Monday, April 22, 2013

New Baby Colt

This little baby hasn't even got up yet. So very cute.

Today I cooked up a storm. I made potato salad with the potatoes Brother Chase gave me that were huge. I used them all up so I didn't waste a single one. Then I made Baked Beans using my canned Pinto Beans. Next on the list was Cole Slaw. I cut up all the cabbage and made dressing so Tommy will have his Cole Slaw he loves. Then there was the Romaine lettuce looking at me in the veggie drawer. I got my salad spinner out and washed and spun it dry and put it in the fridge, all ready for a salad. Then I had some apples that I needed to use up so I made Jello with apples, walnuts and mini marshmellows. It's Janna's favorite kind. Tommy barbecued hamburgers to go with all this. I also worked on a page that I will probably finish tomorrow and post. 
That's been my day. 
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for this little farm I get to live on. To see these precious baby animals just makes me know Heavenly Father created them all for us to enjoy.

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