Wednesday, March 13, 2013

No.1 Team in the Nation

My wonderful son Dean went to Las Vegas and received his award for being the No1 team in the NATION from Prudential. Dean and Steve had over 500 sales last year. I always said he had the Midas Touch. He just always amazes me with his talents.
I walked with Ila this morning. Sue was sick. Then I went Visiting Teaching with Britney Barzee. She didn't want to go to a sister by herself so I went with her.
Then I went with Mary to get my toes done. I had had problems with my big toenail hurting. After they took off the polish it was black. I guess I stubbed it or something. You'd think I would have felt that. So I told them not to put any polish on it until it got to feeling better. I really enjoy going with Mary. She is just the best.
Then I had to go to a sister's house to fill out a food order for her. I took Crystal along. I think it goes faster with two of us. Took it to the Bishop to get it signed and then took it back over to her to take to the Bishop's Storehouse tomorrow.
Then my wonderful Austin went with me to Winco for groceries. He is such a wonderful help. I got home just before 8pm and Janna and Bailee helped put all the groceries away. I am tired. I'm going to watch American Idol and go to bed.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the wonderful kids I have. They really make me proud and I am so glad they were given to me. I am so blessed to have them.

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