Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stir Fry Chicken for Dinner

I accomplished tons today. First off John and I took Molly with us for our walk because Heather took Megan to the Airport. We did the 3 laps around the track and I must say it was very easy for me. John kept trying to get me to go around 4 times but I had a presidency meeting and needed to get back so I could get my shower and straighten up my house. I came home from walking and we had our presidency meeting until 11:30.
I decided it was time to go grocery shopping. I so hate that part. It always costs too much and then you have to put it away and then you have to cook it but I think I need to be grateful I have the money to go and am never without something to eat. So I am!!
Then I made this chicken stir fry I have made since my kids were teenagers. I love stir fry and Tommy wanted steamed vegetable so this is what I decided to make for dinner. I always tastes good over rice.
Then after I made dinner I balanced my checkbook and paid my bills. I am so grateful that is all done. I have put it off for 3 solid days. It just makes me tired... And I'm off $8.96 so tomorrow when I can think better I'm going to find out why. I always seem to balance but for some reason tonight it just doesn't.
My home teachers came tonight to visit. Brother Gerber is Brother Duncan's new companion. They gave a good lesson on the Temple. Now I am blogging and going to bed.
Grateful Statement: The more I thought about my whining about grocery shopping the more I realized I REALLY did need to be grateful that I have always had money to buy groceries and feed my family. So that's what I'm grateful for today. Grocery Shopping!!!
3 Nephi 7 - 3 Nephi 8 In verse 18 it says that "for so great was his faith on the Lord Jesus Christ that angels did minister unto him daily". That really struck me today. To be minister by angels daily. What a gift...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rip Stick Page

Heather and I walked today and it wasn't bad at all. I think we may be getting used to the extra lap. One of these days we'll make it 4 laps around.
I finished hand sewing Megan's skirts. She is leaving for Ukraine tomorrow morning so I needed to hustle and get it done. Then I made Tommy some zucchini and tomatoes. We just love that around this house.  I made this page this afternoon. It was a good day. Not sad for one moment. I do need to dust my furniture tomorrow and vacuum. I don't notice the dust until the afternoon when the sun shines into my house. Then it all shows. For now I'm going to go do some stuff for Relief Society. It may take me all night but I'm getting it done.
Grateful Statement: As I think about what I'm grateful for today it has to be the peaceful feeling I've had all day. Everything was right in my little world. These feeling are a blessing because they aren't always with me.
3 Nephi 6 - 3 Nephi 7 In the title page it says the church was rent with dissensions. How sad! People are murdered and there is no justice for them because the judges are corrupt...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bread After Church

I had a wonderful Sabbath Day. We served wheat bread after church today to celebrate the people in our ward that were able to save their money for a supply of storage for one loaf of bread per day for 3 months. It was very nice. The youth really loved it. I swear one young man probably ate 4 slices of bread before I finally told him he couldn't have anymore. After that I came home and worked on the hand work on Megan's skirts but my eyes were too tired after awhile and I had to quit. I don't see well enough anymore and have to use my magnifing light to sew. When did that happen. Old age is just so much fun.  I also organized more pages to do and chose the templates. It will be so easy to do these pages at scrap weekend. Now I think it's time for bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for the gospel. I loved the talks the two future missionaries gave about the Book of Mormon. What strong testimonies they have.
3 Nephi 5 - 3 Nephi 6  In verse one it says "there was not a living soul among all the people of the Nephites who did doubt in the least the words of all the holy prophets who had spoken". Can you imagine every living soul following the prophet.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day of Service

Today I didn't walk because I just couldn't get any energy. And I slept until 7:30. Isn't that something. Me who can't sleep suddenly can't stop sleeping. I made 8 loaves of Wheat Bread for Relief Society and I gave a couple of loaves to sisters in our ward that needed a little TLC. I used Kara's recipe and the first batch I put way too much flour in so out it went. I thought, "Oh, here we go, this isn't going to be an easy day" but the next batch was perfect and the next one was also perfect so I got that job done.
Megan Merrill brought me two more skirts that her grandma made for her. She sent them to her but they need some hand work done on them. I found the right color of thread so I can finish them for her. She leaves for the Ukraine on Tuesday. What a brave girl to go over there to teach English to the kids.
Then I delivered the bread to my sweet sister friends. I also went by Dean's and borrowed Amie's bread cutter so I can slice my bread in the morning. We are giving out Wheat Bread again after Church tomorrow to all the ward members. I'll let you know how it went.
Now I do believe I'm going to finish writing in my journal and maybe work on Megan's skirts.
Grateful Statement: Today I am especially grateful for my grinder and Bosche bread maker. It makes it so easy to make bread. I just wish Tommy liked wheat bread. When I move to Idaho I'll make it for my little Austin. He always says I make the best homemade bread in the world. Now that always makes me feel special.
3 Nephi 3 - 3 Nephi 5  I love in verse 33 where it says "And their hearts were swollen with joy" because of the great goodness of God.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Scrapbooking with Friends

Today on our walk Heather and I did it with ease. What's up with that. Yesterday I thought we would fall over dead. We really liked the sprinkles that fell on us and cooled us off. I know it will get easier.
I came home and got ready for a little scrapping with Heather and Gerri. We just decided that we would get together and work on our templates. I am behind and haven't done any for awhile.
John went to his dentist appt. and they are going to pull all his teeth on Sept 9. I think he will feel so much better when he doesn't have all that infection in his mouth.
I had to take Tommy to Spanish Fork to pick up his truck. He got the transmission fixed. You know how it is. It never rains but it pours. Then I took my afternoon nap. I can't seem to get by without one anymore. After school I rounded up the boys and brought them to my house. I fed them Pizza and they rode their bikes until Dean got home.
Now I'm waiting for my friend Judy to come over and we are going to scrapbook some more. I just can't get enough. Judy and I had fun making templates together. What a dear friend!
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this journal. I have been able to keep it for over a year now everyday. It's a record for me. I wish I would have kept one all my life.
3 Nephi 2  - 3 Nephi 3 How could they forget the signs so fast?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Organizing Again

Heather and I went walking this morning. It was so hard. We can't figure out how come suddenly it's kicking our fanny again. We are not giving up!
I went through some of my pictures and copied them over to a file on my desktop. I then went through the pictures and deleted or broke up the pictures and put them in a folder to scrap. After I decided which ones I loved I chose a template and dragged and dropped it into the folder so all I have to do is put the pictures on the template, choose my kit and I'm done. I finally figured out a system that works well for me.
That was my accomplishment for today. I haven't felt very well today. This morning I had a small problem with one of my eyes. It turned in and everything was so blurry. I thought I was having a stroke but it cleared up after about a minute. I went and laid down and it seemed okay. I have to go to the doctor anyway so I'm making an appointment tomorrow. Very strange feeling. What the heck. I'm really falling apart.
And I made the last of my zuchinni I got from Amie so I guess I need to get some more from her garden. That's what she gets for going to Oregon to run a relay race. I found it on the internet. It's called Hood to Coast Relay race. It's quite the race from what I read. You go Amie!! The boys came to my house after school today. I gave them Chocolate Milk and crackers and cheese with mayonnaise. That's just the way I have eaten them all my life. Dean taught them well.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for these two darling grandsons that hang out with me. They are just so sweet and kind. I just love them.
3 Nephi 1 - 3 Nephi 2  I have written in the margin of this chapter, "Signs are not given to produce Faith, but to reward it." How wonderful to be there for the signs of the Savior's birth.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Took in a Cute Little Skirt for Megan

I just realized I always say I got up when starting my journal. I'm going to change that. I went walking with Heather this morning. We were both so tired I didn't think we were going to make it but we did. What an awesome walking partner. She keeps me going when I want to get in the car and drive home.
I worked on my office today and organized all the pages I had printed for 2009 so I can put them in albums. It took me forever. I also made some more yummy zuchinni today. I am so hooked.
See this cute little skirt in the picture. Megan Merrill's grandma made her four skirts. This one was too big so I took it in for her. I just think it's darling. It was fun to sew again. When I was young I was a seamstress for the neighborhood. My neighbors would bring me all their alterations to do. This brought back memories. Maybe I should sew up an outfit for me.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the talent of sewing I was blessed with. I need to use it before I don't know how anymore.
Helaman 16 - 3 Nephi 1 I am amazed that they wouldn't believe Samuel when he taught them about Jesus Christ but they would believe he was possessed by the devil. Very interesting.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Working at the Cannery

I was supposed to visit teach Arleen Hopkins today but I started coughing in the middle of the night and didn't know whether is was a cold or what. I didn't want to give Arleen anything so I cancelled. I think it might just be a little sinus infection. I kind of laid around all day and Brother Banks called from the cannery and asked if Tommy and I could help in the cannery tonight. We don't work on Thursday as they are having the official dedication. So we went and worked a shift at the cannery.
I came home and made some more zuchinni and tomatoes. I just love that stuff. I had to steal a zuchinni from Amie's fridge on the way home from the cannery.  I love that she gardens and shares with me.
So today wasn't productive at all, but maybe tomorrow I can get a lot more stuff done.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the opportunity we have to serve a mission at the cannery. It will be 3 years in December. It has been very rewarding.
Helaman 15 - Helaman 16  It's pretty plain that we who have the gospel are under much more condemnation and will be judged harsher that anyone who hasn't heard it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bottled Tomatoes

I walked with Heather this morning and came home and canned the tomatos I had and some other ones that Amie brought me. I had Hayden and Harrison with me today so Amie could take the girls clothes shopping for school. I don't blame the boys for not wanting to go. It's just no fun for boys to shop in girl's departments. So I spent the day bottling these tomatoes and I cooked the extra one's into a yummy sauce. I think I will make pasta and add this sauce. I also cooked more zuchinni with tomatoes and cheese. Lori wanted the recipe so here is what I do.
Saute the zuchinni in Olive Oil until a little tender. (I like mine a little firm on the outside)
Salt and Pepper to taste before you cook them
At the last minute add chopped fresh tomatoes.
Sprinkle cheese of your choice and cook until it melts.
Remove from pan and serve.
That's how I cook mine. But there are probably a hundred ways to cook zuchinni. I worked on putting some more pages on Scrap Girls to my gallery and I posted a template of Lori's to Grandma's Templates. Then John and I made Tacos for dinner and we cleaned up the kitchen. I really feel like I have had a productive day. Much better that laying around doing nothing. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the ability I have to can. I am grateful for a loving grandma and mother that taught me how. I am grateful for my grandmother's pantry that mesmerized me as a little girl looking at all the bottles on the shelves filled with fruit and vegetables. I can still see it if I close my eyes.
Helaman 14 - Helaman 15  Chapter 31 tells us that it is up to us to choose. It must have been a scary time when there was darkness for three days and earthquakes. It would be especially had in the dark. How could anyone not know that Christ had suffered death after all the signs.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

I was especially tired today when I woke up and just felt sluggish and fuzzy headed. I was able to get my shower and get ready for church. This is the salad I made before I went to church. See that sprouty thing on the top. I sprouted that and a few others all by myself. I thought they might be good for me. They do taste yummy on my salad. Church was very good. The speakers were awesome. And Relief Society was wonderful. Tammy McNaughton taught our lesson. That lady is a natural born teacher.
I came home and just felt drained so I laid down and took a nap. I tell you it's becoming a habit with me. Oh well, that's a perk of growing old. Now I'm going to finish this blogging and hit the hay.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for the way we teach each other in our church. I learn so much from others.
Helaman 12 - Helaman 14 I can't imagine going against the Prophet. But I guess I do if I don't keep up on my food storage, pay my tithing, etc. I hope to always be counted in with the ones who are blessed and will repent and hearken unto the voice of the Lord.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lunch is Served

I got up this morning and just hung out and did nothing. I'm getting very good at doing nothing. I finally decided to be productive and chopped up my lettuce for my salad stuff and made my dressing so I am all ready for salads. I love opening my vegetable drawer and having it all there just waiting. And I was on a roll so I made this Zuchinni thingy from a recipe of Judy and Denzil's with the zuchinni and tomatoes Amie brought up to me. So good to have a wonderful daughter in law that has a very productive garden. I used olive oil and Colby and Cheddar cheese as that's what I had an abundance of.  It was delish... I even shared with Tommy and he liked it too. Tonight I'm making meatballs and rice and corn on the cob for dinner. Tommy just doesn't know what to think. Dinner on the table at 5pm.  I did a little laundry but mainly spent the day watching television and trying not to miss my sweet mom too much. It just hits me some days and I can hardly stand it. But this too shall pass.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful that I no longer have to work on Saturdays like I did for so many years. I am grateful for retirement.
Helaman 11 - Helaman 12  I didn't remember reading that the whole earth was smitten with a famine and did not yield forth grain. When did they put that in...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Day of Education Week

I got up today and went walking with Heather and Gerri. Gerri brought her pit bull Caboose and her little Chihuahua (sp). They are funny dogs. Caboose only tried to take out one little weiner dog. Good thing he was wearing a pinch collar and Heather made him quit it. He really is a good dog. He just doesn't like other dogs that look at him the wrong way. I'm never bringing Mollie because she always looks at dogs the wrong way. She never fights, just makes tons of noise snarling and growling.
After walking I got ready for our last day at Education Week. It was really good. I am so glad we went. Gerri went with us today and we were able to park really close. Gerri is our good luck charm so she has to go with us from now on so we can get a good parking space.
We stopped at Allen's Camera on the way home and I got a new SD card for my camera. One went capoot so I needed a new one. Now I'm set to take hundreds more pictures. I think I can do that. 
When I got home we did our salad swap at Heather's and then I just crashed. I am going to blog and go to bed. What a fun week.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for all the knowledge I soaked in at Education Week. This was just what I needed to be Spiritual fed.
Helaman 10 - Helaman 11   Nephi is given power over his people and anything he asks for will be done.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Education Week Day 3

I walked this morning for 3 laps without Heather. She went dancing last night with her hubby for their anniversary so she was a little tired. Then I came home and messed around doing nothing until 11:30 when Heather picked me up to go to Education Week. It was again fantastic. I learned we need to say 5 positive things to 1 negative thing. That's a lot of postive things and very few negative. Good advise. I learned very interesting things about Armageddon. We weren't able to attend the Joseph Smith class because I had to be at the cannery at 4pm and Heather had to get Daniel and bring him to Education Week. We worked it out where Heather dropped me off at the cannery and Tommy brought Daniel to the cannery. We worked hard canning with people and then stopped by Crisps for my celery for the salad swap tomorrow. Now I'm blogging and going to bed.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for the knowledge I have of the Second Coming and not being afraid. It was stressed in the presentation that if we are righteous we need not be afraid.
Helaman 9 - Helaman 10  They asked for it and they got it. Nephi was a Prophet and now they know it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Popscicles Page

I got up this morning and went walking with Heather again. It was hot and we were tired. I feel so much better when I walk. Then I came home and got ready to go to Education Week. We went to the same classes as yesterday and I learned so much. I think today the most profound thing I learned, other than how the Pearl of Great Price came to be and the structure of the gathering at Adam Ondi Ahman, was in the marriage class. I was reminded that critism drives away the Spirit and people (husbands) change themselves (we can't change them). During class I even texted a love note to Tommy. I am going to try to be better. It was a wonderful spiritual day. Even the big rain storm that Heather and I had to walk in to get to the car was okay with us. But we were blessed because I had told Heather to roll her windows down a crack so it wouldn't be so hot. Thank goodness hardly any rain came in. We were a little concerned as we heard it pouring down rain. I also made this page off and on all day. I need to catch up as I'm kind of behind.
When I got home my visiting teacher, Gwen came to visit. She is a sweet, funny lady. We had a really good visit. I tracked all my points today and I am doing good. I always know when I run out I can eat vegetables for dinner and be just fine.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this marriage class I am attending. It really has helped me see the things I am doing wrong.
Helaman 8 - Helaman 9  I need to make sure I am laying up for myself treasure in Heaven. I need to attend the Temple more often.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Education Week Day 1

I got up this morning early and Judy did my hair at 6:30 am. I love getting it done early. Nothing ever gets in the way of my appointment because who in the world is up this early except Judy and me. After that I came home, put on my walking shoes and went walking with Heather. It seemed harder than yesterday but again we made it. Then I came home and had our presidency meeting. We got some fun stuff planned.
Heather came to pick me up at 12:00 pm and we went to Education Week. We had to park far away and walk up the hill to the Mariott Center in the heat. But it was worth it. It was wonderful. The speakers we heard were John G. Bytheway (Helping Your Husband Preside in Love and Righteousness), Randall C. Bird (The Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ), Susan Easton Black (Joseph Smith, a Prophet of God). They were such good speakers. I loved the talk on Joseph Smith. I learned so much about his family. I didn't realize all the things that went on in the early days when he was young after his operation. I came home and took the best nap I've had in a long time.
I had a brownie and a root beer today at education week but I came home and put it on my online tracker. I ended up with no points left for dinner so I just ate fresh vegetable. No points in them. So I was did it again. Two days in a row. Wahoooooo!!!
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Education Week and all the knowledge that they make available to us. With 1000 classes you know that you can find answers to all your questions.
Helaman 7 - Helaman 8  It amazes me how often the Lord has to smite his people to make them repent.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bicycle Built for 2 Page

I got up this morning and went walking with Heather. We were able to make it around 3 times so we were happy. I came home and cleaned house and messed around doing something but I don't know what. Heather is getting us tickets for Education Week. Just the afternoon's which is better for me. I can't wait to be spiritually fed. At dinner last night Amie and I were talking about my proverbial diet. You know the one that I just can't seem to stay on for very long and we decided I needed to put it on my blog so maybe I'll become more committed like I am with my walking. So today I started my day with a Protein Shake because that seems to give me more energy and I stuck with Weight Watchers for the rest of the day. So far so good! So I will report everyday to my journal and see if that makes a difference. I really need to do this so I feel better. 
I also made this page today of the kids and their bicycles. It was so easy with our templates we make. I stuck to my diet all day and even have 3 points left over. But I'm too full to use them. I went grocery shopping tonight and got some salad stuff. Now it's time to hug my pillow.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Heather today and the desire she has to walk with me. If it wasn't for her I doubt I'd still be walking.
Helaman 6 - Helaman 7  When it talks about the signs the Gadianton Robbers had that they recognized each other with. So like the gang signs we have today. Kind of scary!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teaching A Lesson

I got a call from Michelle this morning saying that Kiersten wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be teaching. So I read the lesson over and decided how I would teach it, the sisters would teach it for me, that always works. I stumbled through it and I hope someone got something out of it. I came home and was very tired. Tommy hadn't gone to church today so I went by myself. Thank goodness it doesn't bother me to go alone. Dean came by before church for a visit. He is such a sweetheart. I love his dedication. Even this post is disconcerted. That's kind of the way I feel. Too tired to think straight. I'll say it again, how does sitting in a car doing nothing make a person so tired. We went down to Dean and Amie's for dinner tonight. Amie made Cafe Rio and it was so delish. And we had a brownie sundae for dessert. Amie is such a good cook. I so love the care and love they give to us. It makes my world so sweet having this family in it.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Relief Society. What a wonderful organization of women Heavenly Father has given us on this earth.
Helaman 5 - Helaman 6  In verse 39 it says that Lehi and Nephi conversed with Angels. I like that part!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back Home Again

Tommy and I left Snowflake this morning about 9am and drove home. We got here about 6pm. It was a long and boring journey. I read Scriptures, organized pictures and played card games on my computer. We stopped in Kanab at Grandma Tina's Restaurant for lunch. It was delicious food. My doggy was so glad to see me. I feel like I have been on a roller coaster for a long time. It's so good to be home. I keep thinking I need to go down and visit mom and then I realize that will never happen again. Of course it makes me sad but everyday is better than the one before.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful to all my friends and family that left such wonderful comments on my blog. It really helped me get through this. I love you all.
Helaman 3 - Helaman 5   In chapter 25 it says of their prosperity "so many the blessings which were poured out upon the people, that even the high priests and the teachers were themselves astonished beyond measure." This really moved me today.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mom's Funeral

Mom's funeral was extraordinary. We started out with a viewing. So many of her friends and family came. I did really good until I had to give the family prayer and put on Mom's veil. Amie helped me put her veil on and I kissed her forehead and put the veil over her face and they closed her coffin. I cried and cried as I did all these things. I just wanted to hold onto her tight and never let her go. It was so final. Then we followed her coffin into the chapel and started her program. Three of her grand kids spoke, Julene, Dean and Kenny and Hailey, Hannah, Harrison and Hayden sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". It so beautiful. Amie lead the music and Phyllis played the organ and accompanied the kids when they sang. My cousin Buddy gave the closing pray. We followed the hearse to the cemetery where my brother Johnnie dedicated the grave. Mom's now laid to rest by the side of Smokey, my stepfather and her mom, dad, brothers and sons. She is at peace. I am going home tomorrow and redefine my life. I will fill the empty hole in my heart with something.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for my family. All the nieces, nephew, cousins and friends that I was able to hug and grieve with this day.
Helaman 2 - Helaman 3  So much murdering. Do they ever learn.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hard Day Turned Wonderful

I thought this would be so hard to dress my Mom but it was wonderful. When we put her Temple dress on her I thought after all these years Mom finally gets to wear one. I bought this dress a long time ago and it fit her perfect. Ethel my cousin, standing behind me, did her hair. She curled it just like Mom always wore it. My sister-in-law Phyllis helped me along with Kenny's wife Shawn and daughter Shelly. It was so wonderful. I was able to rub my Mom's feet just like I did at the nursing home. I knew her Spirit was somewhere very close watching over us.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Ethel and Phyllis that made this so easy and special for me. We all loved Mom so much and we shared memories of her as we dressed her.
Alma 63 - Helaman 2  When I read these 2 chapters I had to really think and reread alot to figure out who was who. I felt bad for the three brothers.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kids Page

I got up this morning and went for a walk. It was a busy highway and smelly trucks kept going by. And it was muggy and hot. Not as good as Salem. But I did it so that's what counts.
Tommy went golfing and Phyllis came to get me to go to the mortuary to finalize Mom's program. We went to lunch and visited Shawn while they printed a sample out for us to proof read. So many details to take care of. We came back to the mortuary and looked it over. It had one mistake so they fixed that and printed a couple for us to take. I'm glad that's done. I'm back in the motel room just relaxing.
Johnnie brought Pizza for us to the motel and we ate and chatted. He had gotten up at 1:30am to go to work so he was so tired we made it an early night. I spent the evening watching TV and finishing  this page of the grandkids.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for the power of prayer that helps me get through hard things.
Alma 62 - Alma 63 So much war and strife. I am glad the Lord blessed them and brought peace.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Arrived in Snowflake

Tommy and I left for Arizona at 7:30 this morning and drove all day. It took us 9 hours to get here. I worked on moving pictures to their files but it got too bright in the car so I had to quit. From then on I read my scriptures and took naps. Lots of naps. We went out to dinner with Johnnie and Phyllis. And now Tommy and I are in our Motel room just hanging out. We are both pretty tired. I miss my Mom and wish I could give her a big hug. But I'm glad she is where she is. Johnnie gave me a copy of Mom's Obituary. I am going to scan it when I get home and put it on this blog so it will be part of my journal forever.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my wonderful brother Johnnie. He is so sweet to me. He always calls and says "How's my favorite sister". He is just a rock. He has handled all the funeral arrangements for Mom. I just love him.
Alma 58 - Alma 62  There is a lot to learn in these verses about the government and what we should do. I thought this was very powerful.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy Day With Kathy

Kathy and I thought this would be a quiet day. We were going to go to Provo so I could get a dress for Mom's funeral and go to Wal-Mart for salad stuff and hair stuff for Rebecca. We thought we would go home and put our feet up but I had to go to the bank because I drove right by and forgot. Then I had to go to the Nursing Home and pick up Mom's money. Usually they give me cash but today they gave me a check so back to the bank we went.  Then we came home and we had to chop salad stuff because we are going over to Dean and Amie's for dinner. The girls had fun together and the 3 boys were inseparable. Cousins are the best. Kathy and I came home and I folded my clothes and we packed our bags again. Kathy is off to the Airport in the morning with Amie to fly to California and I am off to Arizona. Now I'm tired and I'm going to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Kathy and her darling kids. They are a joy to me. We have had the best time together as we always do.
Alma 57 - Alma 58  My little band of two thousand... How Helaman must have loved and respected these young men.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back Home With Kathy

We got up this morning and cleaned up the cabin, packed up our stuff and said some sad goodbyes and all headed our separate ways. Barry, Julie and Carley had to go to Salt Lake Airport to fly to San Jose, Janna and Scott headed back to Rigby and we took Kathy and Kids to our house where Craig will pick them up Tuesday or Wednesday. It was a long uneventful trip. Kathy scrapbooked a page on the way so the time went faster. We got home around 3:00 and Amie came and got the kids after church. Hayden and Harrison just talked and talked to her about all the fun stuff they did. I had to post this picture of the raft Harrison made. It was sea worthy and his stick oars really worked. He was able to paddle all around the boat docks. Kathy finished her page and I worked on my blog. I have a whole week to catch up on. Thank goodness I made notes each day. Amie picked up the rest of Mom's stuff from the nursing home and there was the book that Sunbrook provided for the aides and the nurse to put in comments each day. Wendy wrote the most wonderful things about how much she loved my Mom and all her memories of her. She would say to mom "See you later alligator" and Mom would say "After while mountain lion". I will treasure this book forever.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for my sweet nieces. Family is everything to me and I'm so glad they have stayed in my life all these years.
Alma 56 - Alma 57 I love how Helaman calls the two thousand warriors his sons. What a sight that must have been to see them marching together.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rafting Down the River

Today we got up and hung around the house until about 1pm and then we went rafting down the river. Scott, Kathy, me, Matthew, Hayden and Harrison in one raft. Barry Julie, Janna, Harley and Carley in the second raft. Lexie, Rebecca, Bailee and Austin were in tubes. What a fun time we had. Scott knew just where to row to get the good ride. And of course, everyone changed tubes and rafts all the way down the river. Austin and Harrison about froze to death. Skinny little boys have no cushie fat. We kept having to drag kids into the raft. Once we got really close to Janna's raft and little Hayden just took a flying leap into her raft. It was so funny we all cracked up. After we made it down river to the dock I took the cold ones and Harley and Rebecca back to the cabin and Tommy and I went back up to the top and got Scott's truck with the trailer on it and took it back down to the dock to pick them up. It was hard for me to find it but I finally did. When we pulled up they were just getting out of the raft so I didn't get anymore pictures. My little camera had ran out of battery after taking two pictures at the beginning. It was fun and we had a lot of laughs. I think it is so good for me to be surrounded by all these happy, giggling kids. I am very, very tired and some what grouchy so I'm going to bed. I have been having a hard time sleeping since Mom passed away and have been getting up really early. I just can't lay in bed and think.
Grateful Statement: Today I am grateful for this fun vacation that has helped me through this hard time.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Horseback Riding and Catching Fish

Everyone went Horseback riding except Lexie, Matthew, Hayden, Kathy and me. I took them down to the corrals and took pictures of them. After we got back Scott and Janna took Harrison, Hayden, Bailee and me down to Mack's Inn so they could play in the water and swim. They had a great time.  These three kids had loads of fun catching little baby fish. While we were here Scott bought us Ice Cream and I was sharing mine with my grandkids. It was Maple Nut. Oh so good. Hayden really thought it was good. After we were done off he ran to catch more fish. Then back he came holding his throat asking me if the ice cream had nuts in it. My heart dropped to my stomach. He is allergic to nuts. I had him drink lots of water and Janna took off to the store to find Benadryl. We gave him a pill and before we knew it he was doing good. I really can't be trusted with the nut thing. But it all was fine. I think Angels were watching over me trying to keep me from doing serious harm to my precious grandkids. After dinner Scott built a fire and we roasted marshmellows and made Smores. The wind came up really hard tonight and all the boys took blankets outside and tried to fly. It was really blowing. They were so funny jumping up with their blankets held out trying to get up in the air. Funny kids. Oh, to be so young and have so much enthusiam for life.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for my precious Hayden. He is so funny. He is very quiet around grown ups but when he gets around kids he just has so much fun.
Alma 55 - Alma 56 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mom Is With The Angels

I was on the top of Sawtell Peak at almost 10,000 ft with Scott, Harley and Rebecca looking at the world below. Scott was so nice to drive me up here to see the view. We could see all of Island Park and Yellowstone. As we started driving down off the mountain my phone rang and it was Claudia from the nursing home telling me that my Mom had passed away. All around me were meadows of the most beautiful wild flowers. It reminded me of my mom who so loved flowers. We stopped and I picked a bouquet for her just as I had so many times when I was little. I wondered if she had flown by me going to Heaven. When I left I had told her if she went to Heaven while I was gone to come to Island Park. I am so grateful that she can now walk and run through meadows of flowers. That her body is no longer stiff. She endured it to the end with flying colors and I can only hope that I do it half as good.
As we were heading down I made the phone calls I needed to. I watched the kids swim and Jet Ski and missed my mom the rest of the day. I have felt numb and empty all day. I called my family and friends and stayed close to the family I am with.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the 64 years I had my sweet mom by my side.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today we got up and spent the morning talking and making pancakes for breakfast. I got a call from Wendy saying that Mom's hands and feet seemed a little more purple and her stats were a little worse. What a slow process this is for my mom. Amie spent a couple of hours sitting with her today and said she looked pretty much the same as yesterday.
Kathy and I and all the girls went to Yellowstone this afternoon. We went to Mammoth Hot Springs. It was so eirie and beautiful with all the colors and formations. We also visited the Artist's Paint Pots. We left at about 12:30 and didn't get back until 8pm. We hit construction coming and going so we had to wait 30 minutes each way. But Kathy and I agreed it was so worth it.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the beauty of this world. Being up here in this place just makes me grateful everyday that I am able to see something new.
Alma 54 - Alma 55

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mesa Falls

Amie called today and said Mom was the same. She has been sitting with mom for me and checking on her. I so love her. She is just so kind and loving to Mom and me. Who could ask for a better daughter in law. Wendy from Hospice calls everyday to give me an update. She said Mom seemed to be the same. Her stats are getting a little lower. But she said she is peaceful and in no pain.
We went to Mesa Falls today. It was really beautiful. I just love waterfalls. I thought of my Mom and how much she would have loved seeing all this with me. We took sandwiches and ate them on the lawn of the little gift shop. There was a telescope on the deck of the little store that showed an Osprey nesting on the top of a dead tree all the way across the river. The kids were able to see all sorts of animal hides, bird claws and pretty weird stuff in the gift store. They had a room full of displays of all sorts of stuff. Then we came home and all the kids worked on putting a puzzle together and I took a nap. When I woke up I just felt so sad for my mom. I decided to go to the store with Tommy and quit thinking about it.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Tommy and how good he is to me. He always tries to make me happy. He is truly a blessing in my life.
Alma 53 - Alma 54  The Ammonite warriors were fearless in the face of death and courageous in battle. I only wish on one ever had to go to war.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Canoeing Down the River

I got a call from Wendy this morning to tell me Mom was the same. Wendy had a man named Eldon who is a spiritual advisor for Sunbrook Hospice give her a blessing. Wendy said it was so wonderful. He told her not to be afraid and that she had been a valiant woman, that there were so many people on the other side waiting for her. Then Yvonne called to say she had spent time with Mom yesterday and told her of our friendship. She told her about our trip to Arkansas doing genealogy and how much she loved me.  I have the best friends and family in the whole wide world. How can you have so many caring and loving people all around you and not feel so very blessed and loved.
Today we went canoeing down the river for 4 hours. It was so beautiful and peaceful. The scenery was awesome. Barry, Julie and Carley were in a canoe, Kathy and I were in a canoe, Harley and Rebecca were in a canoe and Harrison, Hayden, Austin, Matthew, Bailee and Lexie were in a big rubber raft going down the river. We had so much fun. Near the end we had a few mishaps. Lexie decided she wanted to ride with Kathy and I and almost turned our canoe over getting in. Bailee got hit in the head with a paddle so Rebecca and Harley got her in their canoe, then Austin threw his paddle in the raft and hit Harrison in the head and cut his forehead open. It wasn't too bad so we were able to bandaid it together. What a trooper he was. He is a tough, that little guy.  We put Harrison in our canoe and Lexie in the raft so she could help them paddle down the stream. Then the kids in the raft were having a hard time getting it going so Kathy got in the raft from our canoe without tipping me over. Harrison and I finally got the rhythm and got to the dock. What a trip. We must have been a sight going down the river. We came home and fell into our chairs and didn't move until Janna and Scott got here from work. Scott barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs for us. Then Kathy, Julie, Janna and I went for a walk. Janna had to turn around halfway into it because Maggie was limping. I think her paws hurt from running on the rocks at the cabin. Janna had to carry her back home. All in all a fantastic day.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for this beautiful place that I am able to come to and get rejuvenated. I think about my sweet mom everyday and give her hugs and kisses from afar.
Alma 52 - Alma 53 I like the statement in the Student Manual where it says, "The devil laughs when he sees the destruction of the Lord's people, but the Lord weeps."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Island Park Here We Come

We left at 6 am to go to Idaho. Tommy and I picked up Harrison and Hayden and went to Mom's to say goodbye. I was so glad these sweet little boys were with me (they wanted to come in and see great grandma) when I said my goodbyes. They were getting Mom ready for the day and her eyes were open again and she did recognize me. I told her I was going to Island Park and if she went to Heaven while I was gone to stop by and see me and have some fun. It was very hard for me to say goodbye but I kept it together and didn't break down all the way. It was so hard for me to leave her but I knew for my sanity I couldn't keep sitting by her bed watching her breathing and wondering when she would stop. I couldn't sleep anymore and just felt overwhelmed. I was so sad leaving her so I called Janna and she made me feel better. So I'm off and I hope it was the right thing to do.
After arriving Janna and I went to Walmart and got all the groceries. We had 3 baskets full to the top. Then we went to the Airport in Idaho Falls and picked up Kathy and the kids and went to Arby's for lunch. We ate our lunch on the way to Island Park. What a beautiful cabin overlooking the lake Janna found for us. It is so cool. Just the right weather. We made dinner and just sat around talking and doing nothing. Dean and Amie checked on Mom for me and said she was non-responsive again. Kathy and I are going to scrapbook tonight and just have fun talking with everyone.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my wonderful kids today. They are so very good to me and I love them with all my heart.
Alma 51 - Alma 52  I don't think kings were such a good idea. Especially when the people who wanted kings were "those of high birth" and sought power over the people.

Saturday Duties

I made bread today because I was out. I love using Kamut. It is such a soft flour that when I mix it with Spelt and Wheat flour my bread is ...