Monday, January 21, 2013

Winco Again

 My Gamma Lids

Austin and I went to Winco this morning to get some groceries. What a job it is. Thank goodness for Austin. He helps me bag my groceries and puts them in the car. We had a good laugh when we were putting a 50 pound bag of flour on the bottom of the cart. We had to work hard to get it on but we managed.
I made corn bread tonight. I am trying to make Marie Callendar's and I had found a recipe that called for a Jiffy corn bread mix and a yellow cake mix. It really tasted good and a lot like Marie Callendar's but it was too cake like. I am going to try not beating the cake to see if that will make it denser. I'll get this figured out yet.
I took my recipe for homemade laundry detergent to Mary and visited with her for a little while. I just love her to pieces. If she wasn't taking care of Harold full time we could have some good times together. I told her to get the stuff for her soap and I would come over and help her make it.
Janna, Austin and I went to Walmart so I could get some white buckets for my flour. I have been putting the Gama lids on my buckets one at a time. They are can be resealed over and over.
That's been my day and it's been a good one. I love my life in Rigby, Idaho.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful today for Mary. I am grateful that she had become my good friend. I am blessed to know her.

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