Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Going to Arizona

 Dark and Icy


Beautiful View

When I put my suitcases in the car this morning it was freezing. My windshield wipers were frozen and wouldn't work. It took forever to get them unstuck. But I managed and was on my way.
It was an uneventful trip. There was snow on the side of the roads all the way to Flagstaff. I stopped for lunch at a Subway in Flag and put gas in my car and then it was off to Taylor. I arrived at my brothers house in a little over six hours.
It was so good to see my brother. He made me a beef roast, baked potato and corn for dinner. It was delicious. We sat around after dinner and talked and looked at the album of mom's that I took to him. I had scanned all the pictures so I would have them. He really enjoyed looking at them and I think he will spend many hours looking at them. I am glad I gave the album to him.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my brother. I love him and am so glad for the example he has been to me. I am blessed.

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