Sunday, April 24, 2016

Teaching My Sunbeams

I went to church today after hanging out preparing my lesson until just before 2pm when our church starts. I picked up Sister Bingham to give her a ride and off we went.
I sat by Cecelia so she wouldn't have to sit alone. We are going to have lunch one day next week. I think she really needs friends. She came here from Chili a couple of years ago and lives with her daughter. She doesn't know anyone in our ward unless you work in the nursery. Which is where she works. She is a sweet and kind lady.
Then it was time for Primary and here was Wyatt and his dad sitting in opening exercises. I was so thrilled to see them there. The dad stayed with Wyatt through out class time too. He was pretty shy at first but he warmed up really fast. The dad is going to come in next Sunday too. Maybe cookies do work.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the prompting of the Spirit that would tell me to take cookies to Wyatt. He will lead, if I will listen. I am blessed!

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