Saturday, February 16, 2013

Going to the Mall

 Crazy Girls

Isn't Harley having a good time shopping...

 Poor Gizmo

Bailee is torturing the cat.

I went to help clean the church this morning at 8am. I cleaned the chapel and the Sacrament Prep Room. While I was there I printed out the reports I need for our Visiting Teaching Conference we are having on Feb 27. I just need to rearrange the VT and so after these conferences I'll know more what needs to be changed.
Janna took the girls and we went to the mall. Harley hates shopping. Her favorite place was Pet Smart to get dog food for Cleo. We did get her to try on a cute little silky shirt with ruffles on the front . It was so cute but she was having none of it. What a character. On the other hand Bailee was loving every minute of it and bought a dress and a belt with her babysitting money for church.
I have been organizing all my pictures for 2011 so I can scrap them. It's fun to look at what we were doing 2 years ago. 
Grateful Statement: I am grateful that I feel so apart of the Rigby 16th Ward. It is my ward now and I am so comfortable in it. I am blessed everyday with wonderful opportunities to serve.

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