Friday, February 8, 2013

Harley's Second Birthday Dinner


 Harley and her two dollar bill.

 Austin and Ron watching Harley open her computer.

 Harley opening her computer

I couldn't find a card so I used one I had bought for my mom and crossed off the name. We had a good laugh over this one.

Today Crystal and I visited two more sisters in our ward. Then I balanced my checkbook and worked a little on genealogy. Then it was off to drop keys off at the church for the party they are having tonight. I guess I have the nursery keys for the closets. Who knew.
We met Ron at the Pizza Pie Cafe in Idaho Falls for a birthday dinner for Harley. She opened her presents and loved her new computer. It was a good night and we had fun.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for Harley today. She is such a good girl and such a hard worker. She got the new computer because her other one died and she does a web site called Harley's Farm and does online goat shows. She is one ambitious girl. I am blessed with amazing grandkids.

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