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Island Park

Austin, Destiny, Bailee, Harrison and Hayden

Destiny and Harrison
Hayden has a bug. Can you believe that?

A group hug to prove they won't fight with each other.

Harrison riding Summer with Harley

Green Beans from my garden.
I took the kids to Island Park today so they could play in the river. We stopped at Subway and got sandwiches for them before we went to the river. They had fun finding things in the water. Next time Austin decided we needed to bring tubes so we could float around in the water. I would have to tie them up or they would be at the end of the river in no time. While I was watching the kids these two men in a canoe tried to get across the river by going straight across the swift part of the river. Needless to say the canoe went upside down. One of the men was wearing a white shirt and dress pants with a huge camera around his neck. He came up holding the camera and shaking it trying to get the water out of it. Then he reached in his pocket for his cell phone. Next…


I took the kids to the movie "Brave" and dropped them off. Then I went to Joanne's Fabrics for some patterns and material for my new clothes. I am going to make something to wear to church. I can't seem to find anything to fit this body of mine. I could lose weight but that would require not eating all the things I love. LOL
I called Harrison's doctor yesterday because his levels were in the 300 most of the time now. He is off all carbs until it comes down and stays down. When I told him the doctor said no more carbs he was fine with it. (I think it was the nurse, but they are so helpful and always tell me exactly what to do.)
I took him with me to the store so he could get some gum and crystal light packets for the movies. I told him sugar was not worth his health and he agreed. I just love that kid and I know it's hard but he is so smart and good he always figures it out.
Tommy barbecued steaks for dinner so Harrison could have what he really liked that had…

Going to Church

Always a kitty in Bailee's arms.
Austin, Harrison, Hayden and Bailee went to church with me today. We had a combined with all members 12 and older. So the grandkids were in with me. Hayden stayed with Austin and Harrison so he was in there too. The Bishop went over the pamphlet "Strength of the Youth".
Then we came home and had lunch. Harrison's numbers have been high and we get them down and they go right back up again. So we test pretty often and make corrections for his pump. It's pretty stressful for me but I'm managing.
I had to take a picture of Bailee and her kitty. She loves animals so much. She always has some kind of critter she's holding and around her there is always something soft and cuddly to hold.
Grateful Statement: As I reflect on today and ponder what I'm grateful for it has to be the Gospel. It gives reason to my life and gives me peace, even in the hard times.

Dean's Pictures of Africa

What fun
They look like they are enjoying themselves.
Here are some of the pictures emailed to me from their Safari. My beautiful granddaughters make me so proud of the wonderful young women they are.
 Bailee is getting riding lessons from her mom.

 She is doing so good.

The kids working on the farm picking up rocks and filling the flower beds.
My friend Kathy went home today to St. George. I miss her. We had so much fun together for a week. She truly is my sister. The boys played the WII and picked up rocks. I took them to the dollar store after they were through so they could buy something.  I called Connie Peterson to be in charge of the ward social the Relief Society is in charge of for September. It was just too much for me to think about. She will do a great job and I told her to tell us what we needed to do. One more thing off my plate. One of our chickens fell in the horse water trough. Janna had to rescue her. Hopefully she will make it. Harley put her in the sta…

Building a Raft

Harrison is eating fresh peas from my garden.

Hayden just looking cute.

Austin loving Grandma's homemade Wheat Bread.

Kathy playing Castleville. We love this game.
Hayden enjoying the sprinklers and the tramp at the same time.

The boys building a raft to float the canal ditch.

and more Fun
The kids decided to make a raft to float down the irrigation canal. We didn't get the usual amount of water so it wasn't as deep as it normally is. But they had fun building it. These boys are quite ingenious. Kathy and I went to the Prepared Pantry and shopped. What a fun little store. They do have some delicious mixes. We went to mexican food for dinner because I am sick of cooking and doing dishes. It was a wonderful night off.  Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this wonderful summer I am having. It has been so much fun to be with all the people that I love. I am so blessed by good friends and family.

Visiting Teaching and Having Fun

Hayden loves to play ball with the dogs.

 Harrison, my official egg gatherer.

 Only Kathy can get away with giving Harley a hug.

 Bailee finally returned home from Utah. What would they do without their tramp.

 Molly Mormons at work... LOL

My shelves are full of canned Black, Kidney and Pinto Beans.
I went visiting teaching to Ariana at 10:30 with Brittany. I just love visiting her. We always have a good laugh about something. When I came home Kathy and I went into Idaho Falls for lunch at Gangplank Restaurant. They have yummy fish and chips. It reminded us of Acton when we took sewing classes together and always had fish and chips at a little restaurant in Palmdale. Good memories. Then we came home and I went to visit Meshan and Jerika. I just love these two. They are sweet and fun and we always have a good time. Meshan gave me a bowl of cherries when we left. How sweet is that. We made BLT for dinner for the kids with some bacon that Kathy had brought up to me. They loved them an…

Rexburg Rapids

Kathy is taking the job of watching the Canners very seriously.

The boys love to jump on the tramp. I'm not too sure about Chloe.
I took the boys to Rexburg Rapids today and dropped them off. Kathy and I went to my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world, Applebee's so I could have my favorite Oriental Salad. While we were eating Harrison called to let me know how he was doing and asked if I could come pick them up. He wasn't too crazy about the place. When I went to pick them up I asked Austin and Hayden if they wanted to stay longer and I would come back and pick them up. They were all for it. Harrison said it was hard because he didn't like to stay in the water too long. It was a relief for me because he went with us to Deseret Books and I could keep a close eye on him. We went back and picked them up and came home. Kathy and I canned some more beans, pinto this time, and the boys jumped on the tramp before they went to bed. Harrison came in and asked me if t…

My Grandsons are the Best

Always jumping
and more jumping.
Look at how much fun these boys are having on the tramp. They play the WII and their DS's and jump and run around the farm catching animals and all around having a good time. What a joy and delight they are for me.
Kathy and I canned another 28 quarts for black beans today. We have this down to a science. We stayed close to home because Harrison's level were creeping back up. But eventually they came down so after my Presidency Meeting we went to Idaho Falls and got KFC for dinner. The kids loved it.
We also made a batch of soap for Garth and one for Kathy. We accomplished a lot today.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for these boys. I am glad they love me and bring warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. I am also grateful for revelation. I seem to be getting it alot with this calling. I will try to do something and it just won't work out or just doesn't feel right and then the Spirit will teach me the way it should be done and I know that…

Canning Black Beans

Two canners working hard.

 Kathy is ready for a nap.

 Tommy's Black Bean Burrito.

 Crazy cousins, Harrison, Austin and Hayden.

 Sleeping on the tramp tonight

Another 14 qts of black beans.
Today was a wonderful day. Kathy and I canned the Black Beans we had put in the bottles last night. I got this idea from Pinerest, love that site. Then Harrison scared us to death. His blood sugar level was so high it wouldn't register on his meter. Thank goodness for my friend Kathy who has a daughter Kristin who is a diabetic. I called his doctor and talked with the nurse and she told me what to do. It finally was at 592 then 352 then in the 200's. He was so relieved when it started coming down. Crisis averted one more time. Kathy and I went to the restaurant store and bought good stuff. I got some plastic glasses for the grandkids and Kathy bought tons of good stuff. Then we went to Walmart to get a few groceries and stuff to make more soap. We figure it out and one batch makes 2 g…

Sabbath Day

Got up.
Went to Church with Kathy, Austin, Harrison and Hayden.
Missed my Ward Council meeting because I can't seem to read a calendar so I thought it was the 3rd Sunday and not the 4th.
Conducted Relief Society.
Got my username and password for imputing the VT reports.
Took a nap which I really needed.
Ate waffles that Austin made for us.
Watered my garden.
Prepared 14 quarts of black beans to can tomorrow with Kathy.
Went to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so very grateful for the Gospel. It is my life and means everything to me. I am blessed to have been born into the church.

My Best Friend Has Arrived

My best friend Kathy arrived today to spend a week with me. She is so much fun and we have such a good time with each other. I made a Enchilada Casserole for dinner with lettuce from my garden for a salad. We spent the evening talking and looking at the animals.
Tommy came back from Utah with two little grandsons in tow. It was so good to see them. And Austin got back from Scout Camp. He had a ton of fun.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for such a good friend as Kathy. Heavenly Father knew I needed a sister so he gave me Kathy.

Applebee's For Dinner

My skinny Janna and Harley.

 And my most wonderful Secretary Peggy
. Peggy and Family
I spent the day cleaning all my floors and doing laundry. Then for dinner we went to Idaho Falls to Applebee's, my favorite place to eat. I always order the Oriental Chicken Salad. As we were ordering I looked up and there was my Secretary Peggy and her family. She is just the most wonderful secretary ever. You tell her what you want and she delivers. I know Heavenly Father knew I needed her to do this job. When I heard her name I just knew she was the one for the job.
After we came home I made Peanut Butter Fudge and played Castleville and now I'm going to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Peggy. She was sent to me so I could do this job. I am blessed to have such wonderful ladies to work with.

Tommy and Bailee Going to Utah

Bailee and Grandpa Off they go!
Tommy and Bailee are off to Utah. Tommy is going to bring the boys back and they are going to stay with grandma and grandpa while Amie, Dean, Hailey and Hannah go to Africa to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro. Who does that?
Bailee is staying with her best friend Megan until next week. They are really true friends.
I visited with the Compassionate Service Coordinator in our ward and cleaned house. I made Roasted Chicken and Mashed Potatoes for dinner. It was only Janna, Harley and me so I didn't have to make so much. It was really good or I was really hungery. I also created a saying to cut out of vinyl for my laundry. I'll take a picture once we get it cut and on the wall.
Now I'm going to go to bed and get some much needed sleep.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my grandkids. They just make my day. I'm so excited to see Harrison and Hayden. God is so good to me.

Grinding Wheat and Making Bread

Wheat Flour in Freezer
I got out my grinder today and ground 5 #10 cans of red wheat and 1-5 gallon bucket of white wheat mixed together. The red wheat is from 1990 and is still as good as the day John and Tommy canned it for me. They canned it in my garage when we lived in Acton. We used tanks to put in the oxygen, or whatever it was called. I have 17 more cans to use and then I'm all done with the red wheat and I can use my white wheat. I just couldn't waste it so I mixed it half and half. It really makes good bread. After doing that all morning I came in and made 4 loaves of bread. Janna likes to take it to work with her for breakfast. I was all out of ground wheat so I couldn't make any bread for her. I filled up my freezer with bottles and tubs. That should last me a little while. I did book work for Janna and paid bills so that job is done and worked on Relief Society stuff. Janna and I took Harley and Bailee to the mall to get some shorts for Bailee to t…

First Presidency Meeting

I cleaned house and did laundry and at 4pm we had our first Presidency Meeting. We need two new teachers so we went over that and also the needs of the sisters. It was good and made me realize that I can do this. I was taught well by Susan. I just keep thinking about what she would do and I feel good about what we decided.
I took Bailee to YW tonight and Denise brought her home. I made pasta and a salad with some of the lettuce from my garden. It was yummy.
That has been my day. And it's been a good one.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful that Heavenly Father would think I could do this calling. It just makes me know that he truly does know my needs and what I am capable of doing. My knees will have callouses on them at the end of this calling.

Scout Camp and Making Soap Again

Austin is all ready for Scout Camp.

 Here is the cool Austin.

I took Austin to Brother Simmons house at 7:30 am so he could go on his week long Scout Camp. He was ready to go and have some fun. It seems a long time to be gone but he will get to work on Merit Badges and have fun with his friends. After going to the store I made laundry soap for Janna's house as she was almost out of soap. I changed my sheets and did laundry. That was it. More work on Relief Society trying to finish organizing the rest of it. I went to the store and forgot to get the patch to fix Harley's jeans that she ripped on a fence so Janna went and got it for me after work.
It was a sad, sad afternoon because I was deleting my 2009 blog so I could make more room for my pictures so I wouldn't have to upgrade for more space and I deleted 25 post from 2012. So I am trying to recreate them. I was so upset for doing such a dumb thing and then I decided it really didn't matter. I would do my…

Relief Society President/Kathy Going Home

The Bishop called me when I was in Arizona and wanted to meet with me. He wanted me to come in that night but I was a tad far away. So I met with him on Sunday morning and he asked me to be the Relief Society President. My mouth dropped open and I said "Are you serious?" !!!!!! So that's my new calling. I had to wait until today to be called and set apart. I went to the Temple to find inspiration about councelors. The Bishop had given me two names that were sisters without callings. One I knew for sure but not the other. I felt good about the names in the Temple so they were called and set apart today. My secretary was the first counselor in the old presidency so she will be so helpful with all the sisters I don't know.
I really will miss my sunbeam class. I can do hard things. I just keep telling myself that.
This morning at 8am Janna and I took Kathy and kids to the airport. I missed them the minute we were out of sight of them. What a great time we had.
I had to…

Swan Valley Page

Swan Valley
Kathy and I took the kids to Walmart and did a little shopping. We came home worked on the last page of her visit last year. We sent all the pages into Persnickety for printing. We ordered some kits from Scrap n Pieces and got a calendar for Kathy because she liked mine so well. Our lucky day because Lori had one at her house that Tommy is going to pick up for me.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for summers spent with my dear niece and her family. Blessing abound when I am with her.