking with the dog. I was so tired but I made it around. I came home and tried to stay up but was too tired and went back to sleep until 11:00. I got my shower hoping that would help and it did for a little while but I just kept laying down all day long and sleeping. I must have needed alot of rest. We'll see if tomorrow I am finally awake. I did manage to work on my files and made Tommy a Pineapple Upside Down cake. That was my claim to fame today. What a day. Here is the page I made yesterday of the kids. I just love scrapping these grandkids. They have so much fun!
Grateful Statement: I am grateful today for my son John who walks with me whenever I ask him too. He keeps me going.
2 Nephi 11 - 3 Nephi 12 What a wonderful time for the people to be there and see the Savior bestow the Priesthood on the men. To walk with him and hear his voice. I can feel that he has been in the Temple sometimes when I go there but have never heard his voice. What blessed people.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Chicken Nuggets

I walked by myself this morning and made it all the way around 3 times and it was pretty easy. It's a great time for me to say a few prayers and think of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I just look at the beautiful mountains and know he is so kind to give me this beauty to enjoy each morning.
Tommy hung my bulletin board and moved in my file cabinet with all my genealogy into my office. It is almost completely organized. I just have to go through a million pieces of paper and toss or keep. I also worked on breaking down all the kits I had in my Move folder and got it all organized. I'm on a roll...
I made a page that I will post tomorrow. It was fun to select my kit from the previews. I can just open up the folder and put it beside my page and match all the colors. It was really easy.
For dinner I made these delicious Chicken Nuggets that I got off of my dear friends daughter Morgan's blog. They were super easy and Tommy and John just loved them. I will be making these often. Now I do believe it's time to give this computer a rest.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for having the energy to continue organizing my office. I just need to keep going and do my whole house. Wouldn't that be wonderful!
3 Nephi 10 - 3 Nephi 11  Verse 13 says that the more righteous part of the people had been preserved. I hope when the time comes I can be one of the righteous part.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cannery Day Twice

John and I got up early and took the dog with us for my walk. I had to leave early because I had to go to the cannery at 9am. Molly was so good. We walked by people and a dog on leash and a dog off leash. She paid no attention to anyone. Just walked beside me. What a good doggy. Having John with me helped because I knew if there was any problems he would handle it. But it built my confidence that she can walk and not go after other dogs.
I went to the cannery with Lynn and Cynthia. We canned 54 cans of white wheat for the sisters in the ward. Susan came and picked it all up and we will be delivering it and putting the bulk in plastic buckets tonight at enrichment meeting. That much more storage in home in Elk Ridge. Wahoo!!!!
I brought my Actions Preview folder up to date by going on the internet and saving the previews into my file. Now I'm on to the Elements folder.
I went to Enrichment Night after Tommy and I got done with our shift at the cannery. The food was delicious. We have some fantastic cooks in our ward. Yum Yum!! I also learned how to seal buckets from Lynn. It was pretty easy. Now I know how. I love to learn new stuff.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for the wonderful cannery that we have to prepare our food storage in. What a blessing it is to me. And we get to serve a mission in it too. It doesn't get better than that.
3 Nephi 9 - 3 Nephi 10  I am glad I can be counted among the people who come to Jesus Christ with a broken heart and a contrite spirit as He says in verse 22.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Organization Day

Judy joined Heather and I this morning for our walk. It was so fun to walk with her. I spent lots of time today taking the previews out of my 288 kits and putting them in a file so I can find just the kit I need at Scrapping Weekend. I am also going to do my elements and overlays. I think it will be easier as the new Windows7 won't put the preview on the front of the folder like xp did. Bummer...
Tommy took my car to the Salem Automotive to see if they could fix the overheating problem. They called back and said they thought it was the radiator cap. Oh, if I could have been so lucky. On the way back up the hill it overheated again. So I'm just going to quit running my A/C and deal with it later.
Leanne Adams brought clients to see our house today. We had about 10 minutes notice. Thank goodness it was relatively clean. I texted Janna and told her about it and to say a little prayer. She texted me back and said they were going to have family prayer tonight and pray for it to sell. I just love that daughter of mine.
Now I am tired of this computer and will be finishing this and going to bed.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for the relationship I have with my daughter. She is just so helpful to me and cares for her parents. She pays my cell phone bill for me so I can have one and not have to sign a big contract. She just added us onto hers. I love her...
3 Nephi 7 - 3 Nephi 8  I can't imagine how they could stand 3 days of utter darkness. It must have been so cold and there was no way to light a fire. The darkness was so thick their fires couldn't light. And all the earthquakes and tempests. And just think of what the Savior was going through at the time. So very sad.

Saturday Duties

I made bread today because I was out. I love using Kamut. It is such a soft flour that when I mix it with Spelt and Wheat flour my bread is ...