Sunday, July 24, 2016

Austin and the ER

I got up this morning and got Gracie all ready to go to the ARA house with Bailee. Janna and the family (minus Austin) had left earlier. So off she went to spend the day with Nana.
I finished preparing my lesson and got my shower and went to church. It was Joseph Peterson's homecoming and he gave an really good talk. Then it was off to teach my little Sunbeams about Family Prayer. They are so cute and sweet. We had to run around a tree a couple of times and then we had to have drinks. They are so much fun.
I came home and did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day. I did talk to Johnny about my scrapping weekend I am going to. Then I called my brother to see how he was doing and tell him about Craig. He has Lukemia. I called Kathy also but she didn't answer and didn't call me back. I'll try again tomorrow.
Janna took Austin to the ER and they gave him an IV so he wouldn't be dehydrated anymore. He felt so much better when he got home. He was actually hungry. I am so glad to see him smile.
Now it's time to go to bed and get some rest.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my Austin. I am glad he is feeling better. I am grateful for doctors that can make us feel better.

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