Making Yogurt

 My first batch of yogurt.

I walked this morning with Sue. We can't wait until we can walk outside.
I came home from that and did my dishes and made my first batch of Yogurt. I have to leave it in the oven for 12 - 18 hours. So at 4am it will be ready to remove from the oven. Maybe I'll have to set an alarm. I think I need to plan better so it's not the middle of the night.
I visited with Ila today. She is such a sweet woman. She has been through a lot in her life and still is. She was baking eggs for Easter when I went to see her. I called her back after I got home to see how they turned out. She said they were really good so Austin and I baked some eggs. I used mine from my chickens from today. They peeled perfect. My new way to make boiled (baked) eggs.
I went over to the Clerk's Office and entered all the visiting teaching changes we had made. I think only two were not changed out of 34 companionships. What a job but it is done. Now I will cut apart the papers and hand them out on Sunday and next week.
Now I'm just tired and I'm going to go to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful today for the sweet sisters that so willingly do their visiting teaching. They are truly following the Savior and looking after and loving their sisters.


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