Monday, April 27, 2015

Sandbox for Gracie


Papa built Gracie a Sand Box.

Gracie spent the afternoon playing in her sandbox that Papa built her. She played outside all afternoon. She just loves to be outside.
I finished this page as I was cooking dinner and watching TV. I was a little tired today but kept on going anyway. I think old age is catching up with me. I wish I had the strength and energy of my younger days.
Janna had a meeting with the Commissioner today to plead her case for her horses. They want her to have less and she is trying to keep her Horse Boarding business. She didn't think it did any good but bless her heart for trying. How can they approve a 9 stall barn and then not let her fill it. Oh well, on to the next problem in her life.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my Tommy who would go out in the barn and make this cute sandbox for Gracie. He is such a good hubby to me. Anything I suggest he tries to do it. I am blessed.

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