Sunday, June 30, 2013

Silly Grand Kids

 Hailey eating her Smore.

 What is Austin doing?

 Hannah and Harley acting C R A Z Y.

Hayden and Harrison roasting marshmellows.

Dean and Amie and the kids got here just before I had to leave for church so I took Bailee and Austin and off we went. I taught the CTR4 for the Hatch's and Bailee came in and helped. It was so fun to teach them again. How I love those little kids.
Came home from church to a house full of sleeping people. Nothing better than a Sunday nap. I made Potato Soup to go with the Amish Country Bread I had made in the morning. It was very yummy and hit the spot. We hung out and talked and had to go to Walmart. I know, I'm a sabbath breaker. Shame on me. We were in search of a watermelon that was good.
Amie made her famous Arabic Bread for me so I could see how to do it. It was fabulous. I am going to make it as soon as the one's Amie made are gone. We put cheese in one and broiled it in the oven and the kids devoured it.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my family. They melt my heart and make me so happy. I am blessed beyond measure.

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