Monday, March 9, 2015

Shopping With My Bestie

 Wake up Sleepy Heads

 Milk for Storage

 Kitchen Store

Gang Plank for Lunch

Kathy and I went shopping and running around today. First we hit the cannery to try out there new and improved milk. It is pretty good. Much better than the old milk.
Next stop was the Kitchen store. We love this place. I got some plastic glasses. All our glass ones are disappearing.
Then it was on to walmart. Kathy needed alergy medicine and stuff for hamburgers for dinner.
For lunch we went to our favorite place. The Gang Plank has the best fish and chips and cole slaw. We always find our way to there for lunch. That's where we took this selfie. Boy oh howdy. I need to learn to take better pics. But it is what it is!
Tommy barbecued hamburgers for dinner so that helped me out tons. I really wasn't hungry and a tad bit tired from shopping so it made it easy on me.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the fun times Kathy and I have together. We can have fun doing anything. I am blessed each and every day of my life.

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