Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Doctor Visit

I cleaned house and worked on genealogy all morning. Then at noon I went to the library so I could look up some stuff on I found a whole family that had no work done. Wahoo, I knew there was someone.
Then I went to the doctor about my big toe. He said that I was right in my assumption that it was my $100 Asics that were too small. So when my shoe hit my toenail as I walked it damaged my nail bed. Hence the blood under my toenail and the pain. But it's getting better. Now I have to soak it and get the dead skin from the side that hurts. If it doesn't feel better in a month I may have to have the side of my toenail removed if it's an ingrown nail. That's the story. I feel much better about it. Now to get a new pair of shoes, and give my Asics to the DI. So sad for me....
I came home and made a taco casserole for dinner and worked some more on genealogy. I found another family that had no work done. Get ready Harrison, here comes name for you and your dad to do.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for the genealogy library and They make finding my names east. I am blessed to have such a place in Rigby.

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