Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Day on the Farm


Today I got up and made bread for the family. I have to do this every week so I can keep using my wheat. I finally have over a years supply for the 6 of us.
Janna and Harley worked on the farm and Bailee mowed lawns and all the kids pulled weeds. They are worker bees around here.  Janna cracks the whip and they jump. I cleaned a little house and worked on some genealogy. I had to figure out Mary E Ingram. I got all her kids figured out and her second marriage. I love a good mystery and that's what genealogy is. One mystery after another. Thanks to my wonderful son who paid for Ancestry for me I am finding all kinds of people in my database that need their work done.
Bailee and I drove for 2 hours today. We went to Swan Valley and had a square ice cream. She did a good job. Just a tad bit afraid of cliffs and going over. Too funny because there are no cliffs near the road. It was a fun drive.
Grateful Statement: I am so grateful for my food storage. It just makes me happy to grind and bake.

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