Friday, July 26, 2013

Breakfast with Bailee and Grandpa

 Grandpa and Bailee

Eggs, Hash Browns and Toast made by Bailee for Grandpa.

I spent the day taking Tommy to the Eye Doctor to have a film removed that was behind his lens he had put from Cataract surgery. Now he can see good. It was so bad he could hardly see out of his eye. Now he's all set for golf.
Bailee made Grandpa breakfast and it was yummy except for the cinnamon and sugar Tommy put on his hash browns and eggs. He thought it was a salt shaker. Oops!
We cleaned up and did laundry when we got back. I had to do a food order and that took awhile. Now it's bed time for me.
Grateful Statement: I am grateful for doctors that can fix things that go wrong with my Tommy. They are a gift from God.

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