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Kathy Has Arrived

Melting Solid Honey
 Canning Melted Honey
 Microwaving Honey
Finished Canned Honey 
 Making Applesauce
 3 Big Boxes of Apples
 Kathy's Using Squeezo
 Lots of Canned Applesauce
 Gracie Loves Yogurt
 Grinding Kamut and Spelt
 Finished Flour
 Kathy Grinding
 On To White Wheat
Yummy Bread
Kathy and I had so much fun canning and grinding and baking. I think melting that bucket of Honey was the hardest thing we did. But we kept at it until it was done. We always work hard and have tons of fun when we get together. Our favorite place for lunch is the Gang Plank for fish and chips.  I found Kamut grain at The Preparedness Store and the Spelt I ordered from a farm just passed Rexburg. So now we can make the bread Chef Brad showed us how to make. He is definitely right about how good these grains taste. And they are really good for us. I had a wonderful time with my BFF doing what we love. Working together and discovering new things. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the friendship …

Gracie and My New Spirilizer

Gracie and her mess.
My New Spirilizer
Today Gracie was sick so she didn't go to Lolo's. She made a big mess playing with her toys but I was okay with it because it meant she was feeling better. Tommy went to Speech Therapy today. He is getting better all the time. Tonight Tommy brought me my Spirilizer that came and I took two cucumbers that I had in the fridge and I spirilized them. They were good. I put some dressing on them and ate about half of this. Then it went into the Chicken scraps. I will get good use of this when I have time to make some soup. Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my little Gracie today. She is so loving and cute. She brings such joy into my life. I am blessed.