Sunday, February 21, 2016

Teaching My Class

I went to church with my church bag (a must for a Sunbeam teacher) and was so glad I did. During opening exercises Brittney told my that her family was having a birthday party and her husband had gone to it and she wanted to go to but was torn whether she should teach our class or not. I told her to decide for herself and I would be okay if she decided to go. So she went and here I was with 10 little sunbeams. But one of our Sunbeams had a melt down and her mom came into class to sit with her. What a blessing. She helped me with the kids and I taught the lesson on Day and Night. Thank goodness I had read it already so it wasn't so hard.
I came home and made Lo Mein noodles as an experiment. They were pretty good, but not as food as the ones I had in Gilbert with Ethel and Ruth. I have had the noodles in my cupboard forever so it was good to get them cooked up.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for church. It always make me feel better and I know I have done what Heavenly Father wants me to.

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