Garden Boxes Ready


More Boxes

Today was a good day. I worked on my garden boxes this morning and Tommy and I got them all prepared. I went to and created my boxes and put the plants in I wanted. Each week it tells me what to do. How cool is that. So this week I had to plant my green onions, radishes, snow peas and carrots. So I could check them off my to do list. 
Tommy and I went to Scotty's and the nursery in town and got the seeds to plant. I am so grateful this job is done. 
Austin and I went driving today for 30 minutes. He drove all over and parked in a convenience store. A little crooked but he did it and it is a busy, busy store. He is an excellent driver.
I made the last roast and steaks from our cow and shredded it for Tacos. It was delish. Now it's time to relax.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my garden. What a wonderful hubby I have that will help me get it ready for planting. I am blessed....


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