Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gracie is 3

 Gracie Cake


 Gracie and her Presents

 Taking a Bath with Grady

Her New Bike

We barbecued hamburgers for Gracie's party. Heather and Megan put sparklers on her cake. She loved them. Then we all hung out except Bailee who was with her friends. We ate dinner, ate cake and open presents. 
Then she had to take a bath with Grady. She loves her cousin. 
Austin put her new bike together that Harley had got her so she could try it out. 
It was a wonderful birthday for this fun little girl.
Grateful Statement: I have to be grateful for this little three year old that is potty trained and gets easier each day to take care of. She is a blessing in our live and brings such joy to our family.

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