Thursday, February 4, 2016

Walgreen's With Johnnie

 Granny Keith

Granddad Keith

 Walking the Dogs

 Temple Hopping


Johnnie and I went to Show Low today to go to Walgreen's to print out the pictures of Phyllis' headstone. He had never gotten a picture it so we made sure we got one. We were going to come home and have Johnnie's famous Posole. He thought he had some frozen but it really was stew when he got it out of the freezer. I had forgotten my SD card at Walgren's so we had to go back to Show Low. On the way we stopped at the "Hole In One" and got another delicious hamburger. 
After Walgreen's we went to the Snowflake Cemetery so I could take a picture of my Granddad Keith and Granny Keith. We are going to Springerville this summer so I can get a picture of my dad's headstone. It was too snowy to drive into the graveyard. 
Then it was home again to rest and do some scrapbooking and visiting. Johnnie watches the news all morning and all everning. He is so cute. I just scrapbook and let him watch whatever he wants.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for geneology and that years ago I could find out all about my Granny (Jennie Rutherford) Keith. I just feel like I know her. Blessings abound.

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