Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby Goats

 What a crowd.

 So very cute with all different colors.

 Get down, it's my turn

Dinner time!

All of Tommy's medical bills are paid. And all the other bills. I'm actually getting ahead of it.
I made more granola bars for Janna, Amish Country Bread for the kids, General Tsao chicken for dinner and Tommy helped me with the dishes. 
The weather outside was so beautiful and warm so I went outside and took pictures of all the cute little baby goats. They are adorable.
My yogurt worked in the oven. Who knew. Now it's on the Mozarella Cheese. I'm going to wait for Kathy to come so I'll make it next week.
Austin went with me and help me deliver all the Visiting Teaching Beats to my presidency. We divided them up and all took some. That way it will go fast. I just hope I got it right for everyone.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for Spring. Especially the season of Christ's Resurrection. What a glorious thing he did for me. I am learning to believe and understand his atonement more and more everyday.

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