Thursday, July 14, 2016



This is what my car looks like after a trip to Winco. I had to buy my paper products and check them out and put them in the car and go back in to finish the other stuff. But it is done and I am happy. Austin brought them in and Gracie helped me unload. Now to date everything and put it on the shelves in my pantry. Tommy watched Gracie for me. She was still sleeping when I left.
I made Hamburgers, Corn on the Cob and Baked Beans for dinner. It was yummy and the kids love hamburgers. So I accomplished a ton of stuff today so I feel pretty good. 
Now it's time to hug my pillow.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for all I have. I know that everything in my life really belongs to Heavenly Father and he allows me to have it. I am learning so much from my Scripture Study.

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