Sunday, May 8, 2016

Teaching My Sunbeams

I taught my sweet little Sunbeams about Daniel and how wonderful it is to have a wonderful body. We fed Daniel good food. It was fun. We did have to go run around outside for a little while to get rid of some energy. They had a good time. We always have fun and food. That's what's important to them.
Britney, my team teacher is moving so they released her and now my partner is Connie Petersen. She is just the best. So we are excited to teach together.
I got Aarin Smith to substitute for me next Sunday because I will be in Utah for a scrapping weekend.
Connie's husband Jesse has Parkinson's so they will be doing a deep brain stimulation on him to help the tremors. So for the month of May she will be down in Salt Lake off and on.
Our church gets out at 5pm and by the time I get home it's 5:30ish so I am tired and ready to do nothing. I don't cook on Sunday so everyone helps themselves or Janna makes something. I can't wait for January when we go from 8am to 11am, Then I can take Gracie with me every Sunday. 2 O'clock is her nap time and she is a bear if she doesn't get one.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the Gospel and Sunday. I love to partake of the Sacrament and feel the Spirit. What a blessing it is in my life.

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