Friday, February 19, 2016

Cleaning Up Messes Making Soup Mix

 My Little Helper

 Cookbook for Soup Mixes

Cooking Away

Today was my cleaning up messes day. I unpacked and put away all my stuff and worked on my laundry that I started yesterday.
I made this Southwest Bean Chili Soup to make sure it was good. It was wonderful. It calls for rice to put it over but I like it like it is. (Phew, what a sentence)
We had soup for dinner and Tommy liked it. It was a very good day and I felt good and got lots done.
I thought Gracie was over at Janna's because I hadn't heard her for awhile. I went into the laundry room to switch loads and there stood Gracie with my dryer and washer doors open and two soap scoops in her hands. She had put soap in my dryer and a bounce sheet in my washer. I had to explain to her that unless she is helping Grandma she can't put stuff in the washer or dryer. I vacuumed it all up and was grateful that it wasn't any worse. Oh the joys of a 2 year old.
After all that it was definitely time for bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my little Gracie even if she makes my life a little hard at times. She is so cute and sweet. She is a blessing around here. She keeps me on my toes and laughing all the time.

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