Monday, March 2, 2015

Going to Winco

I swore I was going to remember to take a picture of my cart stacked to the top and beyond. As usual I didn't. But I got it all done and brought it home. I only have a few pantry items to put away tomorrow. Just too tired tonight.
I watch Gracie this afternoon because she wasn't feeling well and Heather had to run some errands in Idaho Falls. She just laid on my shoulder and cuddled me. Poor little sick thing.
A new recipe for fajitas was tried out tonight. It was yummy. I had some steak that needed cooking so I sauted them with onion and peppers. That recipe went straight into my cook book.
I was supposed to train one of our district leaders for visiting teaching but she cancelled. So it's tomorrow night. She is so young and cute. I just love her and her name is Faith.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the ability to buy food and feed my family. I know there are many people who go to bed hungry. I am blessed.

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