Friday, February 22, 2013

Tender Mercies

Went walking with Sue and Ila. One hour down. Wahoo, I'm doing it.
Came home and was trying to find an envelop with money for groceries in it. I had went to the market yesterday and got my prescription and groceries and came home. I paid from my grocery envelop. I couldn't find that long, white envelop anywhere. This morning I started searching again after I came home from walking. I just said a prayer that I really needed to find that envelop. I am doing the Dave Ramsey method and I needed the rest of the money for groceries - milk, bread and such. I searched my car and my house and everywhere I thought it could possibly be. As I was coming in the house from searching my car for the third time I had said my little prayer and I noticed a white trash bag sitting in the laundry room from the kitchen that Tommy had only got out that far. Now Tommy always takes it all the way to the trash can. So I decided to look in it and there was the empty box of Corn Meal I had bought yesterday and all the white grocery sacks and the paper bag from the pharmacy. I opened up the pharmacy bag and there it was, my long white envelop. I could only look heavenward and give a big heartfelt thanks. I felt so loved and cared for that He would answer my prayers so fast. It was truly a tender mercies.
I went and took a Carmel Apple to Mary for her birthday. I just love that lady. She is so very sweet and cheerful even with all she has to deal with.
Came home made more French Bread, Corn Bread for the beans in the crock pot and a chocolate cake for the kiddos next door.
Can I say time to sit down and put my feet up and look at my messy kitchen and try to get up the spunk to go clean it.
Grateful Statement: I am always awe struck at how wonderful it feels when prayer are answered within minutes of asking. It makes me feel that Heavenly Father is truly mindful of me.

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