Monday, February 8, 2016

Beautiful Sabbath


Ethel and I got up and went to Church. We sat behind a mom and 5 kids that were so adorable. It was sweet to see the older ones caring for the little one. It was fast and testimony meeting and the testimonies that were borne were wonderful. One lady told about her son that was autistic and how the ward she came from wouldn't do anything for him. They didn't have time for him and didn't want him to come to YM. She said that this ward took him under their wing and would sleep outside across the tent door so they would know if he got out when he went to and over nighter with them . What a wonderful testimony about caring young men leaders.
I came home and Ruth and I made soup for dinner. It was delicious and we invited Ethel's tenant Allison to eat with us. It was very fun and we had a good time laughing, talking and eating.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the wonderful examples of people bearing their testimonies. It made me think that it was time I started bearing mine again.

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