Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Shopping, Lunch and Baking

Hair Glue

 Christmas Chex Mix

Ruth and I went to Idaho Falls to do a little shopping. Our first stop was at Cosmo Prof for a bunch of hair products for Janna. I was able to find a pump container for my hair glue that keeps my hair from being super fine.
Then we went to lunch at the gangplank. They have really good fish and chips. And we were hungry because we forgot to eat breakfast. Thank goodness for GPS to get us around Idaho Falls to all these places we had to find. Then we went to Walmart to get the stuff to make Christmas Chex Mix. What yummy stuff. I saved a big bag for Ruth to take on the airplane with her tomorrow. I will miss these good times we have together.
We picked up Gracie at Lolo's and came home and made our Chex Mix. 
For dinner we had a bowl of soup. It was so yummy. I love these mixes and I make one before I make the mix so I am sure we will like it. Especially wirh the left over Foccacia Bread.
The kids were gone to Price for Nanny's funeral. They were pretty upset that she had died, but I know that she is in a better place. Tommy had gone golfing since Sunday so it was just Ruth, Gracie and me. 
We watched an episode of American Idol and that was all we could do. Good Night Journal...
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for all my blessings. To have such a wonderful family is the best blessing in the whole wide world.

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