Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Graveyard Photo Shoots


Old Two Room School House

Grandma's Ranch Gone

 Grandma and Grandpa

 Mom and Smokey

 Johnnie and Phyllis

Little Lester



"Hole In One" Hamburger Joint

My Dear Brother

Johnnie and I took off to go on a photo shoot trip. We started out in Pinedale to take a pictures of Phyllis' headstone and then the old school house where I went to grade school in. Then we took the old road by Grandma ranch. There is nothing left of it. It burned in the fire a few years back.
We went to the Show Low Cemetery where my family is buried and I got pictures of all my family. I am going to put them on the Family Search Site. 
Then we stopped by this burger place on the way back home. What a wonderful hamburger. It was so good. Nothing like eating a hamburger with you brother in his pickup in Taylor, Arizona. 
We tried to figure out how to take a picture on Johnnie's phone. I couldn't figure it out. But I took pictures of him trying. You have to understand that my brother does NOT want any pictures taken of him. But I do it anyway. So there!
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my ancestors and my family. What a blessing to belong to my wonderful family. Even though most of them are gone I always feel close to all of them. I am so blessed.

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