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Another Relaxing Sabbath

I went to church today and Tommy stayed home with a headache. I sat with Sister Belnap in her class because Brother Belnap had to go to another ward. Cute kids in her class. Made me want to teach Primary again. This picture is one I took last year of Hailey. She played Short Stop and I snapped this pic of her standing her ground. This photo is posted in one of the glass cases at Salem Hills High School. Can you believe it. One of my pictures in their display cases. See, it pays to take 200+ pictures just to get this one. I went and took Heather's stuff to her this morning. She is moving into a Sober Living House in American Fork. She seems excited about it. I hope and pray that this will be the time she can make it work. She is just the sweetest granddaughter in the world. I do believe I will go lay down and watch TV. Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Heather Lee Ingram. She has taught me many things in the 25 years she has been my granddaughter. To love unconditionally, to fo…

Mokey Page

I got up and went to the High School for Harrison's Basketball game. I forgot my Zoon lens! What's up with that... I still got alot of pictures so I'm sure I can make a page. He was so excited because they won. It was a close game, so very exciting. Then I came home and returned the call of the realtor that had showed my house. The people are looking at mine and another so we will see. The thing I wanted to put on this blog about the phone call was what she told me. The husband walked into my house and said that he could feel the Spirit in my home. That is the best compliment I could have ever gotten. Don't we strive so hard to have that be so. Thank you, whoever you are. You made my day. I spent the rest of the day just being lazy which I do very well now a days. The repair man called on our oven and it will cost $600 to fix it because the fan is also not working which causes it to get too hot which is the reason the fuse blew. I just love that. But it's better th…

Where The Heart Is Kit

I got up this morning and started making this kit. I really like the way it turned out. I was having tons of  trouble with the color scheme. It just seemed so dark. Then I bought a paper template from ScrapGirls and it showed me how to make it muted. In the middle of all this Dean called to say someone was coming over to show the house between 3:30 and 5:30. So cleaning was a priority. John and I got it all spiffed up and now we have to leave for a couple of hours. We went to try to find the Payson Temple site. I think I found it but I'm just not sure. Then we went to eat at Arctic Circle (I think that's the name of it). We stopped so I could visit with mom on the way back up the hill. John came in to give her a hug. I am finally back in my house and now have to pack up my computer to go to the church for our scrapping night. We had so much fun scrapping tonight. Lori did a Speed Scrap for us and all our pages turned out so different but I really liked everyone's. Now I…

Amie and Hailey Page

Today was a pretty easy day. I slept until 8am. I felt so good when I woke up. It was a rough night so I finally got up and took something. Then I slept so good I didn't think I'd ever wake up. Sometimes I just think our bodies need uninterrupted rest. Well mine got it last night. I went to visit mom. She just couldn't stay awake. After about an hour I left and came home. My oven quit working so the repair man came today. It's a fuse so he'll be back Saturday to fix it. No baking until then. I made this page for my homework in the Adjustment Class I took last night. I made a Quick Page out of it and posted it to Grandma's Scraps. Now it must be time to go nighty night.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this wonderful home I have. It's nice to have somewhere to live that you are comfortable in. I don't want to ever take for granted that I have always had wonderful houses to live in. Some people don't have any. Heavenly Father has blessed me w…

On Line Class Day

I went to my presidency meeting today. We went over what was coming up for Enrichment Meetings. Then I came home and worked on my digi scrap stuff. Then I was messing around being bored and Judy called me to help her put together a book for Denzil's Aunt. She had it almost done so we just had to add ribbons, button, flowers and brads. Then I came home and finished the rolls and dessert for the Norton's. Then I got ready for my online class at ScrapGirls. It was really fun. We learned about Adjustment Layers which I knew nothing about. She was able to talk with us while she had the tutorial up and we just toggled back and forth as she taught the class. Pretty good. Then Dean, Amie and the kids came over to bring Tommy a Birthday Cake. Amie always bakes us a cake for our birthdays. How thoughtful is she. Tommy is holding up a video of Western Movies from the boys. How did they know Grandpa loves to watch old westerns. Now I'm going to finish this and go watch American Idol a…

Tommy's 72nd Birthday

I spent the entire morning and afternoon until 3:00 working on Relief Society stuff before we left for the cannery. We had 3 ladies come in to can tonight so we left right at 6pm and came right home. I am extremely sleepy tonight. I got up too early, so that's my uneventful day. I did talk to Heather today. She called to wish her Grandpa a Happy Birthday. I can't believe Tommy and I have gotten this old. It seems like yesterday we were young and energetic. We loved to go camping in our camper and vacations. We had so much fun when we were young. Ah, to turn the clock back for just a little while.
Grateful Statement: I'm grateful for good memories to look back on as I grow older. I've had a really good life and have enjoyed most of it. Some rocky times I wouldn't want to repeat but as time passes you forget how hard it was. I just love the good times Tommy and I have had. Happy Birthday Honey!

Judy's Meatloaf

I have the best friends on the planet. Judy called me tonight and asked if she could bring me dinner. She made Meat Loaf for Janean Wright and had extra. And I had thought of making Potato Soup for dinner but after I came back from visiting mom I decided I was too tired and everyone could fend for themselves. So what a treat. Judy also brought baked potaoes and I added a lettuce wedge and presto, dinner was served. Judy put a sauce on the top of her Meat Loaf that made it so good. Now I can make really good Meat Loaf too, cause I now have her recipe. Thanks Judy for the wonderful dinner.
Jacque and I visited with Joan Durrant today. We talked for 2 hours. We really have to get it down to a reasonable amount of time. But we just have so much fun talking and visiting with each other. We will do better next month. I went to mom's and she was awake and talking. We really had a good visit. Then I went to the market and got a few things. Now I'm yawning and so it must be my bed time.

Making Rice Pudding

Tommy and I went to church again today. It was very good. Nancy Ekins taught the lesson in Relief Society and she was so funny. I just love that lady. I came home and organized my Actions. I downloaded images from their site and made a folder on my computer so when I forget my notebook I can still see what I have and what is available. Then I talked with Yvonne Norton. She is very sick so I'm making her some Rice Pudding as it was the only thing that sounded good to her. Then I talked to Kathy P. for awhile. It has been a good Sabbath Day. I am going to take the Rice Pudding to Yvonne and settle in for the night.
Grateful Statement: I have a testimony of my Savior. I love him with all my heart. It's hard for me to see videos of him because the Spirit overwhelms me and I just start crying. I know he loves me and made the ultimate sacrifice for me. Because of His sacrifice I am able to be forgiven for past sins and present sins. I know he walks the halls of the Temples so I can…

Making a Difference Page

I made this page this morning of the Beehives coming to mom's nursing home. For some reason I can't upload my page image. It must be something with BlogSpot cause I've tried to do it a number of times on both my computers so when I can I'll upload to this post. Wahoo, I finally got it to upload. Amie came over this afternoon and we cut out letters for Young Women's. Then I made dinner and did the dishes and truly that's all I think I have done today. I am lazy, lazy, lazy. Now I just feel like I could crawl in bed and not move until morning. So I just think that's what I'm going to do because I can. Lucky Me!!!
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the talents Heavenly Father gave to me. I hope I am always able to keep learning new things and relearning things I forget. Amie knows what I'm talking about. And I am grateful I am able to help people. It's my favorite part of life.

Yummy Meatball Dinner

Today I went to Judy's and got my hair cut. I also helped Denzil with the New Family Search program. He was a fast learner. I came home from Judy's and signed up for an online class from ScrapGirls. I just messed around the rest of the day until I went to see mom. She just couldn't stay awake. Such a tired little lady today. Then I came home and baked the meatballs, made rice with beef boullion, steamed some veggies and heated up the barbecue sauce I made yesterday. It was absolutely yummy. The sauce over the rice and meatballs was so good. Thanks Kara for reminding me how good meatballs can taste. I am a little tired tonight so I think I'm going to bed and getting some rest.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my doggie Molly. I really love this little girl. I have always really loved animals (and I wonder where my daughter gets it from) since I was a little girl. Pets just love you no matter what. Molly is always near by me. I am grateful for her loyalty.

Snow Removal Page

Today has been a busy, busy day. I made this page early this morning before I started making the sauce for the meatballs for tonight. I made a huge pot of sauce and it is so good. It reminds me of Teriaki Sauce. I put some over brown rice for lunch. It was delicious. That took me forever to put 3 ladle of sauce in baggies for the sisters to take home to pour over their meatballs. The I did a test run on brown rice. From start to finish it takes 45 minutes. I love brown rice. Much better than white, I think. I made a cake to take over to Yvonne Norton with her meatballs and sauce. She has an inner ear infection that is making her very dizzy. She's been in bed since Monday. Home Making Meeting was fabulous. We had so much fun being taught by Kara. Everyone had a good time and we had a great turnout. Now I am very tired and am going to bed.
Grateful Statement: I'm so grateful to belong to Relief Society. It is so wonderful to rub elbows with such awesome sisters. Heavenly Father k…

Presidency Meeting Day

Went to my presidency meeting at Michelle's house. We finished going over homemaking meeting for tomorrow. I am assigned to make a meatball sauce and brown rice. I am excited to go make meatballs. I think it's going to be fun. After our meeting I worked on New Family Search for a little while. Then I went and put gas in my car, went to the bank and visited with mom for about an hour. I needed to make dinner. I made hamburger meat fried and added to white gravy served on toast. It was delic and very easy. I love easy!!! Our home teachers came over for a visit and gave the lesson. It was wonderful. I just love those men. I bought Lori's kit "It's Snow Much Fun" to use on the page I'm making and downloaded it. So if I have time tomorrow I can finish it. Now it's off to bed to watch American Idol and go to sleep.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the wonderful ladies I serve with in Relief Society. They are so inspiring and I love them dearly. Plus we …


This morning I went to the Provo Temple with Cathy and Lynn. We did sealings. It was wonderful. Lynn was able to do a lot of hers and I did all the ones I had. Now I just have 3 ladies for endowments and I am all done with my names. Now it's time to research some more. I just love genealogy. After I came home from the temple I messed around for a couple of hours choosing pictures to make my next page. I have completed all of 2008 and am working on December of 2009 and it will be finished too.
Tommy and I went to the cannery tonight and worked. We had bulk patrons but nobody canned. We are out of powdered milk and that's probably the reason no one came in. Now I am blogging this and going to work on my page. I will post it tomorrow if I can get it finished.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Temples and the work that goes on in them. I love to do the work for my ancestors. I feel it's so important to seek out our dead and I literally believe the scripture that says we c…

Many Cousins Page

I just can't get the picture out of my mind of an elderly woman sitting on the ground in Haiti. The nursing home where she lived collapsed and there is no one to take care of her. So she sits there and waits to die. It so hit home for me. What would I do if that happened to my mom. I just have to replace that picture with something better. I think she will be happy to go home to Heavenly Father. Today I worked on birthday presents. I have many to do so I'm trying to get them all done so I don't have to think about it any more. I went to Mom's and took all her new clothes to her. She was very happy to see me and the clothes. She had eaten all her lunch so I don't have to worry about her starving. I marked all her clothes and put them in her closet. She has some really cute ones. But the laundry down there will manage to mess them up. But that's okay cause I'll just buy her some more. Walmart has good prices. I made beans and corn bread for dinner and brownie…

Beautiful Sabbath Day

The sun was shining today and the world was right! Church was really good. Probably because Tommy was at my side for two Sunday's in a row. Relief Society was very good and Kiersten gave a wonderful lesson. We met with the Bishopric to go over what they wanted of Relief Society and if we were on track. Wahoo, we are!! After Church we went to Dean and Amie's for a wonderful Family Dinner. Amie made Taco Soup. Yummy! And then for dessert she made a delicious Cheese Cake. Then I went to mom's. She only ate about 2 bites and said she couldn't eat any more. So I had them put her to bed and rested my head on her pillow. It was good to cuddle. She loves me so much and I love her. I think she really needs to have kisses. It always makes her feel better.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the Gospel. What wonderful direction we get for our day to day life. It is my compass in this world. When I get off track it is always there pointing me back to the right way.

Home Sweet Home

Kaylyn and I left St. George about 11 am today. On the way out of town we went by the Temple so I could get a picture. We had our last breakfast at In and Out Burger. Yummy as usual. The drive back was uneventful. I liked the weather because it was cloudy and the sun didn't bother my eyes. We made good time and got here at 2ish. My doggie really missed me and just followed me all over the house making sure I wasn't leaving again. I really had a very relaxing time with a very dear friend. We did a lot of reminiscing about our days in Real Estate. Kaylyn and I both worked for Dean at the same time. We became good friends and have remained close ever since. I laid down and watch television when I got home. I still can't figure out why I get so tired just sitting in a car driving down the road. Now it's time for bed.
Grateful Statement: So grateful for Kaylyn. She has taught me many things. I love that she is so accepting of everyone. Thanks for the good time and good com…

Having So Much Fun

Kaylyn and I spent a lot of time playing on our computers.

This is the cute Skirt pattern I found at Joanne's.

The St. George Temple from our balcony.

We went to In and Out for a late breakfast. We so love their burgers. Then we went to WalMart to get some clothes and a camera for mom. Then on to the distribution center for Garments for mom. Then we went to Joanne's to get a skirt pattern for me. I found a really cute one. I can just see so many skirts flying out of my sewing room. Then we went back to Pebbles to get another sheet of paper for Kaylyn. Next was a quick stop at Baby Lock place. They have the coolest Surger that threads itself. Next on our stops was Pier 1. Wow, they had some really cute stuff in there. By that time it was late lunch time so we went back to Golden Corral to return the knife I borrowed yesterday and eat lunch. Now we are snuggled up in our motel just vegging. We may not even go out again. Well we did go out for Nielsen's Yogurt. I don't th…

Hanging Out In St George

Kaylyn and I left at 8am and drove to St. George. The trip went so fast before we knew it we were here. We checked into our motel and then went to In and Out for a burger. So good!!! We then went to Roberts, Pebbles in my Pocket and Joanne's. I found 2 ring binders for 8x8 pages. So I got one for my book I'm working on. That way I can organize it before I put it into the permanent books. Then it was back to the motel to rest. Shopping always makes me tired. We have so much fun together just hanging out. We rested and them went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for our traditional Carmel Apple to eat before we go to bed. We then took the tile saw to Kathy's. Her house is totally ripped apart and put back together. Very nice. She was painting when I arrived. We chatted a minute and them Kaylyn and I went to Golden Corral for dinner. It has a pretty good buffet. We decided we needed to borrow a knife to cut up our Carmel Apples so I put one in my purse and we are going…

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry

Thank goodness my sweet husband does his own laundry and I only have to do mine. Three loads and I am done. How in the world did I manage when I had three kids to do laundry for. I seem to remember many loads sorted all over my kitchen floor. I went visiting teaching with Jacque today. We had one of our sisters cancel so we will have to catch her next week. It really was a very quiet and peaceful day. I went to see mom tonight and spent a couple of hours visiting with her. She must have had a dream because she told me the doctor told her she needed to get more clothes. So next week I'm going to find her more clothes. It's hard to find really stretchy pants. Walmart is usually the only place I can find them. She also needs new garments. I balanced and reconciled my bank account tonight and paid three bills that had come in. Now I'm going to pack my bag to go to St. George tomorrow with Kaylyn. We really have so much fun together. We have been on some really wild trips throu…

Busy Day at the Cannery

I spent the day picking up my house and Downloading our Winter Wonderland Kit from the internet. We went to the Cannery early today so we could can some stuff for Dean and Amie.
We were so busy tonight and it was a good thing we went early. Everyone was doing powdered milk as the price is almost doubling on Thursday. It was good because we like to be busy. I came home and had left over Potato Soup and laid down to watch TV. I fell right to sleep for a long nap.
Grateful Statement: I am graterful that the Lord provides all the things we need to keep his commandments. Isn't it wonderful that we have such a place to gather our food storage.

Saying Goodbye to Janna and Family

After a million Doctor's appointments Janna, Scott and the kids headed out for Idaho. I made Wheat Bread this morning so they could take a couple of loaves home. I so enjoyed them and the new little puppy Scott brought home to Janna from an Elk farm where he was buying horn. And here is a picture of the wonderful slippers Scott and Janna and kids got me for my birthday. I so need them when I have to take the dog out early in the morning. It's very cold on my feet. Now with my slipper and my Snuggie Amie got me I will be warm. I went to check on mom today for a minute. She was eating her lunch. I just messed around the rest of the day. I am going to bed now and get my beauty sleep. And at sixty four I need all of it I can get. LOL!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I had so many Birthday Wishes today. It was awesome. Even on facebook my friends and family wrote on my wall. Thanks everyone. I went to Church with Tommy, Bailee and Austin. A missionary talked about her mission in Germany. It was so good. She had such a strong testimony. After Church I came home and made Potato Soup for dinner and Amie, Dean and the kids came over to celebrate my birthday some more. Janna peeled the potatoes for me while I was in Church so all I had to do was put it together. Amie brought her wonderful rolls and a yummy Birthday Cake for me. It was such a wonderful time. I got wonderful presents and messages for everyone. Thanks to my wonderful family for making my birthday so fabulous. Now it's 9pm and I think I am ready for bed. I've just had tooooo much fun for the last 3 days.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my family. They mean everything to me. I just love each and every one of them so much. I am thankful to Heavenly Father for being the grand…

Last Scrapping Day

Here is all my scrapping buddies. We have had such a wonderful time. We are missing Sulika and Pat in our group pictures. Janna had to go home early because she was sick. I messed around all day just having fun and didn't even finished any pages. But that's all right 'cause I really had a great time. I'll be heading home now.

Busy Ladies

I am at scrapping weekend and having so much fun. I have made a preview of a kit for Stuff to Scrap, uploaded a kit to 4shared and made this page. I got here at 9 am and am still going strong except that it's only 7:25 pm. LOL! Janna has left Idaho and is on her way to my house. She will get in really late. And Amie did her very first page. Way to go Amie!!!!
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for good friend and I am surrounded by them. They are such good ladies.

Getting Ready to go Scrapping

Tommy woke me up at 8:45 this morning to ask me if I was going to the Genealogy Library. I can't remember that last time I slept that late. It does deserve an explanation. I woke up sometime last night and couldn't go back to sleep. My back was bothering me so I took two Percogesic tablets. It takes the pain away and sends you to la la land but you aren't groggy when you wake up. I think it must have been late when I took them. I thought it was midnight. Anyway that's the explanation of why I slept soooooo long. And it felt sooooo good. I finished all my Christmas stuff, Worked on New Family Search more and took Heather's Christmas to her finally. We forgot it last night. I then went by mom's to visit her. We had a good visit and she was in good spirits. More New Family Search and I must say I'm getting it. I also put everything back where it belongs after taking the Christmas stuff off all my tables. So I'm ready for Scrapping Weekend tomorrow. How fun…

Busy, Busy Day

Today was a busy day. I started taking down my tree and putting the rest of my decorations in boxes. Thank goodness everything is labeled. I went to my presidency meeting this morning. Then I came home and worked some more on the Christmas stuff. I took Mollie to the vet and she has lost another pound. She now weighs 26 lbs. I swear I can feel her back bone and ribs. So she is doing good. I stopped by to visit with mom for a bit. She couldn't keep her eyes open. So I gave her big kisses and came home and made 4 loaves of Wheat bread. I made John a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin. It is very good. He will eat wheat bread if it's Cinammon. I worked some more on New Family Search off and on all day long. What an awesome program. And I found tutorials for Roots Magic so now I know how to integrate it all together. Lots of work to do. After I got the bread out of the oven John and I went down to Foothill Rehab to visit with Heather. She is just the funniest thing. She could always make us …

Genealogy Library

I went to the Genealogy library today with Yvonne Norton and we took 2 New Family Search classes. I learned so much. It made me realize I have tons to learn. It is a wonderful program and does so much. We also did some research. I am looking for some relatives of Kathy P. I found some information that will help me track them down. After that Yvonne dropped me off in Springville at the Cannery. We were packed tonight. Prices are going up on the 16th so everyone is coming to stock up. I am finally home and exhausted so I'll be going to bed. Night all!!

Putting away the Christmas Decorations

The time has come to put away all my Christmas Decorations. I started putting them away before I got sick and had to put the boxes away again in storage and put back up what was laying around when they came to show the house. So I'm back to doing it. Not much accomplished today but I did pay my bills and balance everything. I guess that is a huge thing for me because I hate paying bills. Maybe if the money stretched as far as the bills it would be different. Oh well, such is life. John brought up all my boxes to put my Christmas stuff away and when I came upstairs here is what I found. Check out the picture. I don't know how he got them so high. I told him if they fell down he was DEAD!! He is always pulling something on me. Because I have this thing about everything being organized and straight and neat, all through Christmas he would move something just a little bit. It was quite comical. I was always checking to see what he moved next. He especially loves to move one spice …

Sabbath Day

I went to welfare meeting this morning at 9am and gave the spiritual thought. I was a nervous wreck for some reason but I got through it. It was Fast Sunday and I hadn't eaten anything but a piece of toast and a couple of sips of Chicken Broth and a Sprite in the last two days. But I was determined to fast anyway and I was able to finish my fast. I wasn't weak or anything. Heavenly Father knew I needed help and he gave it to me. I really feel so much better. Church was good. Tommy was sick again. But only on Sunday's. LOL! After church I went to visit mom. I hadn't seen her since I went to Idaho a week ago. She was just laying there as usual. But when I came into her room I ask her who am I and she looked up at me and said "You must be my daughter." Just in case anyone thinks people in nursing home don't know what going on I'm here to tell you they do. Some days are better that others but there is more better than worse. I came home from that and John…

On the Mend

Well tonight I finally feel pretty good. This morning we left so the Realtor could bring the people by. I took Hayden home so he could stay with his sisters. I didn't want the boys to get this stuff. Of course, they were late and we finally just came home and I laid down. Then they showed up and I made a beeline for the car. I was in no shape to see anyone. Then I came back home and finally had a piece of toast and a Sprite. I slept all afternoon and now I feel much better. I read a quote on Scrap Girl site that said "In 5 yrs it will all be over one way or another". I thought that was pretty good. It gives us a sense of hope that bad times don't last forever. I needed to think about that. In five years my house will be sold and I'll be in Idaho. I am ready for bed now so good night. I bet I sleep much better tonight than last night.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that there is an end to sickness. You just feel so very good when it's finally over with. T…

Oh So Sick!

January 1, 2010
Harrison and Hayden came to stay with me for a couple of days while Amie took Dean to Las Vegas for a show for his birthday. I took tons of pictures of them sledding at the Cook's house. A page will follow. I came down with Austin's flu yesterday afternoon and I just couldn't do anything. I was freezing and sometime in the middle of the night I started throwing up. I just don't throw up. Ever. I am 63yrs old and can count on one hand the times it has happened. So needless to say I was up and down all night long. I am very tired today. And I had taken a shower but didn't have the strength to blow my hair dry. I just crawled back in bed, wet head and all. And of course, I look like heck and we got the call from the realtor that they wanted to show our house in the morning between 9:30 and 10:30. Wouldn't you just know it. Tommy and John cleaned it all up for me. I was so weak that I could only do one or two thing before I had to lay back down. So…