Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I went to Winco this morning early and there was hardly anyone in the store. I forgot my money envelope at home so I just got the bare necessities to get me by until I can go back.
I had to find sisters to take meals over to a pregnant sister that is on bed rest. I hope everything will be okay. We are trying to fellowship her. Since they moved into the ward a couple of months ago they haven't been to church so we are working on her.
Then I had to prepare a food order and run around getting that done.
Next on my list was getting my hair cut. It really needed it. I had forgotten my appointment last week because Kathy and I were having too much fun.
Then the neighbor's little girl came to my house after school to wait for her older siblings to get off the bus. Her brother missed the bus so I went to the Junior High to pick him up and deliver them both home.
Worked on genealogy off and on all day. More names to submit.
Prepare a roast for barbecued sandwiches and delivered eggs to two sisters in the ward.
Watched American Idol and now it's time for bed. What a day!
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the sisters in our ward. I am blessed to have this calling that affords me the chance to get to know all the sisters in our ward.

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