Saturday, April 4, 2015

Coloring Easter Eggs

Gracie is ready to color eggs.

Bailee is helping her.

I boiled eggs this morning so Bailee and Gracie could color them. What a cute little face. They had lots of fun and made really pretty eggs.
Janna and I went to Sam's Club and bought a bunch of stuff. It was fun shopping with my cute daughter even if it was at a big box warehouse. We bought paper products and water and a bunch of other stuff.
Came home and watch the second session of Conference and made Tacos for dinner.
I loved the talk by Dale G. Renlund.
If we don't try we are Latter-day Sinners
If we don't persevere we are Latter-day Quitters
If we don't allow others to try we are Latter-day Hypocrites.
It was a wonderful day!!
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the General Authorities that give us direction and things to think about. What a blessing that is.

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